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Phone: 6135619520
we live in: Kingston, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: 2
Pets: 2-Pug and Pekineese

Hello there, we are Tony and Diane and coming from huge Portuguese and Italian Families, love is in abundance.  Family dinners, holidays, birthdays or simply movie nights make wonderful memories and we tell our children that.  It’s important to create those memories. My Husband and I both say: “Our home is full of love and we still have so much more love yet still to give”.  That’s why we would like to grow our family and adopt. Allow us to give our love to your child, for there is no limit.


Born and raised in Kingston, I am the only daughter and child of Portuguese parents.   My parents worked hard towards every milestone in their and my life and that didn’t go unnoticed to me.  I quickly came to realize that achievements can only be accomplished by you and never not believe that you can’t do something. I always tell my children that, the sky is the limit. Believe in it and believe that in yourself, for you can do anything. These same beliefs would be shared with your child as well, knowing the sky has no limit for him and her, with a huge family support system following.


Born raised in Kingston, I am one of four kids to Italian Parents. We are loud, enjoy our pasta and nurturing. My parents told me to never take things for granted. Work hard for what you want and need, for no one will give things to you. Most importantly family, for they are always there for you through the good and hard times in your life.

This is Us-Our Relationship, Education and Work

Tony and I first met in high school (Regiopolis Notre Dame)-and became high school sweethearts. What attracted me to Tony was his personality. He was funny, cute, loud and always smelled good. Tony seemed to always overdue the Cologne, not sure why, I think it’s an Italian thing. 

What attracted me to Diane was her kindness, shyness and her smile. Her smile and dimples always lights up a room.   We were always together-inseparable.  Four years later we graduated High School.  That year, I proposed to Diane and of course she said “YES!”

After High School, Tony decided to pursue his dreams and open up his own business with his brother- a Pizzeria.  I was accepted to St. Lawrence College into the Legal Assistant Program.  The next few years we worked hard and pursued our dreams, while also supporting each other.

Finally in May 1995, we got married at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Kingston. It was a beautiful ceremony and many family and friends surrounded us.  The reception was amazing, great food, great company and plenty of dancing.

In 1999 we were finally blessed and welcomed our first child, Antonio. We were excited and scared while somewhat prepared for our new adventure as a family of three. We quickly learned and adapted to all the diaper changes, feedings and many sleepless nights.  

In 2002 we became a family of four and welcomed the new edition to the family, our daughter Cristina. More adventure would await us and then some.

Today, Tony and I are self-employed and owners of our businesses. It’s a blessing to work for ourselves and enjoy all flexibility which comes as being your own boss and beneficial when raising your family. You have time for the important people in your life.

Our Interests, Hobbies and Lifestyle

We actively participate in our children’s lives in the Sports Activities. We are a huge soccer family. Volunteer as much as we can for them and help support the local sports clubs. Involving ourselves and supporting their interests. Whether we Coach or manage a soccer team or two, those are the best moments. Time we get to share with our children and family friends.

We also enjoy travelling. We have travelled to many beautiful places and Countries. Italy to visit my many relatives and friends. We spent many special moments with my Nonno (Grandfather) and it was my best memories I had of him, unfortunately he passed away a short time later. It was important to me that my kids understand their culture and meet their great-grandfather, a very special man that he was.

Portugal was also beautiful. Both my parents come from a family of nine siblings. It was amazing sending time with my huge family and visiting all beautiful place. Our kids where so overwhelmed with so many relatives kissing and hugging, we Europeans are overwhelmingly affectionate.  

Disney World was the most magical place to visit. Who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse or visiting Cinderella’s Castle to become a Princess for the day?

Going by Cruise Ship to the Cayman Islands was surreal. It has most beautiful beaches, miles and miles of the world’s bluest oceans even.

Mexico was Epic! That’s what are kids kept saying. Where could you swim with the Dolphins, snorkel through the caves and repel down a wall into underground cave.  Our kids can’t still stop talking about it. 

We have travelled many more places like Niagara Falls, Jamaica and Punta Cana. We would like our children to enjoy and experience different places and cultures so they can appreciate things.

Our Family and Friends

We feel very blessed with all the family and friends we have in our lives.

