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Phone: 613-282-2537
we live in: Ottawa, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children:
Pets: 2 cats - Brown Cow & Omar

Dear Expectant Mother/Father,

First off, we’d like to thank you for taking the time to read our profile and learning a little about us. We understand that this must be one of the most difficult and emotional challenges you’ve ever gone
through and we sincerely hope that you find an adoptive family that’s perfect for your child.

Our Story

We were both born and raised in the Ottawa area, albeit in very different surroundings. Carla is a city girl through and through, living in Ottawa her entire life, while Stuart is a country boy at heart, having grown up just outside of Ottawa in a town of only 200 people before moving to Ottawa for school.

We met in 2008 at a mutual friend’s wedding only for Stuart to discover that Carla was already in a relationship. Stuart patiently waited for two and a half years for Carla to come to her senses (while also periodically checking in on her relationship status with their mutual friend). Once she hit the open market again in 2011, they started dating and were engaged in just over a year. We then married before the end of 2012.

Shortly after that we jumped right into trying to start our family only to discover that wasn’t going to happen as seamlessly as we had initially hoped. After years of struggling through painful and intrusive fertility treatments*, we’re extremely excited and hopeful to become parents through adoption.

*For Carla at least. Stuart’s “treatments” for fertility issues, being a male, weren’t quite as difficult to put it mildly!


I grew up in Ottawa with my mom and sisters; we didn’t have a lot, but I never felt a lack. I’m the oldest of three girls. I’ve always worked hard, babysitting when I was young and then eventually, throughout
university, I worked in research part time for 5 years. Then it turned out I didn’t like research so much!

So, my mentor suggested a technologist training program at the hospital and it was a perfect fit. I’ve worked seeing patients at the Ottawa hospital ever since. I spend half my time seeing patients and the other half teaching.

I discovered a love of travel with Stuart and we’ve had some great adventures. I’ve also been fortunate to indulge this love of travel while volunteering and have participated in three missions with the Orbis flying eye hospital which teaches eye surgery around the world.


I grew up in what would generously be described as a very small “town” in the Ottawa Valley as the youngest of two children. Although not technically a farm, our house was surrounded by farmland in every direction. My typical day was spent outdoors running around in fields/abandoned barns or playing any sport that we could scramble enough people together for a game. As an adult, a lot of that lifestyle still holds true, just with breaks between 9-5 when I’m in the office and maybe a little less time spent in
abandoned barns.

At 19, I moved to the city to study Computer Engineering and now make my living as a Systems Architect, which is basically a glorified title for computer geek. I’ve been with the same company since I
graduated and genuinely love what I do.

Our Interests as a Couple

Our main passion is most certainly traveling. Neither of us had the chance to travel at all until we reached our 20’s, but since then it’s become a huge part of our lives. Both of our careers have given us
the opportunity to travel the world and visit countless countries where you’d never think of going on vacation. We’ve had so many incredible experiences which we’re very grateful for.

Outside of work travel, the minute we finish one vacation, we start planning the next one, refusing to waste a single day of our annual allowance of vacation days. If we’re lucky enough to adopt, this is
something we plan on continuing because it’s extremely important to us that your child gets to experience the world from an early age.

Other than traveling, we’ve both slowly morphed into foodies over the years to the point where we plan out vacation meals months in advance. On weekends, it’s not uncommon for us to wake up in the
middle of the night just to start a 16-hour BBQ or spend the entire day in the kitchen together cooking.

In the summer, we do a lot of cycling together living right beside numerous bike paths. Carla’s recently taken up golf as well and will be joining Stuart on the course this year so we’re both excited/terrified to see how that goes!


Carla has a lot of family in town. Carla’s sister Shannon and her four kids are nearby in Ottawa. Carla’s mom and step dad spend their winters in Ottawa and summers in Nova Scotia. They love having family and their grandkids visit their beautiful home on the ocean.

Carla’s other sister Cleo lives on the West Coast in Victoria and we try to visit with them as often as possible. She and her husband Chris have two little boys.

Stuart’s mother and step-father live just outside of the city and have inadvertently turned their property into somewhat of a petting zoo over the years. We hope this will be a regular weekend attraction for
your child. To go along with their dog and cats, they also have about a dozen chickens, three ducks and 2 goats. Shirley (Stuart’s mom) regularly drives an hour and a half in any direction to watch any family member play in sporting events and would love nothing more than a grandchild to spoil. Stuart’s brother also lives in Ottawa with his wife and young son who we visit with regularly.

Our Home

We live in a quiet part of the city just east of downtown in a 3-bedroom bungalow. Several large parks and the Rideau River are less than 200 meters from our door.

As far as our house itself is concerned, we moved in 4 years ago and absolutely love it. Right before we purchased, the house was completely renovated from top to bottom in an open concept fashion with a large island in the kitchen. We’ve got garden boxes scattered around the yard for vegetables and hop
plants growing along the fences and shed.

We have two cats (Brown-Cow and Omar) that have a love hate relationship with each other. They’re both extremely friendly, but there’s 10+ years difference between them so they don’t always have the same idea as to when it’s play time.

Our Parenting Beliefs

Obviously being first time parents we’re sure we’re going to be in for plenty of surprises! Those surprises aside, we know we can provide a loving and nurturing environment in which to raise your child. We’ll always encourage adventure and for him/her to try new things because we feel that’s how one grows.

As far as education and career are concerned, we’ll encourage whatever he/she chooses to pursue. As parents, we’ll provide whatever guidance we can, but ultimately your child’s happiness will be what’s most important.

We value structure and consistency in parenting and will do our very best to lead by example by being respectful to people, animals and the environment. We’re both strictly against corporal punishment as a means of discipline. We feel that nothing can replace attention and time spent with a child. This is what we plan to give your child, our undivided attention and the space to grow into their own person.
Our goal is to do whatever we can to guide and raise a self-sufficient and respectful person capable of taking on the world.

Our Adoption Views

Before we started this process, we didn’t know what to expect with regards to adoption. During the last year of preparation, one point that’s really stuck with us is how important it is, from a child
development standpoint, for the child to know as much as possible about his/her birth parents. We’ll encourage a flexible and open relationship because we feel that would be the most beneficial to your child, but ultimately, we will respect whatever type of relationship you’re most comfortable with.

The adoption will never be hidden from your child. It will simply be part of his/her story from day one and we’ll do whatever we can to help with any questions your child may encounter around this.

Thank You

We thank you so much for taking the time to read through our profile. We hope it shed some light on who we are and what type of parents we hope to be. We hope that you’ll give us serious consideration as adoptive parents for your baby and we promise your child will receive endless love and attention if
we’re chosen.

Carla & Stu