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Years together: 6
we live in: Toronto, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: Jackson
Pets: Ziggy (parrot), fish

We met at a wedding where Julian was the best man and Christine was cousin to the bride. We hit it off right away, there was no set up, no pressure and we have a lot in common. We talked about some of our favorite interests, travel, and how Julian was flying out to Tanzania the next day to start the climb of Kilimanjaro.

Julian found Christine to be smart, confident, with a mind of her own.  She enjoyed a number of the same things Julian did, as well as showed an interest right away to get out of her comfort zone to try new things. She was open, honest and what you saw is what you got. She is truly a beautiful person, both inside and out, and a fantastic mother.

Christine found Julian to be playful, smart, funny and willing to try anything at least once.  He has been her rock through the challenges and changes of the past few years.  He is a wonderful father who loves to play with and teach his son.

We work well as a team and believe that our open and honest relationship helps us work through any bumps in the road that comes our way.    


We have a loving and happy family which we would love to grow. We believe the adoption process is right for us and want any child we add to our family to grow up knowing their history and where they come from.

To achieve this, we are committed to as open a relationship with you as you feel comfortable with.  Whether this includes you choosing the middle name, regular email updates with pictures and/or occasional visits.  It is our intention to create a lifebook to celebrate your child’s history and your part in bringing them into our lives.

About Christine

I was born in Vancouver but moved to Ontario before my first year.  Raised in a small town with my brother, life was pretty ‘traditional’.  My parents taught us the importance of family (however that is defined) and kept us active with swimming lessons, brownies and peewee baseball.

As a teenager I took every opportunity given to me to travel the world and satisfy my interest in other cultures.  That interest has lasted all my life and has led to many trips, classes and experiences that I cherish.

My main focus in my leisure time has always been on being active and continuously learning. Cooking and reading have long been among my main hobbies.

I love to cook for family and friends and have been taking courses at George Brown recently to upgrade my skills and get some adult time out of the house.

I am generally focused on solo sporting activities having been a competitive swimmer in my youth and more recently competed in a few triathlons.

About Julian

I was born in Wimbledon, England, moved to Montreal before I was one, and moved to Ontario when I was four.   Raised in Toronto with my sister, life was typical of a two sibling home.  My parents taught us the importance of being active, continuous learning and family. We were kept active with soccer, T-Ball, hockey, Beavers/Cubs and Scouts. We moved out of the city to a small town when I was 14, a year after my brother was born.

I am a sports fan, both from the side of being an athlete and enjoying actually participating and competing in sporting events, but also from a fan point of view. I am very active, competing in triathlons, runs, hiking and hockey.  I enjoy travelling and while traveling enjoy experiencing new cultures as well as hiking local trails. In 2010 I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

I enjoy the outdoors, spending time walking through the local parks and camping a number of times a year.

I am also a collector; I collect sports cards and have since I was a young child and sports memorabilia. I enjoy reading and listing to music

About Jackson

Jackson is a lively toddler who loves nothing more than trains, food and friends.   He enjoys trips to the zoo, Science Centre and aquarium as well as using his imagination to make up games at home and in the backyard.

He is a kind, considerate and healthy young boy who is known at daycare to get along with all of the other children as well as help others. He is hoping to one day have a little brother or sister to play with and share daily adventures.

Our Home and Community

We live in a quiet, residential neighborhood with lots of children, parks, playgrounds and many good schools nearby. Due to the number of children in the neighborhood we are surrounded by many amenities for young families such as Early Years Centers, parent groups and other child friendly things like baby yoga and swimming lessons.

Our home has four bedrooms, one we use as an office, one for Jackson, one for us, and one which we hope to use for a new addition to our family. We have a good size backyard in which Jackson loves to run around and play in.

Our Pets

Ziggy is a three year old Blue Quaker Parrot who loves to talk and be fed Cheerios.

We have a 50 gallon tank with multiple schooling fish including a Pleko and two angel fish

Family and Friends

We are very close to all of our siblings and are lucky enough to see some of them almost weekly.

We also have a very close group of friends and we are fortunate enough to see most of them often.

From weekend getaways, large group camping trips, weekly games nights to just dropping by to hang out we have been able to create a great support group for all of us.

Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends.  We always make it a priority to get together with everyone we can over the holiday season.  Big meals, visits from Santa and Christmas Eve service are all part of the traditions.

We love camping and each year we have a Family camping trip where both families get together to camp.

Thank you

We would like to thank you for taking the time to get to know us and consider us. We will always aspire to provide a loving, nurturing, happy, and healthy home environment. We are strong believers in “meant to be” and feel that whatever decision you make will be the right one.

Christine, Julian and Jackson