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Phone: 604.736.7613 or 1.866.582.3678 Ext. 4003
we live in: Vancouver, British Columbia
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: No other children
Pets: Rylee - a big and friendly Husky Cross

Dear expectant mom/expectant family,

Thank you for reading our letter. We are Geoff and Tony, a loving married couple living in a beautiful neighborhood of Greater Vancouver. We live near a large park and close to an elementary school, library, community centre, and swimming pool. We would like to introduce ourselves and talk about how having a child in our lives, and having a family, would be our greatest wish and would be a lifetime of love and commitment.

About me, by Geoff

I’m a Senior Software Developer with a large technology company, where I have worked over 10 years. I enjoy my work and especially enjoy mentoring more junior employees and working with a great team. I also have a creative side and enjoy playing the piano and singing. When I was growing up my parents encouraged me to take piano lessons, and I am very grateful for that as music is a huge source of enjoyment for me today. My work is flexible and I will be able to take time off to be at home with our baby. Tony says, “Geoff is a great problem solver and likes researching things until he finds a solution (he once fixed our fridge from watching a YouTube video!).”

About me, by Tony

I have been a social worker for many years now and I work with people who are struggling with mental health and addictions challenges. I also worked as a preschool teacher for two years, and enjoyed caring for the little ones. Few things scare me after working in a preschool. My office is a five minute drive away, but I spend most of the day working with people across the city. In my downtime, I like hiking and am learning the ukulele. Geoff says, “Tony is very caring and he treats everyone with respect, spends more time listening, working with people to problems or challenges they may be facing.” Tony’s job is flexible and he’d be able to take at least a year off to be with our family.

How we met

We first met in 2008 at a Starbucks, after finding each other online. Tony says, “Geoff ordered a gross, cold chicken wrap, but it didn’t scare me away.” Geoff, on the other hand, can’t remember eating the chicken wrap and just remembers Tony’s smile and how Tony walked with him part of the way home, and texted him soon after to say thank you. We can still remember how excited we were to see each other other again. Our second real date was dinner and movie. It happened to be a weekday when the theatre was empty (we went to see “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”).

We knew early on that we wanted to have a family together one day. Family is important to us because we both value the loving relationships we have with our own families, and we would like to provide a loving home for our child as well. All of our parents and siblings live in the Vancouver area and they are very supportive and excited about a possible new addition to our family. Geoff’s parents are athletic and adventurous, and enjoy getting together for dinner with us on the weekends, and celebrating special occasions with our extended family. Tony’s parents are hard-working and loving, with a great sense of humor, and we also enjoy seeing them weekly for home-cooked dinners at their place. In addition, Tony’s sister and Geoff’s brother both share love and respect for family and are supportive of us and our plans to start our own family though adoption.

We love the Vancouver area and are lucky to own a 2-bedroom apartment here. Our apartment has a balcony surrounded by bamboo and plants, and a gorgeous view of the mountains and park from the living room windows. We live close to an elementary school with a big grassy field where we like to bring our dog, Rylee. Down the street is a beautiful park and community centre where we hope to spend many years playing at the playground, and eventually getting involved in the preschool and many family activities.

We have several friends with young children, who we love to have visit at our place. Our friends have offered their support so that when we begin the journey of raising our child, there will be no shortage of other children nearby to be playmates and friends for our child. Living so close to a great community centre we will surround our child with healthy activities and role models.

A typical day will find us making dinner together at home after work, going for a walk or run around the nearby park, singing or playing music together, or spending time with friends or family. Our dog Rylee is well behaved, friendly, and great with kids, and our friends’ children love playing with her.

We know that as a birth-mom, you are facing a very difficult decision in choosing parents for your child, and we thank you for considering us. We both believe that a child can greatly benefit from openness in adoption. We are flexible with openness arrangements and would like to make an agreement with our child’s birthmom that allows her to have a role in the child’s life, with the child’s best interest at heart.

In all, we’d like to describe ourselves as a couple as being kind, compassionate, and curious. We are not perfect people, but both life and this adoption journey has reminded us how the challenges we’ve overcome have made us us stronger, more resilient, and compassionate people. We are both partners and best friends, and we work together to solve problems and see life as a journey and adventure that we are taking together.

We will be supportive and loving parents, and we will live in the moment to create good memories that will last for our child’s lifetime and our own. More importantly, we hope that we can always support and encourage our child to do positive things for themselves and for others in the world.

We hope that if our profile seems like a possible match, that we can meet and we can work together with you to explore the adoption journey of your child. Thank you for your consideration and we hope to speak with you soon!


Geoff and Tony