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we live in: Toronto, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children:
Pets: one small scruffy dog

We are a fun and easy-going couple living in Toronto. We love our jobs and work hard, but we truly appreciate balance. We spend a lot of time relaxing with one another, reading, being active and exploring our city and province.

We have both always wanted to become dads but clearly we need some help.

About Sam

Sam grew up in the countryside of Prince Edward Island in a place called Mermaid. He would swim in the nearby river in the summer and cross-country ski on the frozen river in the winter. Now he is a lawyer at a community legal aid clinic. His clients live in poverty and many struggle with addiction and mental health issues. Most of his work involves representing tenants who have legal problems with their landlords. He also practices human rights law and helps people who have faced discrimination. Sam has always played soccer and wants to coach his kids’ soccer teams one day.

About Conall

Conall is from a small town in Northern Ireland called Downpatrick. It is a rural part of Ireland, near the coast surrounded by hills and mountains. Being Irish, he comes from a large extended family and everyone lived nearby. His family is very musical and he plays the violin. He went to medical school in Dublin then moved to Toronto where he is now a pediatrician. He looks after babies born with congenital heart disease who require surgery to repair their hearts. Conall loves to swim and rock climb and is (slowly) learning to speak French.

About us

We met each other through friends at a concert in Toronto. On our first date we biked to a local brewery for beer and fries. We talked about our love of travel and how much we both wanted a family someday. After our date, Sam bought the novel “Brooklyn” by Colm Tóibín. It is set in the 1950’s and is about an Irish immigrant in Brooklyn who was courted by a scrappy Italian-American and they ended up falling in love. Sam used it as his playbook. It worked.

We live together near downtown Toronto and love the diversity and buzz of the city but also the tranquility of the old Victorian streets and parks. We live next door to a public elementary school and a large park full of dogs and kids. Our neighbourhood is walkable and bikeable and we are surrounded by many young families from all walks of life. Our home has plenty of space, and we have worked hard to make it relaxed, warm and full of plants and light.

During the summer we eat on our deck and tend to our (small) garden. We are learning to grow our own fruits and vegetables, most of which have been enjoyed by raccoons rather than us.

We love going on road trips throughout Ontario and have been finding great trails to hike with our dog. There are so many beautiful towns and lovely parks in this province. We often imagine how much fun it would be to pack up the car with the kids and head out on an adventure into nature.

Our families get along really well with one another, ours dads especially. Sam’s dad introduced Conall’s dad to Canadian Tire and it was a beautiful moment. They bought a BBQ.

Our families are thrilled about the idea of us becoming fathers through adoption. Both of our extended families have their own stories of adoption. Our future child will have four excited and adoring grandparents that are full of love, laughter and wisdom.

Our little dog

Our current scruffy K-9 addition is named Anabel and she is 2 years old and full of energy. We rescued her from a shelter in Orillia in September 2018 and now she lives with us in Toronto. She is fiesty. At only 9 pounds she tries her best to protect our family.

Us and you

We respect and honour whatever relationship, big or small, that you wish to have with your child. We are sure that your child will be curious about where they came from, and your story will be meaningful to them. We plan on being open with your child about their journey and how our family came to be. Knowledge of you and your family will offer your child a sense of self, and we will all hang out together, write letters back and forth, and talk over the phone to keep in touch. Whatever you are most comfortable with. We believe that the more people who care for your child, the better.

Whoever your child wants to become, we will nurture and love them every step of the way. We are able to give them a world of opportunity, security and, best of all, a really fun life.

Our family, with two adoptive dads, will stand out. We know there will be challenges, but we are prepared to take them on. Thankfully we live in a place where many families are unconventional and come from different beginnings. Parenting will have its ups and downs, but we have an abundance of love to get us through the tough times and have learned how important it is to honour the good times.

Thank you for taking the time to consider us. We hope you can imagine the type of life the child will have in our home. We are looking forward to meeting you and are excited to build a unique and special family with you.

Conall & Sam