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Phone: Gurjyot Rai - Family Services of Vancouver Adoption Agency Tel: 604.736.7613 x 4034
Years together: 15
we live in: , British Columbia
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: Kaitlyn
Pets: Buddy - Golden Retriever

We’re happy you decided to read our letter! We’re Chris, Cherie, Kaitlyn and Buddy – the golden retriever; a family that has come together through the blessing of adoption. We’ve built a loving and happy life in the country, a few hours from Vancouver. Our home is filled with love, laughter, adventures and kindness. We are excited to add another little person to our family; to share our love, our triumphs, adventures and cuddles. We want you to share in life’s amazing journey with us.

Our Story

Isn’t life amazing? One lucky little wink starts another grand adventure!

Cherie knew we’d get married when I walked into a telephone pole on our first date. I was smitten but to this day, maintain I did it to see her laugh! One date progressed into two and quickly blossomed into love. We moved in together and made a happy little home. We had no furniture; my worldly possessions consisted of an old canoe and a big red tool box. Cherie had a teeny tiny TV that we propped up on the toolbox; we’d cuddle up in a cozy blanket on the floor. One New Year’s Eve, we welcomed a small group of friends. The Vancouver weather turned stormy; then, sometime before midnight the power went out. We rang in the New Year with candles, laughing and playing cards around our broken little table. We didn’t have much, but we sure had fun!

In the early days, we worked very hard. Cherie is really good at budgeting; we agreed on a plan and started saving to buy our own place. I was traveling lots for work; China, Korea, India, Japan. When Cherie could get away she’d meet me after I’d finish working overseas. We traveled around Asia and India, learning to rely on each other’s strengths. We made lots of mistakes too, but things have a way of working themselves out when you don’t take life too seriously! In 2005, we decided to spend Christmas snowboarding in Austria. On Christmas day, on the top of the Alps, with the sun gently glinting through falling snow I proposed to my favorite person in the whole world! Our joy was contagious; we were married the following summer.

Obviously, we were a couple before we got married; but something changed after we tied the knot. We grew into each other; we relied on each other, and our hard work and dumb luck paid dividends. Cherie’s career took off. I realized that she’d always have my back and that gave us the security to try new ventures. I quit my dream job traveling around the world and we started our own company. We decided to have kids, we got a puppy, and we had fun!

While trying to have kids, months turned to years. We decided to get away from the hustle and bustle of Vancouver. Cherie gave up her job to focus on becoming a mom and I sold the business. We found a nice community to call home, with lots of kids and friendly neighbors. Buddy became a big brother and becoming parents to sweet baby Kaitlyn was our wish come true! Our parenting journey, through open adoption has been a very positive experience, one we hope to embark on again very soon with the addition of another baby for us all to love.

All about Cherie

Cherie is my favorite person in the whole world! She’s easy to love.

Just thinking of her makes me smile! She’s very kind and loving; she’s a great wife and mother! It’s her true calling.

Cherie loves to cook and bake. Most evenings, Cherie makes supper; we sit at the big table and take it slow. Family is the most important thing in our lives, Cherie makes sure we enjoy mealtime together. She also makes sure there are always special treats to share for dessert! Every year at Christmas, Cherie

makes all sorts of traditional treats to share with friends and family. This year, Cherie set Kaitlyn up with a little apron and they baked sugar cookies to leave for Santa (most didn’t make it that far).

Cherie loves gardening too. Every spring, Cherie nurtures her little seedlings into a bountiful harvest. She loves to feed people, and the food is all the more delicious, because she grew it!

We enjoy entertaining guests; we’re told our home is a joy to visit. Over the years, Cherie’s organized some wicked get-togethers; what springs to mind is a summer BBQ we planned for our friends, family and their children. A few weeks before the party, we mailed torn up pieces of a treasure map to each child. By the day of the party, the kids were crazy excited to put all the map pieces together. We gave them shovels and set them loose on the neighborhood. It didn’t take long for the adults to get in on the fun too, helping with clues, and keeping the kids from digging up the garden!

Cherie is very smart. She remembers what we had for breakfast last Easter; but, she can’t tell a joke to save her life! Regardless, there’s lots of laughter in our home. Cherie is playful and lighthearted, always ready with a kind word or witty remark. People gravitate towards her; I was drawn in by her beautiful smile and down to earth grace.

