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Phone: 905 870 7150
Years together: 5
we live in: Burlington, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: No
Pets: No

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our lives, and for considering us as you make the difficult decision to choose adoption for your child. We hope that you find comfort in knowing that your sacrifice means the world to childless couples such ourselves. We hope that in these pages, you will be able to see the love that we have for each other, and for our families and hopefully you get to know us better. May you find the right, loving family that you seek.

How it all begun!

Our story begins, like so many nowadays – we met through an online dating web site. After several dates we quickly realized that it had the potential to be serious. About three months into the relationship both of us realized that we wanted to get married and form a family. After a year of dating we were engaged and a year later in 2013 we were married. We both come from families that are very close and family is very important. We would be over the moon to have a child to complete our family.

About Rob

I was born and raised in St Catharines Ontario. My parents still live in the home where I grew up. I have a sister and brother, of which I’m the eldest. My family is small but are close and see each other often. My parents have always taught us to be respectful, caring and understanding and I hope to instil these same values in my future children. From a young age I had a strong interest in computers which lead me to completion of an Honours in BSc in Computers Science and Economics. My interests lie in computer graphics and have been fortunate enough to have work in the animation and film industry for most of my career.  Currently I am the Head of Production Engineering/Research and Development. I like doing many things such as woodworking, reading Sci-Fi, playing the guitar and video games.

What Fabiola has to say about Rob!

Rob will be a perfect and awesome dad. He’s very caring and loving. he is a good listener and is always there for me, specially in times of need. His sense of humour is very contagious. One thing that I appreciate enormously about Rob is that he is who he is and that has not changed since day one. He is very loyal to his family and friends. As well he’s always willing to give a helping hand to those in need. He’s very smart, likes reading, playing video games and playing the guitar. His family is and will always be top priority. 

About Fabiola

I was born in Mexico and lived there till the age of 12. I came to Canada at that same age and have lived here ever since. I grew up with a very large family – not only with my mother and sibling, but grandparents, great grand parents, uncles, aunts and cousins. Having had this large family taught me unconditional love, respect, understanding, hard work and the importance of family. My immediate family are my parents and two brothers who live here in Canada. My family is very close and I maintain constant communication with my family in Mexico and try to visit them as much as I can as they are also very important to me. I graduated with a masters in Spanish/English translation and worked as a freelance translator/interpreter for a couple of years. Later I was able to go back to college and chose culinary school as I have always loved baking and cooking. I then became a personal chef which is my current career. I enjoy hosting get togethers with family and friends. I also like reading, hiking and learning new languages.

What Rob has to say about Fabiola

Fabi is someone who I always picture as being a mom. She is extremely open, friendly and doesn’t spare affection for family and friends.  Her smile lights up a room and loves to laugh and even after a tough day I can count on her being there. Aside from being intelligent, and simply being who the authentic person she is, she’s also a fantastic cook which is both a hobby and profession (lucky me). I appreciate the fact that she comes from a different culture and that she remains close to her extended family even if they don’t live here.


We live in a home that is too big for the two of us and too quiet and waiting to fill it with laughter and noise.

Both of us would rather do something ourselves if we can, rather than get someone to do it. We spent a summer landscaping, putting in a front garden, a back patio and garden and built a pergola. Our families spent time helping us (couldn’t have done it without them) and it turned out to be a great area we can all share in.

Now we’re looking to take on more renovations and learning about things we’ve never tried before, mistakes and all. We’ll see how it goes.  When we are not at home relaxing and enjoying family and friends; we love going on vacations and visiting new countries and learning about their cultures.


Both of our families are close, though Fabi’s extended family is quite a bit bigger. Rob’s family lives here in Canada, and fairly close by. Fabi’s immediate family lives here and near by as well, but her extended family lives in Mexico.

We regularly have family over either planned for a holiday or just dropping in. It’s great having a blend of cultures as it keeps things interesting and fun. Fabiola tries to incorporate some of her traditions sometimes into the holidays and everyday life.

Why we choose adoption

We tried to conceive naturally first, and to much to our dismay we were not able to conceive. A few months later we did three IUI”s and one IVF. Unfortunately none of the  fertility treatments worked. Although the infertility was hard to deal with and later talking about our options; we knew adoption was the right decision for us.

Thank you

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to read about us and getting to know us. We wish you courage, peace and strength in this decision you are making. Our hearts are full of anticipation and hope for the child we hope to parent through adoption. We would be honoured to parent your child and promise to give your child a lifetime full of unconditional love, happiness, support and guidance. We know that you love your child and this is one of the reasons you have chosen adoption. We also promise that your child will know that you are an important part of her/his life and that it took a lot of courage and strength to take this step. We are open to keeping in contact through letter, photos….