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Hello! We are Aaron and Deb – thank you for looking at our profile and considering us! We are a fun, educated, energetic and adventurous couple who are eager to go on this journey called parenthood with you!  Becoming parents is our greatest desire, and we would be honoured to be part of your pathway forward. We understand this process and decision making is not easy and we hope that choosing us will give you comfort and support.

Our Story

We met 14 years ago, and have been married for over 8 years. After 5 years of being unable to conceive a child on our own, we are looking to grow our family by adopting a child who we could nurture, love and give every opportunity.

Who we Are

Deb is 36, highly educated, works in healthcare and loves to exercise, cook and read. Education is important to Deb as she has degrees in Dental Hygiene, an HSBc in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Health Administration and a certificate in Project Management.  Deb primarily works as a Senior Project Manager, but also works as a Dental Hygienist and a spinning instructor.  Being physically active is very important to Deb and you can regularly find her at our local gym teaching a spin class, running with Riley, swimming or doing yoga. Reading, cooking and trying new foods are also passions of hers, including finding and trying new recipes.

Aaron is 38, highly educated, works in marketing and loves to play and watch sports. Education is as equally important to Aaron, as he has BA in Kinesiology, a Master’s degree in Sports Management and an MBA. Currently, Aaron works as a Senior Brand Manager in consumer packaged goods. Similarly, being physically active is important to Aaron’s healthy lifestyle, as he plays ball hockey twice a week and can be found walking Riley or at the local gym on the weekends.  In the summer you can also find Aaron coaching a youth baseball team. 

Travel and Hobbies

Travel is a passion we both share. We believe seeing various parts of the world brings different perspectives and provides a greater appreciation of the lives we have created for ourselves.  We try to take two trips per year and would like to continue doing that once we are fortunate to adopt.  Deb’s favourite places include San Francisco and Barcelona because of the many cultural places to visit, food to try and forests and beaches to spend time at.  Aaron’s favourite place is Prague because it has great history balanced with a modern twist and wonderful people and food.

We both have careers that help keep our minds sharp and we strongly believe that also having an active lifestyle is essential. Whether it’s going to the gym, playing sports or going for walks with Riley, being active is something that we make a priority.  We also love attending concerts, plays and sporting and foodie events. We are always looking for new ways to expand our minds and learning new things.

Our Doggie – Riley

We have a beloved fur baby named Riley. She is a 4 year-old half Labrador, half Golden who brings a big smile, love and joy to everyone!  She loves children and is beyond sweet and caring. Riley can’t wait to become a big sister and have more family members to cuddle and love!

Where we Live

We are both from Toronto, Ontario and now live in Thornhill; a wonderful community with lots of children, schools and parks nearby.  We love to go for walks around our neighbourhood and at conservation areas, especially in the summer when we can stop and get ice cream!

Values and Beliefs

We are good hearted people and live by some simple values that we were taught at a young age. Treat people they way you want to be treated and everyone has the right to be treated with respect and dignity.

Aaron’s grandfather taught him at a young age your last name is your reputation, and how you want to be remembered is under your control. Treat people with respect and dignity, and always do your best no matter the situation. Think about how you want to be remembered so when people say your name they are speaking positively about you.

Hard work. Whether its school or your interests you should always give it your best. We both have worked extremely hard to be the first in both of our families to have graduate degrees and continue to work hard everyday to improve ourselves.

Importance of education. We will be supportive of whatever education and career path our child would like to follow.  What we will instill upon them the importance of attending school everyday, studying and asking for help. We will help them in every way possible, encourage them child to strive for the top of their journey.

Being active. We want to expose our child to many different activities and let them decide what they are most interested in. Swimming and water safety is a critical activity, as well as whichever sports or activities they gravitate to. We will encourage and support their choices, and ensure we include family walks and hikes with Riley as much as possible!

Being happy. At the end of the day it’s about being happy with yourself and the ones you love.  Laughing, enjoying your time with the ones around you, smiling and being grateful for what you have are crucial to feeling content in your life. There will always be challenges, but its recognizing your accomplishments and sharing them with the ones you love and care about.   

We also strongly believe in giving back to our community through volunteering, participating in events and donations. Deb has volunteered on numerous committees and non-profit boards, and Aaron volunteers through coaching. We also regularly donate money to various charities and participate in charitable activities.   


We were both raised Jewish – we are not religious, rather traditional. Celebrating the holidays, embracing the traditions, and maintaining a Jewish home is important to us. When raising a child we would like expose them to Jewish traditions; however, we believe in exposing our child to all types of religions for their growth, knowledge, learning and acceptance, including those that are important to you.

Thoughts about Adoption and Parenting

After many years of trying to conceive unsuccessfully, we are now hoping to start our family through adoption. We both realize we are extremely fortunate for the life we have created, our health and our doggie; however, we feel that starting our family through adoption will allow us to love and our raise a child of our own, and give them every opportunity we can. We have wonderful friends and family members who love and support us, and will welcome and love a child we bring into our lives. Adoption is a gift that will allow us to have a child and give our beloved doggie a little sibling.

From the values and beliefs listed above, we want to raise a child to be happy, appreciative, loving, caring, driven, courteous and respectful and be able to choose their own path. We will support them and try to give them the best life possible. Going on family trips, spending time reading, watching movies, going on walks and doing homework are all things we look forward to doing with a child. For us, it is about making memories that we will all remember throughout our lives. 

All children, including us, are not perfect. We want to approach all area of childhood development through honesty and having open conversations. We feel it is that our child understands why we are having sometimes difficult conversations, allowing them to explain why they did something and creating a solution together. We hope by having calm and open conversations with our child, we can work together towards thoughtful resolutions.   

Our Relationship with You

You are helping provide us with a gift, and for that we are grateful.  In raising your child we want them to know what you have done for them, and without you we would not have the opportunity to love and raise them.  We are open to different methods of contact, based on your preferences.

Our Promise

We will love, cherish, embrace and give your child every opportunity we can.  Our support group is deep and will welcome your child with nothing but love. Given everything you are experiencing, we want you to know that if you choose us, your child will be loved unconditionally, and we will do everything we can to raise them to be the best person possible. Thank you for considering us.