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Phone: 416-428-2793
Years together: 14
we live in: Toronto, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children:
Pets: A cat named Wonton

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a bit about us! We are Chris and John, a fun and loving couple from Toronto. We are both 34, and living in the Junction triangle neighbourhood. Chris works at City Hall, and John works in Project Management in the Construction industry. Chris likes the arts, where John is more interested in trucks – opposites really do attract! We are a family full of love, and very excited to add a child into the mix.

As a same-sex couple, obviously, biology is not on our side. However, adoption has always been our plan. As someone going through this process on the other side, this must be one of the biggest decisions of your life, so we hope this letter gives you a bit more power to help you decide what route you want to take. When the time feels right, please get in touch with us, as we would love to get to know more about you, and answer any questions you may have about us.

Our History

Both of us knew for a long time that we wanted to be parents. Chris actually checked with John on our second date just to make sure! That being said, it has been a long journey from when we first began dating 14 years ago.

We started seeing each other in our second year of university, when we were both attending McGill in Montreal. After being introduced by a mutual friend, we quickly became the best of friends, and then started dating only a few months later. Chris grew up in Kingston, while John grew up in Brockville, only 45 minutes away. During our summer vacations it was an easy trip on the train to visit each other, so we never went more than a few weeks apart.

We only dated a year before John moved into an apartment that Chris shared with two other people, and only another year after that we moved into our own place. After graduating, we came to Toronto, where we have lived ever since.

Our Community

When we first moved to Toronto, we rented a place in the Junction neighbourhood and have never looked back! Chris has worked in the community since we moved here 12 years ago, and most of our friends are local. Our future child will grow up with a wide network of neighbourhood friends, community organizations, libraries and parks at their fingertips. The people in our lives are wonderful and diverse, with many actively involved in community arts and cultural programs. The places for fun and learning in the area are almost endless!

Our Home

When we started the adoption process over a year ago, we quickly decided that as much as we loved the condo we had been living in for the past six years, we wanted to be able to have a house and yard for our family to grow into. After a long search we were able to find the perfect home that was still in the neighbourhood we love. We are only a five minute walk from three parks, the public library, and our child’s future school. While the house may still need a good coat of paint, it has three bedrooms, a wonderful kitchen for home-cooked meals, and a big backyard that, after a little work this summer, will be the perfect place for a kid to play. We have already painted the child’s bedroom, and are just waiting for them to move in!

Family and Friends

We are very fortunate to have a large support system of both family and friends that will help us raise our future child. Most of our family is in Kingston, Ontario, which is home to Chris’ parents, John’s brother, and Chris’ sister, her husband, and kids. John’s parents live in nearby Brockville, Ontario, where John grew up. Most major holidays include a return to the Kingston/Brockville area to see family, and dote over our niece and nephew.

Our friends play an important part in our life, who we engage with frequently for dinners, BBQ’s, or just to lend a hand at babysitting. Most of our friends have started their own paths to parenthood – we have a wide network of friendly youngsters under the age of five that we are eager to introduce our future child to!

Parenting & Adoption

While we have not parented before, we do have a fair bit of experience with children under five, between our friends’ children, and of course our dear niece and nephew. In general, we believe that children have the right to be independent, within the confines of a loving and supportive family.

We are excited about the new opportunities to come. Whether it is small events like playing in the park, or big things like Chris’ dreams of taking our child to Disney, we are excited to bring our child into a world filled with love, fun, and laughter.

Since we started the adoption process, we have been firm believers in open adoption. That being said, no matter how hard we try, we will never be able to comprehend the emotions you must be feeling. To whatever extent you are comfortable, we promise to incorporate you into our family. And trust us, if you are willing to allow it, our extended families will want to include you as well! You will always be the child’s only mother, so whatever your level of involvement, it will be appreciated in our family’s life. We will provide a safe and loving home and raise our child to be a caring and compassionate individual who can follow their dreams.

We cannot imagine the difficult choices that face you now but we are grateful that you would consider us as potential parents to your baby. We wish you all the best while you make this important decision, and know that – If you think we can be a part of it – we’ll be excited to hear from you!