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we live in: Ottawa, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children:
Pets: Nugget (Dog) and Friski (Cat)

Dear Expectant Parent(s),

Our names are Bryan and Claudia, and we’ve been together since we were nineteen years old. We met in college, and our seventeen-year relationship has seen us through university, career changes, marriage, home ownership, moves, travels, and so much more. We support and encourage each other, and have been able to grow as individuals – together.

When we were younger we had occasionally talked about having kids, and adoption was always one way we thought of growing our family. As we got older, we realized that we have a lot of love to give, and to give that love to a child would really be one of the greatest joys we could ever experience. Though we did go through fertility treatments, biological children just weren’t in the cards for us, and we were excited and ready to move on.

So here we are, hoping that we will be able to love and take care of a little one, but at the same time acknowledging that we can never fully understand the enormous strength and bravery it takes to consider entrusting adoptive parents with your child. We want you to know that should you choose us, your child will be greatly loved, not only by us, but by a large, diverse, caring, and devoted network of family and friends.

About us

Though seventeen years may feel long for most people our age (thirty-six), it really hasn’t felt that way for us. Having started off as friends, our chemistry was natural, and we felt at home with each other. We got swept up in the daily activities and major events of life, and the time just flew by.

Another reason for the longevity of our relationship may be that we have a lot of shared interests. We love to travel, get together with friends and family, try different foods, and play volleyball. We also like to attend local festivities and events, hike, camp, bike, and spend time with our dog, Nugget, and cat, Friski.

We are both from the province of Quebec and are fluently bilingual in English and French. Claudia also speaks Italian and Bryan some Cantonese.  We share a curiosity and have a deep respect for the world’s incredible cultural diversity, which drives us to keep learning and exploring.

Claudia about Bryan

Bryan is an extroverted and fun-loving person. There are very few adventures or activities that he wouldn’t be interested in trying.  When we were twenty-three years old and I suggested that we go to France for the summer on a student exchange program, he was immediately on board. He also picked up volleyball, which I played throughout high school and college, and we’ve been playing together for many years now.

There are some truly memorable moments that I wouldn’t have experienced had it not been for Bryan, and I am very grateful.  One of those moments is sitting on his shoulders among a sea of people at an outdoor music festival, another is finally learning how to do a parallel stop at the bottom of the ski hill.

Bryan enjoys being around people and is the type of person that goes out of his way for friends and family. He organizes outings, tries to keep in touch with friends near and far, and will drive himself and others anywhere if it means spending time together. Our connections with friends are very strong in large part due to his efforts to bring us together.

When I see Bryan interacting with children, I think of what a wonderful father he would be. He’s patient, attentive, and really enjoys spending time with them.  He draws with them, makes up silly games for the little ones, plays board games and builds Legos with the older ones, carries the infants around when they’re too tired, changes diapers, and seems to have a knack for putting babies to sleep. I also know that he would be a strong support for any child as he/she developed, as he has been for me and his family. Those close to him know they can rely on him in difficult times.

I fell in love with Bryan because he has a big heart, an open mind, came from humble beginnings, is very smart, and I knew from the start would be the type of person that would encourage me to grow and become who I wanted to be.  I feel these are all traits that would make for a great role model and father.

Bryan about Claudia

Claudia is the love of my life.  In all sincerity, there are multiple instances in every day where I am profoundly grateful to be the one who gets to call her my wife.  She is both smart and knowledgeable.  As if being an engineer in the aerospace industry wasn’t enough, I am often baffled by how much she knows about the medical sciences.  Claudia is beautiful inside and out.  She doesn’t yearn for material luxuries, but rather seeks to help others while aiming to live a humble and healthy life for herself and loved ones. 

I don’t know any of our friends who wouldn’t trust Claudia with anything important to them.  Claudia can always be counted on to do the right thing, and takes great pride in her work. She has a great family, and her parents have instilled in her strong values of integrity, honesty, compassion, and hard work. 

Claudia loves to read, and is great with children.  In our seventeen years together, I have always seen her spend most of her time at family gatherings with the younger cousins, and now young nieces.  She always finds a way to get them all to laugh, and for that, they quickly become attached to her.  She is very close to her sister, and tries to offer some support to her and our new nieces whenever she can.  After both births, Claudia took a week of her vacation time to be with her sister, and I know that if she had it available to her, would have taken a month.

Most of all, Claudia is selfless.  She has a lot of love to give, enough to shower all those close to her with, and I know that as a mother this will be no different.  There is nothing more I can ask for in a wife than what Claudia already presents in abundance.  All I can now hope for, is the opportunity to raise children with this amazing person, as I know she would love, cherish, and support them to their greatest potential.

Our home and community

We recently moved into a beautiful 3-bedroom detached home in the Riverside South community of Ottawa.  This is a young neighbourhood, which already has four schools nearby and plans for more. We are a 15-minute walk from the Rideau River. A playground, daycare, and elementary school are a short walk away.  There is also an Ontario Early Years Centre and community centre within a short drive. We already met some very nice neighbours and regularly see couples with strollers and children. We chose this community because we are sure it is a great place to raise a family. We have many friends that live in the Ottawa area, and Claudia’s parents and sister are only an hour away. 

Our views on adoption

We believe that adoption is a profound demonstration of love by everyone involved. They all come together in the hopes of providing the best possible outcome for a child, and your child will always know this. The decision you are considering is an incredibly selfless one, and we plan to make every possible effort to pass on that message of love and to honour it by being the best parents we can be.

We would be very happy to be part of an open adoption if that is what you would like. We hope to develop a relationship with you, throughout your child’s life, through letters, pictures, emails, and occasional visits. We want your child to know their roots, be proud of them, and proud of the diverse family that can stem from adoption.

We truly look forward to meeting you and having the opportunity to learn of your hopes and aspirations for your child.

Our views on parenting

As parents, we would provide a loving, stable, and supportive environment for your child; enabling him/her to develop a strong self-esteem and the skills to build a happy and fulfilling life.  We believe very strongly in communication; our relationship works because of our efforts to communicate openly with one another. We would aim to create a relationship where your child would not only feel comfortable talking to us about anything, but would also consider us a go-to for support and guidance. 

There are so many wonderful moments we can envision experiencing with your child, it’s difficult to list or describe them all. We have an active lifestyle, and would love nothing more than to go on camping trips, bike rides, and hikes as a family. We were both very active in extra-curricular activities when in school, and would love to cheer from the sidelines should your child take an interest in any sport or hobby.  We also see how our get-togethers with family and friends bring so much joy to the children, and would be so happy to see your child laughing and running around with the other kids. We would also very much enjoy the little moments, like reading to them and helping with homework. 

We also hope to instill in your child an eagerness to learn. Wanting to understand more about the world around him/her and how it works, will not only open doors, but will help build compassion and open-mindedness. We will ensure that your child has every opportunity to pursue his/her interests as far as their curiosity and drive will take them.  We would very much enjoy going to museums, fairs, or participate in other activities that foster this growth.

Ultimately, we really just want to love your child and give him/her opportunity to reach their full potential and be happy.

Thank You

Thank you so much for reading our profile. We hope that we were able to convey how much we would love and care for your child.  Your child would be raised in a warm, supportive environment surrounded by family and friends, and would be encouraged to discover and pursue his/her interests. We would aim to help your child develop the necessary skills to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

We hope to instill in your child a sense of pride in their diverse roots, and an understanding that adoption is an act of love. We believe that maintaining a relationship with you will help us achieve this goal.   

We truly hope that you find the path that is right for your child, and would be overjoyed if you felt that path involved us.