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we live in: Oakville, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children:
Pets: 2 Cats


Thanks for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are Eric and Caroline. We have been together since the day we met over 20 years ago and have been married for 10 years.

During this time, we have built a solid, loving and supportive relationship. We have travelled to 5 continents, pursued our passions and had a chance to complete post-secondary education.

We are now ready and excited to welcome your child into our home. Both of us have been blessed with close families who are on standby to help, to love and to provide the occasional treat.

About Caroline from Eric’s perspective:

They say opposites attract and our relationship proves that. Caroline is chatty and asks a lot of questions. She is a loving, fast moving, hard-working individual who has a witty sense of humor and tons of energy. The Energizer bunny has got nothing on her. While Caroline is the social organizer, her favorite activities are more solitary like knitting, listening to the CBC, running marathons and volunteering.

Caroline has always loved being with children. Her first real job was being a nanny for 3 boys. Since our twin niece and nephew were born it has been hard to convince her that we couldn’t drive the 7 hours each way every weekend to be with them. She loves playing with them and especially loves story time.

As a Mom, she will be loving, consistent and supportive. She will be the one to organize play dates, sports and volunteer at the school.

About Eric from Caroline’s perspective:

Eric is quiet, shy, and fiercely loyal. This makes him a wonderful listener and is very considerate. He is a great friend to have as he is prepared to drop everything to come to the assistance of a friend and will remember to acknowledge important dates like birthdays. Eric is incredibly patient and methodical. He will spend hours with our nephew to assemble a Lego kit or build a bench in his woodworking class. Eric loves sports especially his beloved hockey team the Habs. He is a good golfer and skier.

A perfect day for Eric would be to have a BBQ with a group of close knit friends enjoying great conversation and good tunes. 

As a Dad, he will be loving, honest and supportive.  He will be the Dad who will volunteer to pick the kids up from the school dance, play catch until its dark out and teach the kids how to pitch a tent when they camp.

Our Relationship

We have been a couple since the night we met in December 1998.   We met at a mutual friend’s Christmas party that neither of us had planned to go to. We were only 19 and living in different cities so we took our time to get to know each other and fell gradually in love. We have been together everyday since that night and never left each other’s side.

As a couple we tend to be homebodies preferring to make dinner together and watch a movie. That being said, we love to travel and explore new areas. Eric has organized amazing trips and activities including bobsledding down the Olympic Track in Lake Placid; swimming in the Dead Sea and riding a camel. What makes us special is that we are a real team. Whether it is Eric acting as the cheerleader at one of Caroline’s marathons or Caroline researching a recipe that Eric can try on use on his BBQ, we try to find ways to support and help the other to succeed and have fun.

Our background

We are both originally from Quebec so keeping the French culture alive is important. We would like our child to learn French and would like to send them to a French immersion school.

We celebrate the Christian holidays but do not belong to a parish. We want our child to be open to different religions/cultures/lifestyles and develop their own opinions.  We have been very fortunate to have travelled to many part of the world and experienced many different cultures and values. Our hope is that we can continue to do this with our child to allow them to grow and develop those opinions.

We also want our child to develop their own interests and plan to introduce them to a variety of activities. While we both believe in hard work, we want our child to have fun and be allowed to simply play. 

Our Family

Keeping a close family tie is important to both of us. Consequently, we make sure to visit or invite our families for frequent visits.  Both sets of parents have been married 40 years+ and are healthy and active. Caroline’s parents are planning to move closer to us when the baby arrives.  Eric is an only child and Caroline has an older sister Melanie.    

Our parents made a priority of attending and hosting family celebrations. Consequently, if there is a family party, everyone shows up usually with a homemade dessert and a story. Caroline’s family have worked hard to keep up the Polish traditions including Vigilia, the 12 course meatless meal served on Christmas Eve. The family even sings in Polish but we will definitely not be considered for American Idol anytime soon.

We both love animals. We share our home with two cats Oscar, a Tonkinese and Kirby, a British Shorthair. Asides from their adorable looks, we choose these breeds as they are known to be good with small children. Our cats are social and somewhat playful (in between their naps of course). 

Our expectations about open adoption

Every adoption is unique. We are prepared to work with you to define what our open adoption should look like. We believe that this relationship must be comfortable for everyone involved and are open in how this is defined.

We have grown up in close knit families where traditions and family history are frequently shared and celebrated. We want our child to have the same experience.

Final Thoughts

We appreciate you taking the time to explore our profile and considering how you and your baby could fit into our lives. We look forward to hearing from you.

Eric and Caroline