All about Chris

Chris is the love of my life, and my very best friend. It is an honour to share my life with such a fun, loving and positive person. It was his charming, generous, “don’t take life too seriously” attitude, along with his irresistible blue eyes that sparked my interest. Chris has an amazing outlook on life and lives each day to the fullest. He wakes up as if each day is Christmas morning; happy, and excited about the day. He is generous and thoughtful; buying a friend a coffee, slipping a niece $10, taking his daughter on an impromptu ice cream date after swimming, or buying flowers “just because”.

Chris is meant to be a father. Kids adore him, our daughter Kaitlyn is the apple of his eye. His kind heart, patience and curiosity make him a favorite playmate for Kaitlyn and our many nieces and nephews. Years ago, we were organizing a 40th wedding anniversary for Chris’ parents. Chris took the children to blow up balloons. He gathered all the children into the basement, outfitting each child a pair of safety goggles, he instructed them on the art of blowing up helium balloons. Within minutes, we heard bursts of raucous laughter. Chris was singing made up songs to the kids in a squeaky helium voice; he had the kids rolling on the floor in spasms of laughter. He continues to make up silly songs for Kaitlyn who sings and laughs right along with him!

Chris is very smart. He is a patient teacher and coach. He enjoys learning, and is always challenging himself with new hobbies, languages and books. I recall when he came home and announced he was fulfilling a boyhood dream; he had landed a project at Cape Canaveral, NASA! While not quite a rocket scientist, he’s the only person I’ve ever known to work on a rocket launch pad.

My husband is a natural athlete. He was a champion sprinter in High School. He also played hockey and soccer. He played soccer for the University of New Brunswick. I’m envious that most things seem to come easy to him. I remember the first time I brought him water skiing. He’d never been, but by his second run was doing tricks that I couldn’t do! I secretly giggle at the fact he suffers terrible sea sickness, though it didn’t stop him from learning to sail and scuba dive!

All about Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn is a loving, generous, smart, energetic three & a half year old. Kaitlyn was adopted and instantly became the best thing that has ever happened! She loves Buddy, our patient and gentle Golden Retriever. She loves dancing and telling jokes (her punch lines need a little polishing). She wrestles with Papa and Buddy, but is a little too rough for Mama. She loves going for “coffee” after swimming lessons and gymnastics and she says “hi” to everyone in the cafe. Kaitlyn understands French, but seldom speaks it (yet). She is well traveled and loves reading picture books. Together we’ve visited Austria, Mexico, Germany, Philadelphia and Whitehorse, to name a few. Kaitlyn is an excellent flyer and gets a hearty laugh from fellow travelers with her yells of “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”. Kaitlyn can’t wait to be big sister! One of her favorite things to play is “Mama”. She asks for help getting “baby” ready for bed; she puts a nappy and Pajamas on her dolly for bed time. She’s been busy decorating the nursery with pictures, stuffies and baby toys for her new baby brother or sister.

Our Families

Cherie and I come from loving and supportive families. Cherie is the oldest daughter to parents who have been married for 41 years! She has one younger brother. Chris is the baby brother to three big sisters. His Mama and Papa have been happily married for 52 years! Both families are excited about the arrival of our newest little one.

Our Vision

Families come together in many different ways. When a baby becomes a member of our family they will be loved unconditionally.

Your baby’s adoption will be part of their beautiful life story; one we will be proud to tell.

Every member of our family has the opportunity to pursue their passions. Your baby will have the love and support needed to grow into a beautiful person, with the intelligence, self-respect and humility to do whatever makes them happy. We believe life’s most important lessons don’t come from sitting in a classroom, but from real life experiences. Your baby will grow up knowing that making mistakes is OK. They will have the confidence and love to support them in their triumphs and disappointments.

We believe that there can never be too many people to love and support a child; we welcome you into our family with whatever level of “openness” you are comfortable. Together we’ll find the strength to make anxious times into happy times!

We thank you! It will be an honour and privilege to welcome your precious baby into our family. We look forward to meeting you.

Cherie, Chris, Kaitlyn and Buddy