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Phone: (416) 919-3242
Years together: 5
we live in: Toronto, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: None
Pets: Klaus and Lexi (mini dachshunds)


We have no concept of what you may be going through.  We cannot even state that we will be the perfect parents. But we can make you a promise.

We promise to provide your child with a secure loving home, a place to grow and learn.  We promise to learn and adapt, and always try harder.

A promise from strangers doesn’t mean much, but hopefully after a glimpse into our lives you will choose to get know know us better.

Hope we will meet soon!

Charl & Henry

Our Story

We have been together for an exciting five years.  We met in 2011, clicked from the first date and got married in 2012. Concerned with the stability of South Africa we immigrated to Canada during 2014 and have already built a great life here surrounded by many friends.  We are lucky that many of our friends immigrated to Canada with us from South Africa.  We believe that family is not defined by blood-ties, but rather by how you share your life with those you call “family”.

We have been very blessed in Canada so far, have great jobs, and bought a house in the West end of downtown Toronto two years ago.  We are now ready for the next chapter in our lives by growing our family through adoption.

More About Charl (Through Henry’s Eyes) 

Charl devotes himself entirely to our family.  He is hardworking, caring and loving.  Hi boyish playfulness is a welcome contrast to my seriousness.  He reminds me to find joy in every morning.  Charl enjoys reading, and loves losing himself in photography, fantasy games and sci-fi movies.  He also loves the outdoors and working on projects around the house.  He will be the sort of farther who makes adventures come alive.  I can’t wait to grow our family with Charl.

Charl is the youngest of six children and already the uncle of eight kids!  When Charl was four years old his family welcomed three adopted children into their home, he is therefore very familiar with having an extraordinary family!  Though Charl’s family is still in South Africa they do talk weekly and visit often.  Charl grew up in a large city on a small farm where his family had a lot of horses, dogs and various other animals.

Charl is 38, speaks English and Afrikaans, has a Civil Engineering degree and a Masters degree in Business leadership.  He is currently a Senior Vice President at a Provincial agency.

More About Henry (Through Charl’s Eyes) 

Henry is my rock! He is the extrovert in our house and always fun to be with.  He generally looks after our family and is most certainly the best cook (and as a bonus he loves to bake!)  Henry loves music and remembers the lyrics to most songs.  He loves to be active (so at least there is someone to drag me to the gym!).  It is going to be great growing old with Henry.

Henry grew up in small coastal town and is the middle of three children in a very liberal household.  His family still lives in South Africa but visit often.  Henry is the uncle of three adorable children who call him all the time to share their lives.

Henry is 29, speaks English and Afrikaans, has an Industrial Engineering degree.  He is currently a Senior Business Analyst.

General Life

We work to live, but we do not live to work.  Life is all about the time we spend with our friends and family.  We especially like spending time with the various kids in our life, including our two furry four legged kids Klaus and Lexi.  Klaus and Lexi moved with us from South Africa.

We love City life, but sneak out to nature as often as we can, and like to travel.  We have most certainly adapted quickly to the joys of cottage weekends!  We enjoy entertaining at home, dinner parties, a good BBQ, boardgames, and exploring the City.

We are Christian with a deep spiritual relationship with God, but we do not belong to any specific church.  We respect all religions.  We plan to share our beliefs with our child and lead by example.  We do however believe that each adult must choose their own path.

Our Home

We live in a safe neighbourhood full of young families  in the West end of downtown Toronto close to great schools and parks. We bought our house with growing our family in mind.  Our child will have their own bedroom, a great play room and a private garden.


We are here to love, educate and lead by example.  We believe discipline is about teaching and not punishment.  Children should understand why certain behaviours are important, and should be empowered to make their own decisions.  We will provide a solid foundation and hope to teach:  Love yourself first; Respect yourself and those around you; Respect is earned; Always question; Never blindly follow; Be honest with yourself and others; Always work hard but work to live, don’t live to work; Live for every moment; Whatever you do, do it with style; Feel free to laugh at yourself, and laugh often; There is always a solution; and finally it is ok to make mistakes, just learn from them.

What About You?…You Decide 

We think a child would benefit greatly by staying in contact with their birth family, but we want you to be comfortable.  We are therefore open minded and happy to discuss the level of openness you would be comfortable with.  Perhaps you would like to visit in person, or perhaps you would prefer to stay in contact only through emails and photos.  Let’s talk about it.

Next Steps

This profile does not really tell you much, but we would be thrilled if you decide to take the next step and talk to us.   We are happy to initially chat via IM , email or meet you in person.