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we live in: , Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: N/A
Pets: 1 dog, 2 cats

Who We Are

I don’t think words can describe how excited we are to meet you, and for you to meet us. While we do not know you personally yet, we already picture you in our minds – strong, brave, and continually looking towards the future. You are selfless, and have put your child’s needs ahead of your own, a child that you may have not even met yet. Don’t ever doubt for a second that you are incredible and that life you grew will be a part of that. But adoption is not easy, and no one expects it to be. Hopefully with us you will find a sense of comfort, and more than that a sense of family. But who are we? In a nutshell, we are loving and adventurous, we are ambitious and content. We overcome life’s obstacles with a sense of humour and support by an extensive and unconditionally loving family. We met in Ecuador on a volunteer trip, Nick being from England and Brittany coming from Canada. We found ourselves falling in love, so Brittany did a year of foreign exchange where our relationship blossomed, and we knew it was real. Nick immigrated to Canada in 2014, and we got married that fall. He is now a permanent resident and we are happily settled in a small town in Ontario. We are deeply in love, and cannot wait to share all of that affection with a child!

While we live in Canada, family is of the upmost importance to us, and we visit Nick’s family in England at least twice a year – your child will be quite the world traveller from a young age! Brittany’s family also lives close by, and as she is the oldest grandchild there will be plenty of playmates growing up. No holiday is too small for them to celebrate, so we get together quite often.

Britt (by Nick)

Brittany is an incredibly driven woman, anything she sets her mind to, she finds a way of making it happen. Note that when I say this, it is never about making things happen for her – it is always things for other people. I know that I would not be here in Canada today if it wasn’t for her commitment. Brittany is loving and selfless, honest and pure. Brittany prides herself on be genuine, and could not be dishonest if she tried. She works for a large bank, but has quickly become their go-to person for getting people involved in the community work she is so passionate about. Although she is quite successful with her career, her true desire in life is to have a family and in that she is a natural. We met when we were 19 and Brittany was full time nanny to pay for university. What really drew me to her was just how natural she was around children, there was no hesitation, no uncertainty to any situations that came up – she just handled it with love and grace. Brittany loves to paint, and has even shown her artwork publically. This creativity shows in our home, which Brittany takes a lot of pride in and constantly finds ways to DIY bits of our home. She is a sucker for animals, loves to be outside, is a big fan of camping, and loves to swim in the lake regardless of how cold it is. She will truly be an incredible mother.

Nick (by Britt)

I knew Nick was special from the first day we met. He was so kind, so generous, and so genuine. He put others first, including myself, and was so unbelievably driven. Nick is intelligent, and who I go to with all of my problems. He has been incredibly successful at his job, where he manages a rock quarry’s quality control sector, moving up through the ranks with an ease that other’s envy. Nick is logical, and careful, always seeking out the best solutions. But he is also willing to take risks in life where it counts – like emigrating from England to move here. I am so proud of how much he loves trying new things, like the beginner’s hockey league he has been a part of for two seasons. Nick has always wanted to be a father, and when I see his loving interactions with my cousins, or with kids when we are volunteering it makes my heart swell. His sense of humour is unmatched, and there is no one else I would rather laugh through life together with. He puts me first, and does not hesitate when I ask for help – regardless of how awful the job may be. I know that when a child is brought into our family my first place position will be given away, and I am so excited to see that happen. I am so lucky to have him in my life and I know that everyone who meets him feels the same.


We are so lucky because we are best friends, so we don’t need to be doing much of anything to have a great time. Our favourite times are just when we get to be with each other, and we hope one day your child will able to be a part of these times! We love watching movies and spending time with our extensive family. Brittany’s parents have a cottage on the lake, and we love to spend weekends there. It is great because we love being outside and exploring. We love to camp, and usually go every weekend we are not at the cottage. We also do a lot of travelling, which is no surprise considering that was how we were brought together in the first place.  We have seen much of Europe and South America. Through travel, your eyes are opened to so much, and we hope to foster a love of travel in your child as well! No goal, no location, no dream is too big for us and our family. We hope your child will grow up with the opportunity to try everything once and decide where their passion lies – whether that is in the outdoors, a sport, art, or anything else that crosses their mind. The other big love of our life that we hope to share is our pets. We have two rescue cats, both adopted as kittens, and a rescue beagle who we adopted when she was five years old. We affectionately refer to our pets as spoiled. Our cats are just the cutest things. When we got our dog, Duchess, she was afraid of everything – even the curtains being closed. She is now at the point where she just started sitting up in the car and looking out the window! She has the sweetest energy, has been through advanced dog training, and Britt would even love to see her as a therapy dog. You child will grow up surrounded by amazing animal experiences.

Parenting Beliefs

One thing that makes our relationship so strong is how similar we are morally, and with how we anticipate raising our children. Our parents are our role models, and we were each raised with unconditional love and that’s how we believe a child should be raised. Whatever drives our child, we will support. Love comes first, and making sure that we are a strong family unit is the priority – everything else is secondary.  Your child will be encouraged to try new things, and have support both to find their passion, and behind their passion. Your child will also have support in their education, and to obtain as much education as they desire. We were both taught that education is important, but also that there are other options if education isn’t for you. Neither of us believes in corporal punishment, and we are both firm in making sure that when consequences to actions are required that they are logical, proportionate, and allow a child to understand what they did wrong – and the right way to do it.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Thank you for taking a moment to consider that we may be important enough to raise your child. We are so grateful for this piece of your life. We hope you got to know us in this book, and feel the love we have for each other, and for our family, and for our future child. We hope that you felt a part of our family, the same as we hope to be a part of yours.