As I mentioned before, I am the only child/daughter in a Portuguese family. I am blessed with my parents, who have always supported me and my many aunts and uncles who are always there for me. Our kids are also blessed with all their support and it would be the same for your child.

As I noted earlier, I am one of four kids from an Italian family. Growing up our home was filled with Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents who lived with us. Family was very important to us and that has never changed. My family is always there us and so to for your child. It’s very important to know that you can trust family and know they are always there for you. I can strongly say that is true for me and us.  We enjoy each other’s company and that shows true in our pictures. 

Many traditions have been started in our families like Holiday dinners, Birthday Parties with a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake, Easter and Christmas Baking, Pumpkin Picking, Halloween Treat and Treating/Parties, Gingerbread House Construction Party at Christmas and our annual going to watch the Kingston Christmas Parade while drinking got chocolate. Wow, so many wonderful memories and that too will be the same for your child.

Tony and I have so many friends we are proud off. Some off our friends are from elementary and high school. We grew up together and now our children are growing up together. Funny we also travel together. Whether it’s either going to Mexico, snorkelling in the lagoon or fun action packed week at the cottage with all the families. We always seem to be involved in each other’s lives in some shape or form. A true blessing!


Our family are practicing Roman Catholics. Along the way we baptized our children, celebrated their First Communions and helped them receive Holy Confirmation all while surrounded by family and friends for support.  Very special moments for all.


We have been truly blessed and fortunate for all that we have and worked for. We live in a lovely 2 storey home with plenty of room for the kids to run around in. A pool to cool off in and a backyard to practice their sports in.  More than plenty of room for our family to grow and we are hoping you feel the same of allowing your child to join our family.

Parenting style or beliefs

We feel quite strongly on nurturing our children and teaching them right and wrong through communication and explanations. Kids have their moments and love to test your patience but we need to teach and guide them. If our children behaved inappropriately, we would speak to them so they understood that their actions were wrong and hurt others. Sometimes we gave them “Time Outs” to think about what they had done and how they hurt other’s feelings. Words to us are stronger than actions and discipline by actions has never been part of our parenting style and will never be. 

Also we love being hands with our kids -supporting them with the activities and sports. One on one bonding with them every chance we have and always family time.  It shows in the type of person they have become-respectful, caring, strong and supportive.

Child Care Plan

When our kids were born, Diane stayed home to raise them. It was important to us to have a parent in their lives as they grew to help in the nurturing and guiding them. We both strongly felt they would greatly benefit from it. Diane was there to watch and record their first steps and first words. We didn’t want to be robbed from these special moments.  Tony would change work days too in order to be there for special moments and all family activities.   Our children grew and enjoyed every moment.  I become a stay-at-home mom for them and Tony worked hard to allow me to stay home with the kids. 

We plan to do the same for any other children that we are blessed with and join our family through adoption. Your child would be in the nurturing and loving home.

Other adoption experiences we have

Adoption is not new to us.  Antonio’s  (Tony) sister was fortunate to adopt her third child, Adriana, from Africa.  We were thrilled when we were asked to baptize Adriana.

Two of our closest family friends have adopted either privately or through Children’s Aid Society. We are hoping to be blessed with same way through adoption. We hope you strongly think about our loving family for your child. 

Our Relationship with you

Open Adoption is new to us. To be honest, we don’t know what to expect. We are worried on how it will work for us and how comfortable it will be for you too. In the end, we should all try to figure out something that will benefit everybody’s needs, especially your child.

 The type of openness needs to be discussed with keeping in mind your comfort level and also respecting your privacy and ours. It’s also important we understand everybody’s feelings including our children  and your family feelings as well.

Tony and I don’t want you to be pressured into to a relationship with us that you’re not comfortable with. So our relationship is something that needs to work out for everybody involved and the level of openness is something we will work out together. We also would like to let you know that we know that there are some situations really too sensitive for openness, we will respect your actions and feelings in your situation, wherever it may be.

A Few Last Things

Thank-you for looking at our family. This is only a glimpse into our family and its funny, happy and special  moments.  We are hoping we have a chance to meet with and you and share more of these crazy moments.

They say “A picture is worth a thousand words”, if that is true, our pictures say it all.  Love, family, support, fun and memories. We wouldn’t change a thing.