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Phone: 250-479-9811
we live in: Vancouver, British Columbia
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children:
Pets: 1 Cat

Hi, we are Erez and David. We are happy you decided to read our letter and appreciate the time you’ve given us! We would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that we will provide a safe and happy home, and most importantly, unconditional love for your child.


Our relationship is based on mutual respect, loyalty and honesty. We are best friends, truly enjoy each other’s company and never get tired of each other. It has always been our desire as a couple to have children and we have always shared the mutual desire of becoming parents.

Our story begins as kids back in Israel, where our mothers, as co-workers occasionally brought us to work with them, so we have known each other most of our lives. We also went to the same high school only for our paths to cross again 4 years later, in 2008. We fell in love, and since then, we’ve been inseparable. In 2014, we tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony followed by a large wedding party were we celebrated with more than 100 of our family members and friends.

Following Erez’s Masters’ studies at UBC, we moved to Vancouver in 2015 and made it our permanent home. We fell in love with the city not just because of the snow-capped mountains and the deep blue ocean, but also because we saw it as the perfect place to start our family. During our time here, we surrounded ourselves with many friends, several are new parents. We are very close and meet frequently either at each other’s homes for dinners, hiking or camping together. Your child will have plenty of cousins to play with, as they are literally our second family.


We enjoy the simple things in life such as taking a stroll on a greenway steps from our house, picking fresh ingredients from farmers’ markets to try out new recipes or watching our favorite TV shows. We believe food brings people together. We both grew up with a tradition of Friday night family dinners and to this day it is our favorite time of the week. We like cooking together as a family, as it’s a great way to spend quality time and create fun memories. It’s also a great way to welcome and plan the weekend ahead. Occasionally, we will also invite our friends and kids to gather around our table for a festive home-cooked dinner.

Traveling is also something we really enjoy doing; we love hiking and snowshoeing in the local mountains or exploring places for camping. We are excited to introduce the great outdoors to the little one. We also love traveling to other countries, whether it’s a sightseeing in Paris or zip lining in Thailand.

One of our dreams is to go on a Safari trip as a family to South Africa because of our love for animals, and we believe it will be an amazing learning experience for a child.


I always knew David would be a great dad. The way he goofs around with kids and speaks their secret language is simply adorable. He creates this special bonding with children since just like them; he is genuine, honest and humble.

David has the biggest heart I know. He is supportive and empowering and always seems to have the most reliable, calm and understanding advice. He is hard working in all aspects of life, reflected in his work, family, friends and our relationship. Being the eldest among 4 brothers has thought him the importance of being responsible and leading by example. He is my solid rock that I can always rely on. In his profession as a marketing manager for a large telecom company, he finds great satisfaction and he’s really good at what he does. One of the best perks of his job is the flexible work schedule which would allow him to work from home and spend more time with our child.

I know he would be an incredible parent because he goes above and beyond for others. I’m a first-hand witness of his selflessness and I am confident he would express even greater level of care and affection to our children. Relationships with family and friends are a priority for David and he would never hesitate to show up when needed. He is passionate about playing and watching soccer and an avid fan of the Manchester United team. He tries not to miss any game even if it starts at 6am on a Saturday at the lively fan club. He is also a great cook, my favorite is his delicious home-made Couscous which fills our home with cozy aroma.


Luckily for Erez, he was always surrounded by many loving family members; in addition to his twin and elder sister, he earned another half-brother and an adopted sister from his father’s second marriage. All of them maintain an impressive, close family ties which has taught Erez a lot about the significance of family, no matter in what form or shape, and he can’t wait to start his own.

Erez likes the human interaction, which not only it serves him well at work but it’s also astonishing to see his ability to find a common language with people around him. Erez is a dreamer but a realist, modest but proud, and clever but naïve. As an internal consultant for a government agency, he successfully simplifies complex problems and improve processes. He likes working with people and making a difference wherever he finds himself. One of the reasons that got me to fall for him is his sense of humor. There’s nothing like a belly-rolling laughter to get us through any situation in life.

In his spare time he never sits, and if he’s not running or biking, you will find him getting his hands dirty and working on one of his wood-working projects. Many of the items in our house are Erez’s work which he takes a lot of pride in and constantly finds ways to DIY bits of our home. His latest project of a 7ft-long farmhouse dining table is the center of our home.

Erez is also well known for his top-notch baking skills, his specialty is a delicious chocolate crunch cake. I am so lucky to have him in my life and I know that everyone who meets him feels the same.


Chubby was adopted 6 years ago from an animal shelter when she was only 2 months old. She’s the furriest in our family, wearing a soft, white fur and has cute little pink paws. She brings us a lot of joy and is very sweet, gentle, loves to cuddle and wonderful with children.


We believe that unconditional love is the foundation on which a child should be raised, just as each of us were raised by our own parents. We will strive to build a caring family which would encourage our child to be whoever they want to be and we will always be there to love and support every decision he or she makes, whether it’s getting the highest level of education, or by following any passion they might have.

We both grew up in Jewish families, and although not religious, we celebrate Jewish holidays and embrace local Canadian holidays. Our Christmas tree is decorated with a Star of David. Halloween is our favorite holiday and we can’t wait to take the little one trick or treating. Our home is a place for us to be silly and playful, where we occasionally sing using a broom stick as a mic while cleaning the floor, initiate a tickle game or have a pillow fight.

A year ago we bought our dream house at the suburbs of Vancouver. With 3,500 sqft of living space and a large backyard, there is plenty of space to play year-round. We also plan to get a dog as we want our child to grow up enjoying the empathy and confidence pets provide. The house is located in an area with many young families and is only a few steps from a large park with playground, swimming pool and a fantastic elementary school. We look forward to move into it as our family grows.


Adoption is not strange to Erez, as his father and stepmother adopted Noa, now at the age of 16, when she was just 3 weeks old. She has taught us a lot about adoption and through her lens we learned that there is no such thing for a child having too many people who love them. Her background is an important part of her personality and part of the confident person she has become. We look forward to meeting you and forming the beginnings of what will hopefully be a mutually respectful, life-long connection, if this is something with which you would be comfortable.


We don’t know what it’s like to be in your shoes right now, but we imagine that it can’t be easy. We are grateful that you have taken the time to read our profile and hope that through our story you will find comfort in knowing that we will do our best to provide a stable and loving home for your child. If you think we might be a good match, we’d love to take this to the next step in a way that is comfortable and supportive to you.