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we live in: Ottawa, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: No
Pets: 2 cats, Dusty and Miho


Thank you for taking the time to review our profile.Our names are Helena and Sunil. We are fun, positive, loving, creative professionals living in Ottawa ON with our two kitties Dusty and Miho. We hope the following pages will help you catch a glimpse of our life and what it might be like to grow up as part of our family. Should our paths cross, we promise to always be kind and respectful. We have been doing our best to learn about what you are going through so that we can meet you with empathy and understanding. We wish you a positive adoption journey.

Where it all began

We first met at Carleton University while studying Industrial Design. We spent days and nights drawing, building and testing ideas … amidst the many failed attempts and ridiculous tangents, our studio had a way of cultivating incredible creativity and life-long-friendships. Ours just happened to turn into love.

Soon after graduating from University we were married in July 2004. We were young and excited about the great unknown ahead! It’s hard to believe eleven years have past since that day – and yet so much has happened.

Growing our family has been a dream of ours from the very beginning. For a long time we were so hopeful we thought it was only a matter of time – and eventually medical effort. In the meantime we traveled, made incredible friends, designed and built a lot of things, became homeowners and pet-owners. We’ve been through hardships, grown close with family, cultivated our passions and grown into skilled creative professionals along the way … and still no child of our own.

Finally, one year ago we decided to start the adoption process.  Our dream of growing our family has come back to life again in a way we never imagined!  We are incredibly excited for the adventure that lies ahead!!!

About Helena

My Parents moved to Canada from Poland when I was just 9 months old.  Soon after 3 siblings arrived, Daniel, Emil and Felicia, all of whom I adore. My Parents put all their heart and energy into our family life. Each weekend we enjoyed activities as a family, hiking, cycling, swimming, soccer, skating, skiing etc. To this day I have a huge appreciation staying active and for being outdoors! I love road trips, the freedom of a lake swim or a mountain climb, the simple joy of sitting by a campfire or watching the sunrise, and I love to dance

I spent a great deal of my childhood caring for those around me, the result of being the eldest child, neighborhood babysitter, piano teacher and school tutor. It’s no wonder I have grown up with such strong dreams of becoming a mother!

After 10 years of working as a designer for the private and government sectors, I decided to become a self-employed designer in 2012. The change in lifestyle is wonderful! I make an effort to maintain a part-time schedule, and I now have more time and energy to cook, garden, care for our house, health and family life. It feels like our home life has never been more balanced, and the timing has never been better to grow our family!

About Sunil

I was born and raised in Sarnia, a small town in Southern Ontario along the coast of Lake Huron. In the summer, my parents, sister and I were on the tennis court just about every day, often times followed by a trip to the beach to cool off.  By 18 I was a certified tennis instructor and lifeguard. In high school I excelled at physics and math, but it was the arts that I identified with most.  Sketchbooks filled up with illustrations as I absorbed as much music as possible. To this day I continue to participate in countless musical projects.

Since graduating from University I have been working as a product designer for a medical company in Ottawa. I love my job! I started with the company as a junior design intern and have evolved over the years to become an integral part of the management / leadership team.  It has been a very rewarding and stable career.

Outside of work, not a day goes by that I don’t dream of growing our family.  Nothing would make me happier than to share all that we have and love with a new little family member!

Our Home

Home is where we feel loved, taken care of, safe, encouraged to grow and to be happy. Our kitties Dusty and Miho keep great company, adding joy to all our little day-to-day routines – like our morning family yoga practice. Over the years, our place has become an expression of our interests and activities; stacked with books, instruments, frequent creative projects, and most importantly … GREAT FOOD!  We put a lot of effort into cooking together.  Helena enjoys trying out a wide range of cuisines, and makes many foods staples from scratch, including; soups, bread, jam, pesto’s, etc.

Helena works from home, and Sunil’s workplace is less than 4km away, allowing him to come home for lunch everyday. We’re located just 15 from downtown Ottawa, and 35 minutes to Gatineau Park, both of which we enjoy often.  Our street is lively, full of young families with children and a few of our favorite retired couples. There are playgrounds, splash pads, tennis courts, baseball and soccer fields, all within a 5-minute walk from our house.  The neighborhood schools, community center, grocery store, dentist and doctor are also within walking distance.

Our Family

We are blessed with incredibly loving and supportive families.  Both of our parents share in the adventure of having immigrated to Canada with very little in their pockets, but great hope in the hearts! This positive and hard-working attitude has been passed down to the next generation.

When we welcome a child into our family, they will instantly gain a great extended family of grandparents, aunts and uncles, dear family friends, and three cousins!  Our family backgrounds are diverse and rich in heritage.  We consider ourselves lucky for the opportunity to celebrate both our Catholic / Polish and Hindu / Indian traditions. It’s not every household that celebrates both Christmas and Diwali!

Our Values

We look forward to providing a home where our child can feel loved for who they are and build a strong self-esteem. We will encourage them to pursue their passions whole-heartedly. We hope to teach them by example how to be kind, respectful and to have empathy for others.  We hope to pass on, with patience and encouragement, the discipline our parents taught us. Most importantly, we believe that being a part of a supportive and diverse community of friends and family teaches the best life lessons of all!

Our Childcare Plan

When we first adopt, Helena is planning to take a year off work to care for our child full-time. If we should be so lucky, we would be happy to adopt a second child a couple years apart. Our long-term plan is for Helena to gradually return to part-time work from home, as we transition our child to day-care and then school.

We make frequent road trips to visit with family and friends in Toronto, Montreal, Washington DC and New York City. We have dreams of returning to visit India and Poland a little later in life, to introduce our child to our extended family members and cultural backgrounds.  Depending on your cultural background, there may be another country or two to add to our list!

We believe that each child has a unique set of talents and are excited to discover their super powers. Perhaps they will take to competitive sports? building stuff? music? leadership? caring for others? exploring nature? storytelling? Whatever our child’s calling, we look forward to helping them discover who they are and what they love to do!

On Open Adoption

We believe our child has the right to know who you are and where they come from. For this reason, we plan to be honest about their adoption from the very beginning. We also would be very happy to cultivate an open relationship with you! We could do so through letters, emails, phone calls and visits. Of course, we look forward to hearing your expectations and making a plan that works for everyone.

If you were to choose us to be the parents of your baby, please know that it will be the greatest gift for us.  We understand your decision as being a very selfless one and will ensure that your child know that this decision was made out of the profound love for them.

Thank you!

Please know that our desire to adopt comes from a place of abundance, happiness and gratitude for all that we have. We are incredibly excited to welcome a new little soul into our home!

With Love,

Helena + Sunil