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Phone: 4164341503
I live in: Toronto, Ontario
My neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children:

About Me

My name is Danielle. I am 39 years young, and I would love to create a family through adoption.

Why I am interested in adoption

I have always known there is more than one way to create a family. Making an adoption plan is so very important. It must be difficult choosing a parent to raise your child. I can appreciate how important a decision it is. I can assure you I will try from day one to be the best parent a child could have.  I am a firm believer in quality over quantity. I want to ensure that the person whom I am raising is strong, confident, and independent and actively tries to make the world they live in a better place through their everyday actions.

Interesting Facts

As you consider hopeful applicants, I respectfully submit this information about myself for your consideration. People say I am very approachable, down to earth and easy to talk too.

There are a few interesting things about me that I want to share with you that I feel will enrich me as a mother.

  • I am bilingual in English and French;
  • I have a Masters of Communications degree;
  • I have lived in three other countries besides Canada (Australia; Singapore; England)
  • I have travelled to 50 countries around the world from (Brazil to Egypt and everywhere in between).
  • I think travel is critical to developing life skills and I would like to give a child a similar experience;
  • I have been a Girl Guide Leader in England and in Canada;
  • Guides and scouts are important civic experiences for any young person and some of my best memories are from activities I did there;
  • I went to camp for 15 years, from age 5 to age 19
  • Like travel, I think the camp experience is critical for a person’s development;
  • I used to play some crazy team sports, including Ultimate Frisbee and Inner-Tube Water Polo;
  • I am still friends with many of my former teammates and I think team sports develop communication and social skills
  • I won piano and singing competitions when I was a little girl and a lot of my extended family sing and play musical instruments. Two of my uncles were local radio hosts;
  • I own my own home. I bought in an excellent area backing onto a park in mid-town Toronto;
  • I have a full-time position with the Government of Ontario as a Communications Strategy Lead for the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services;
  • I am Past-President of the Canadian Public Relations Society Toronto Chapter and led a volunteer organization with 600 members
  • I think it is important to contribute to your community and give back. That is an important skill I would like to pass on to a child who joins my family through adoption;
  • My family owns a winter home in Florida;
  • I am still friends with people I knew in Elementary School and High School
  • Friendship is very important to me and I work very hard to maintain those relationships
  • I LOVE Halloween and Christmas and I ensure my house Is decorated for each occasion
  • Our family Christmas Eve tradition is to have a dinner of Ham, potato and beans. Go to church and then watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” on TV.
  • I grew up in a very Christian home and went to a Salvation Army church my whole life until university. 50% of my family also identifies as Catholic and I would be willing to raise a child in that religion as well. Though we could not be baptized as Catholic, we did participate in those religious processes as well. I would feel comfortable converting to that religion as well.  Though I have spent some time away from the church, I do find myself drawn back to it and it would be an important aspect of the family I am trying to create;
  • I LOVE to cook and bake. I find it a way to de-stress and to demonstrate to people how I love them;
  • Fun fact: Someone once thought I was Drew Barrymore when I was checking into a hotel!
  • My life and adoption

Adoption has been a part of my life for a long time. My sister was adopted at birth and we were blended as a family in 2007 when she unsealed her birth records. She, in turn, adopted a young boy whom we named Tommy from Ethiopia when he was 8 months old. In addition to Tommy, I also have 13-year old twin niece and nephew Joe and Marina. Andrea now lives in New Jersey and we see each other about once a year.

I also adopted my dog, Seren, a 12 year old Yorkshire terrier nine years ago.  I chose to “adopt, not shop” because it was important to me to give opportunities to a being that may have suffered deprevation. I would like to provide opportunities for a child as well.

About my family

As I mentioned earlier, my sister was blended into our family through adoption. I also have a younger brother. 

I was born in Quebec and grew up in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. I moved to Ontario when I was 15 when my Dad got a promotion.  I am also privileged to have – wait for it – 32 Aunts and Uncles 50 cousins! Yes, it is true! Both my parents grew up in families of 8 children and each of those children created families of their own between 2 and 5 children. I was lucky enough to grow up being friends with a lot of my cousins and spending a lot of time with my Mom’s parents in their very small village about 1.5 hours from Newfoundland’s capital, St. John’s. Though we are scattered far and wide now, we always make it a point to stay in touch with family WhatsApp groups and private Facebook pages.  We love any excuse to reunite with each other and those reunions involve a lot of food, and a lot of laughs. I would be honoured to teach my future child to be proud of their heritage as an east-coaster!

I am still very close with my parents and when they are not away for the winter, I see them at least once a week. When they are not in Canada I speak to them on the phone every day. My parents are looking forward to being very active and involved grandparents!  They will be a significant part of my future child’s life. My sister is also so proud and excited to become an Aunt. My brother lives about 20 minutes away from me Toronto. His work schedule keeps him busy, but we see each other as often as we can. 


I look forward to meeting with you and discussing how you would like to be involved. We can work together on a mutual understanding of what this means the child. I would be prepared to include visits in this arrangement, as I think this is only beneficial to a child to have a positive relationship with their birth family.