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Phone: 1-807-621-9553
Years together: 4.5
we live in: Thunder Bay, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Rural
Other Children: No
Pets: Two doggies (Jack and Maddy)

Thank you

If you are reading this, it means you have embarked down the path of possibly placing your child for adoption.  We can’t even begin to imagine the thoughts and emotions you are going through at this time in your life and can only offer our prayers to you that you may find peace in your heart with whatever decision you make. For now we can only say thank you so much for taking the time to read through our profile and getting to know us a little. We are Daniela and James and this is our story.

About me (Daniela)


I was born and raised in Romania and moved to Canada with my mother and father and two brothers when I was 11. We moved because of the poverty and dangers of living in Romania at that time. It was a difficult time for me since I didn’t speak english and I felt that I didn’t fit in anywhere. But over time and through a lot of struggles and lots of prayers I adapted to the Canadian lifestyle and seemed to thrive. My family life was not perfect. My father was an alcoholic and physicaly and emotionally abused my mother. My mother did the best she could to protect us and keep us safe. My father has passed away now, and eventhough I didn’t know back then what I know now, I know and believe wholeheartedly that he loved me and my brothers and my mother.


I am very close to my mother and my brothers and we try to spend as much time toghether as we can. My oldest brother is married and has 3 children (13,11,5) and I am so proud to be their aunt. My younger brother is also married and he just had his first child with his wife this year, so I am an auntie yet again. Through the years I have developed very close relationships with a few friends and have become “auntie” to 19 kids! (including godmother to 2 gorgeous little girls). For a carreer I chose to go back to school in my later 20’s and got my degree in nursing. I love being a nurse! I get to meet so many different people and hear their stories. I am always amazed with the human spirit.

About Daniela (in James words)

Daniela is the most passionate, loving, emotional girl I’ve ever met. She loves with all her heart and takes everything personally. She’s calm and confident and gives you all her attention in a conversation. She is the most resilient person i know. She had a challenging upbringing and continues to have a very positive attitude about life. She is very easy going and appreciates the small things in life. More than anything she loves children. She loves to make them laugh. At family gatherings when adults are gathered together, you will find Daniela on the floor with the children playing. She just lights up when she is around children. She is always the favorite auntie! She is a natural caregiver and would love to be a mother!

About me (James)


I was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, the third child in a family of four children. I have 2 brothers and one sister. My parents have always been the rock of our family. They raised us instilling values such as strong work ethic, respect, and a very strong sense of family. I was lucky enough as a child to spend my free time at camp. Fishing and swimming in the summers at the lake and snowshoeing and snowmobiling in the winters. I was able to live at home while I built my own home.


My family is everything to me. Til this day we stil all get togehter on Sunday for pancake brunch at my parents place (who live 10 minute walk down the road). From a very young age I started working with my dad and brothers and we now all work together in a family business (construction/contracting). I feel very blessed to be so close to my family and be able to work with my father and brothers. Both my brothers are married and I am uncle to 7 nieces and nephews and love them all so much. We get togehter for every birthday and holiday! In my spare time I love to just wander down to my parents place and see if i can help with anything or just for coffee.

About James (in Daniela’s words)

The first day I met James I thought is this guy for real!? I had never met anyone so genuine and kind and nice. He spoke with passion about his family and carreer. He was very quiet at first and it took him some time to trust me and open up. And then I learned how goofy he is. He loves to laugh and is always trying to make me laugh. He is also very affectionate and to this day stil loves to hold my hand everywhere we go. He is the most calm and patient  person I know and never gets worked up about anything. I also learned very quickly how amazing he is with children. My nieces and nephews get more excited to see him than anyone else. He swings them around and plays monkey and dances with them and if he can make them smile he will. He would rather be outside having a water gun fight with the kids than hang out with the adults.

About us and our home

We met at a coffee shop 4.5 years ago and have been best friends ever since. As cheesy as it sounds we knew right away we were meant to be together. We moved in together rather quick and were married a year later. We are best friends. We talk about everything. We both knew we wanted children right away and we had discussed the possibility of adoption even before trying to get pregnant. There was something about adoption that drew us both to that path. Life seemed to have agreed with us. After struggling with fertility for a few years it made it even more clear that we were meant to grow our family through adoption. It has been an emotional road and we both know the road ahead is not an easy one but we are so passionate about being parents that whatever comes our way we will face together. We are so ready and so excited to adopt!

We live in a wonderful home located in the rural area of Thunder Bay. We live by the lake and absolutely love it here. It is very quiet and peaceful. The surroundings are safe and we have a fully fenced in yard. There is a long path to the lake that is gated. We love the country life. We prefer weekends at home with our 2 dogs. A male german shepherd (4 years old) and he is the most gentle. Loves to sit at your feet and play catch. Also we have a 3 year old female husky/collie cross that loves carrots and to give kisses.  We all love to go for walks down the paths around our home. They especially love winter and playing in the snow.

Our Relationship with you

This is hard to put into words as we have not yet met. We are very excited and ready to become parents and wish nothing more than for you to chose us to parent your child. We promise with all our hearts that we will give your child the best life possible that we can give. We will love them and cherish them all the days of our life. We know there will be struggles along the way but we will face them together as a family. We will play together, grow together, laugh togehter and cry together. We like to think that we will teach the child so much but we think the children teach us as well. Children are so magical in their way of thinking and we as adults sometimes need to learn from them to really appreciate all that life has to give. We have so much support surrounding us. All our family and friends are very supportive and can’t wait to embrace the little one. We would love nothing more than to share our love with your child.

We want to respect your wishes when in comes to the level of openness you wish to have with the child and we are comfortable with whatever you choose.

Thank you

Thank you for reading this far and learning a little about us. If we could say anything to you is for you to have courage and be strong. It may not mean much coming from someone you don’t know but we very much admire your strength in contemplating the decision to place your child for adoption.  We would love to get to know you and your story. If you have any questions for us please call us! We would love to talk to you throughtout this process if you wish and we will be here if you need to talk.

Thank you

Daniela and James