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Phone: 4168560932
we live in: Toronto, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children:
Pets: 1 cat

Hello we are Christine and Justin, and we each have a personal message for you,

‘Hello, I’m Justin. I have always pictured myself as a Father one day. My parents are still madly in love, and in fact my Father was adopted. After his parents passed on he found his birth Mother with whom we now have a wonderful relationship. I send you positivity and I hope to one day get to meet you. -All my best, Justin.’ ‘

Hi I’m Christine. Firstly, I want you to know that I truly hope you find comfort along your journey. Although infertility has been what started us down the path of adoption, it now feels like what was meant to be all along and we are filled with hope and excitement for what the future holds. My life has gone in a way I could never have imagined, and yet I wouldn’t change it. I believe as women we are brave warriors. I am with you in spirit, and hopefully we can join our journeys. -With love, Christine’

Thank you, we are so humbled and grateful you are taking the time to view our profile.

Meet Christine

Christine was born in Calgary Alberta in 1980, she grew up in Burlington Ontario and now enjoys her life in Toronto.

Her Father’s side of the family lives in British Columbia where she visits often and is the oldest of over 20 cousins. Her Mother and the rest of her family lives in Ontario along with her treasured close friends she has had since kindergarten. Christine also has a brother who she is very close with, he is just 14 months younger. She feels lucky to also have an adoring relationship with both of her sister in laws, her brothers wife and Justin’s sister.

Christine has always loved art and the environment. She acquired her Bachelors of Arts degree at Guelph University with a major in Studio Arts and a minor in Environmental Science. Christine has proven to have an entrepreneurial spirit since her early adulthood. She owned and operated an all female painting business for over a decade, and now works as a Freelance Artist.

Christine’s short list of loves and hobbies include; ballet, baseball, exotic food, cooking, animals and the environment, outdoor adventure and anything to do with art.

What Justin has to say about Christine

Christine is a kind and energetic person who makes friends easily. She is a talented Artist and Entrepreneur, a free spirit with a strong work ethic. I love her sense of adventure and curiosity. She is calm and sometimes quiet when first getting to know someone, but always puts others before herself. She doesn’t ever hesitate to ask anyone who looks in need if she can help and she is a good reader of people.

Christine seeks happiness and positivity in all situations. She loves to joke and make me laugh in public playing on my shy side. She is also an incredible problem solver and brings clarity to my life, this is one of my favorite qualities about her. Christine often has people asking for her advice because she is so insightful and she will remind anyone to follow their dreams. She is humble yet confident which also makes her a wonderful role model. Our nephews love her to pieces calling her “Auntie Dolly”, her family nickname.

Meet Justin

Justin was born in Newmarket in 1979 and grew up in Richmond Hill in a home his parents still live in today.

Both sides of Justin’s family live in the GTA and Niagara region. Justin’s Mom’s side of the family makes a point to get together twice a year for a planned weekend of food and games.

Justin’s Father has one sister and one brother and his family was formed through adoption. After his parents both passed Justin’s Father was able to reunite with his birth Mother, and Father separately. He is part of his birth family now and has had connections with 5 half siblings and their families for almost 20 years. They plan visits throughout the year and stay in touch.

Justin enjoyed Math and tech classes in high school and graduated from the Architecture program at Humber college acquiring skills that have carried him to where he is today. After having a job at an Architecture firm out of school, and then a construction manager, Justin realized he likes a more hands on approach. Now Justin works for his Dad’s HVAC company and he loves his diverse position with the family business.

Justin’s short list of loves and hobbies are; designing/building, hockey, Blue-Jays games, water skiing, bicycling, road trips with maps and gardening.

What Christine has to say about Justin

I knew from the moment I met Justin he was special, he has a unique presence. I was 30 when we met, and as it turns out he was the guy I had been waiting for. Justin is so kind and genuine. He is smart in a way I am not, left brained and left handed. Justin is certainly the strong silent type, I love the way he speaks with purpose and calculates his thoughts. Anything that Justin tackles gets his full efforts including his job, his leisure and his relationships.

Justin has a group of long time friends and I love hearing their stories of growing up and travelling together as he has been to many countries.

At home I do most of the cooking, but every Saturday and sometimes on Sundays he makes the most amazing breakfast.

Our Story

We met through a mutual friend who runs an art store in Toronto. Our first date was at a local breakfast chain and to this day we share our love for breakfast, and we are both early risers.

Our relationship has just been easy, we knew right away we were in love and that we enjoyed the same things. We met and were married within 11 months, and just celebrated 6 years of marriage this past March (2019). Since being married we have done some travelling together. We have travelled to the West coast to visit family, and to the East Coast on a long road trip with Justin’s sister and her husband. Our greatest adventure so far has been our 3 month trip across South America where we visited 5 countries and made it to the top of Machu Picchu.

In our everyday life in the city we enjoy outdoor adventure, going to farmers markets on Sundays in the summer, and visiting with friends. We always have a little design project going on in the house too. We also travel to the family cottage many times throughout the year, and spend at least half the weekends in the summer there. We swim, ski, hike and spend time with family.

Our current big adventure together has been our adoption journey and we have had wonderful support from family and friends.

Our Community/Home

We live in the East end of Toronto and our community presents a small town feel that is culturally diverse and sits just outside the downtown core of Toronto. We have a beautiful walking/biking trail just minutes from us, along with many parks, rec centers and family drop-ins we look forward to using more. We love the city of Toronto on a whole as it has so much to offer. It takes us approximately 25 minutes to walk to the large beach directly South of us and this is one of our favorite places in the city.

We recently bought our first home together on a lovely street and we feel so grateful to have kind and friendly neighbours. When we bought our house it was evident it was loved and cared for by the previous owners of 40 years. It was however all original and the perfect project for us as we both have a background in renovations. With Justin’s design and build skills he was able to do much of the work himself and now we have a completely renovated modest sized home that we are thrilled with.

Inside our home is a place to feel calm and rested, to heal, to air grievances, to celebrate, to listen, to work and to just exist. We have a new kitten named ‘Zeefer’ who has proven to be a sweet soul with strong curiosity and the energy to match. She has shown patience with our nephews and seems to love that their energy levels match hers.

Our Thoughts about Adoption and Parenting

We can’t know what kind of parents we will be until we are faced with the everyday challenges of having a child, and we feel our approach will likely vary depending on the child’s specific needs. We know for sure love and kindness will always come first. We have also talked about our desire to practice patience and mindfulness, we are aware that our lives will slow down while we teach our child new things and we want to savour that experience. We have a strong awareness of the great and many opportunities provided to us and optimism is important us. We hope that through tons of listening and encouragement we can cultivate healthy confidence and bravery. We want to stay involved in what our child takes interest in, while providing enough space for them to make mistakes and learn to grow. Consistency will be key in learning, in discipline and in everyday schedules.

As for openness, we value and would love an open adoption, but we will of course respect the choice of the birth family and will accommodate their wishes.