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Phone: 604-984-2488 Angie Chalke, Sunrise Adoption
we live in: Victoria, British Columbia
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: No
Pets: One cute cat


We are Cara and Chris from Victoria, BC. Thank you for reading our profile to learn more about us. We hope one day we will learn more about you as well.

About us

We met in Vancouver a few years ago and quickly realized we have very similar life vision and goals. Before we met, we both decided we wanted to have a solid career in place and some travel and life experience under our belts before raising a child. 

We had fun along the way and discovered that we have similar interests. We each travelled to different parts of the world, we are in a similar line of work, and we both have a close relationship with our families. We discovered early on in our relationship that we wanted to become parents together and share our lives and love with a little one. 

Chris is a laid back, fun-loving man with diverse interests in life. He is a great cook and we enjoy trying new recipes on the weekend or in a new cooking class. He loves reading and writing, watching sports and rowing competitively. 

Cara is an open, loving woman who sets goals and achieves them. She loves reading and writing as well, and likes outdoor activities including kayaking, biking and camping in the summer, and snowshoeing in the winter. Her greatest love is horseback riding.

Together, we share a love of the outdoors including hiking, camping, kayaking and exploring new places. We both love movies and board games as well as hosting a BBQ with friends and family. 

Our vision 

We see our adopted child as being a cup to be filled with love, and who learns about life through our many shared interests and experiences. Whether we are learning a new recipe in the kitchen, watching movies at home or in a theatre, or travelling to visit family in other parts of the world, spending quality time together is the key. 

Our home and community

As we grew in our love, we decided to relocate to the quieter city of Victoria, on Vancouver Island. We were drawn to this city’s natural beauty and slower pace of life. We started out in a condo and a year later bought a lovely home in a family-oriented community just a few blocks away from the water.

Our home has a lot of space for a child to play and grow. In addition to the bedrooms upstairs, across from each other, we have a large, separate play area for toys and puzzles and paints, in addition to the family room where we spend time watching movies, sports and playing board games. 

We love reading and have a small library space in the family room with many books, comfy chairs and smaller little shelves for our child’s books. Reading together is something we already do daily, and we see this as being a lovely end to the day with our child.

There are lots of families in our community and we have a large playground with a lot of space for picnics and playing ball a block away. At the end of our road is access to a local trail, with other biking and walking paths just a couple blocks down the road. There is also a lake and beach just minutes away where we often spend time after work or on the weekend. 

We can’t wait to add a child to the mix to share some of these activities, as well as help them find their own interests and passions.

Our careers

We both have stable, long-term careers that allow us flexibility in our schedules to spend quality time as a family. 

For the past 15 years, Cara has run her own business as a learning consultant to large organizations and government. She works from home and has a small team of contractors, who work remotely on many of her projects. This allows her flexibility with her time and will give her the freedom to stay home and raise our adopted child while Chris is at work.

Chris works in government as a writer and communications analyst. His work is close by, so he is home well before dinner time. He writes in his own time as well and is an author of one book and is working on a second. He is fortunate to have the ability to spend a lot of time at home, especially when the little one first comes home and start getting settled into our new routine.

Our families

Both of our families live on Vancouver Island. Chris’ parents live a short drive away and Sunday dinners are a much-loved tradition. His sister lives in England and we get to see her at least once a year, although she is always up for a Facetime visit. 

Cara’s parents, aunts and uncles live a couple hours up island in a quiet coastal community, while her brother and his three children live in Alberta. We enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays with our families whenever we can. 

Everyone is excited to meet the little one who joins our family.

Our thoughts about openness

Through an open adoption, we envision an extended family of people who love the child who joins our family. It is very important to us that our child knows where he or she came from and feels connected to both our family and his or her birth family. It is our hope that we can co-create a loving, open relationship with our future child’s birth family, in whatever way that may look.

We know that where your child comes from – his or her roots, culture, and family history – are an essential part of what makes them whole. We are committed to helping the child we adopt maintain these important connections throughout life.

Final thoughts

We respect and honour your choice to place your child with an adoptive family and would love to be that family. We know it is a huge decision. What we can tell you is we have been preparing to bring a little one into our home for a long time now. We are excited to become parents and have a huge space in our hearts and homes for a child to live and grow. We would love to meet you and become part of your story as you become part of ours.  

Thank you again for taking the time to read a bit about our vision, and we would love to hear about yours.


Cara and Chris