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Phone: 647-330-5723
Years together: 11
we live in: Caledon East, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Rural
Other Children: One adopted child currently 3 years old
Pets: One Dog & One Cat

Thank you for looking over our profile and considering us to be the future adoptive parents of your child. The decision you are making is the most selfless decision anyone can make. Matt and I cannot begin to understand the emotions you are experiencing, but we can make you a promise: If you choose us to be your child’s adoptive parents we will treasure your precious miracle always.  As you will see in our story Matt and I adore children and have been blessed with our precious son Michael through adoption. Once we were married we tried to start our own family, but were faced with infertility. Adoption was something Matt and I always considered, given his sister and brother are both adopted. When Michael’s birthparents selected us to be the adoptive parents of their son we were over the moon, it was the best day of our lives and we are ready to add a second child to our family. He loves to be around other children and has so much joy in sharing all his toys. We believe families are created and come together in many ways. So here we are, asking you to take the time to carefully consider us to be the adoptive family of your child and welcome us into your life.

About Connie (Written by Matt)

Connie was born in Hamilton, Ontario on January 20, 1977. She is 38 years old and values her family more than anything in this world. She is always happy and you can go to her for advice and support at any time. The day she found out she was going to be a mother she couldn’t stop smiling and crying, she thought she was dreaming. Her wish is to be a mother again and looks forward to loving and supporting our children as they grow. She’s very active, loves going for nature walks, bike rides, camping, and swimming.  Michael adores mom and screams with glee when she gets home from work. The minute she walks in until we put him to sleep, she doesn’t leave his side. They play in Michael’s mini house with their Sesame Street animals, color, do puzzles or play with Michael’s ‘Thomas & Friend’s’ train set, his favorite toy! She is the youngest of three sisters who she adores, one 9 years older and the other 13 years older. Connie lost her father at the age of 13. Despite the severe loss Connie’s mom nurtured her into the woman she is today. Connie lived with her mom until she was married, and is very close with her, talking to her daily and having her mom spend time with us. She is Roman Catholic and attended Catholic elementary and high school. She graduated from McMaster University with a BA in Humanities. She started at Scotiabank after University and is still there today. Her job is flexible so she arrives to work early and is home by 4:30am. She only works 4 days a week and is home with Michael on Friday’s. She is also able to work from home when she needs to.

About Matt (Written by Connie)

Matt was born in Brampton, Ontario in September 1976. He is the youngest of three children, his older brother and sister are both adopted. He is currently 39 years of age. He is a very generous and loving person and would go out of his way even for strangers. He adores his family and is an amazing father. Even after a long day building homes he comes home and takes Michael to the park or plays ball with him. Michael’s eyes light up as soon as Dad walks through the door and I know Dad is always rushing home to spend time with him. I am blessed to have such as a wonderful husband and father to our son. Matt loves the outdoors, fishing, camping and water-skiing. He plays hockey weekly with the local hockey team and can’t wait to coach and support Michael in the sports he enjoys. He loves being part of nature, which is one of the reasons we moved to the country. We both love animals and take every opportunity to expose Michael to nature and animals. Matt studied politics and law at York University and after being accepted to grad school, decided to pursue his other passion of building homes. While attending University, Matt opened his own construction company and today is a successful developer who builds custom homes. He loves his work and is the most creative man I know. Around the house he is Mr. Handyman and is able to quickly build / put together the numerous toys I buy for Michael. ☺

How the Story Began…

We were at a mutual friend’s party when we first met. We dated for a year and a half before we realized we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We are a happy couple who love to laugh, love life and enjoy every moment of it. We are also hard workers who enjoy today, but plan for tomorrow. Today, we have been married for 8 years and together for 11. After marriage we tried to start a family, but were met with infertility. It was a difficult time for both of us, yet it strengthened our relationship. The years of waiting were truly worth it when we were blessed with Michael. He filled our home with the beautiful sounds of a child and there were many nights we would stay up just to look at him sleeping and thank God for his wonderful birth-parents and this precious child.

About Michael

In April 2012 our precious son Michael was born. We were told of his arrival on Tuesday evening and we couldn’t sleep after that call, our heart was already beating to be with him. A week later his birth mother and father selected us to be his adoptive parents and we cried, laughed and pinched ourselves silly. We met his birth parents a few days later and fell in love with them immediately. They are a wonderful couple and I am thankful to them every day. They named him Michael, after his birth-father, and we loved the name and felt it was a great connection to always have with his birth-parents. Two weeks later we brought Michael home. He is the most precious, loving and happy little boy. He is now 3 years old and we would love to bless him with a sister or brother. He loves playing with his cousins, ranging from 3 -27, and adores little babies. Our friend has recently had a little girl and Michael enjoys soothing her and holding her milk bottle as he sings to her “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round”.

Our Home

We live in Caledon East, Ontario, on a very picturesque piece of land, about 45 minutes outside of Toronto. The home has 4 bedrooms / 4 Baths with a Kitchen, Family, Living, Dining, Laundry, and Play Room. Michael has his own room and our second child will also have a room to themselves. Our Caledon home offers the beauty of nature; we have a pond in our backyard, which connects to a river we canoe and fish in. The pond is further back in the yard and before that we have a large enclosed deck. We like to take walks on the trails that surround our home. We also grow organic herbs and vegetables in the summer and enjoy the wonderful wildlife right in our backyard such as deer, turtles, birds, and geese. 

The Things We Enjoy

We enjoy travelling and spending time at the family cottage in Haliburton. We try to get there a few weekends in the winter and every second weekend in the summer. The cottage brings us together with family, allows us to relax and unwind from day to day life and make memories that will last a lifetime. It took two years while we were dating, but Matt managed to build a beautiful family cottage that we will enjoy forever. Michael loves the cottage, especially the beach and all the play time he gets with his young cousins who are 3, 4 and 6. We also like to travel and have taken Michael to Florida and Azores, Portugal. We hope to continue traveling as a family and discovering beautiful places all around the world.

Parenting & Adoption Plans

Connie plans to take the first year off on parental leave to be home with our second child and Michael. We would also keep Michael in nursery school for half the day to give Connie time to be with the baby and allow Michael time to play with his friends. Matt’s job is also flexible, so he is planning to take time off throughout the year to be home with the family. After the year Connie plan’s to return to work, but possibly only 3 days a week. For those three days both our children would be enrolled in a well accredited Nursery School 10 minutes from our home.    

Our parenting beliefs come from what we have learned from our parents and watching our friends and family. We will accept and love our children for who they are and plan to guide them as best we can to develop their gifts. We will introduce our children to all opportunities and will support and encourage their interests. We will create an environment where they feel comfortable to ask questions and talk to us about anything. We will show them that mistakes are OK, they are what allow us to grow and learn.

Education is also very important and we will emotionally and financially support our children in anything they would like to pursue. We also realize that a well-rounded person can succeed in today’s world so we will develop all aspects of their character. We want our children to grow with a strong self-identify and confidence. For this reason we believe in openly talking to our children about adoption and always promoting and teaching them about their culture and heritage.

Whether you would like an open or closed adoption we will support your decision. We will continue to tell our children of the sacrifice you made for them. We will tell them how much we admire and respect you for blessing us with your gift. However, if you are comfortable with open adoption we will work together with you to determine our best options and maintain any level of contact you prefer. You can visit our home or continue contact through e-mails, phone, or pictures. Adoption is part of who we are, from Matt’s brother and sister to our son Michael. If you choose us there are no words or gestures that can thank you for blessing us, but please know we will be forever grateful and you will forever be part of our hearts and lives.