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Phone: Emma Johnston Local: 250.479.9811 Toll Free: 1.888.479.9811
Years together: 12
we live in: Victoria, British Columbia
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: No
Pets: Scout, our Duck Tolling Retriever

Hello! Thank you so much for checking out our profile and taking the time to learn a little more about us. We know you have a lot of big decisions to make about your future and your child’s future, and we really admire your strength in making those decisions. You want what’s best for your child, and we want to share the love and happiness we’ve built together.

Our Story

We met through a mutual friend at a karaoke bar in 2004, and Kyle’s version of “Mack the Knife” was enough to win a first date with Brian. Twelve years later, and we’re still going strong! We were married in 2009 beside the ocean in Victoria, surrounded by 100 of our closest friends and family, and have just celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary. Last year we adopted Scout, our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, and we can’t tell you how much love and excitement she has brought into our home! We live just outside of downtown Victoria, in a little house in a family neighborhood, just a few blocks from the ocean.

Kyle works as a manager at a bank, and Brian works for a public relations firm.  We have both worked hard to build careers that we are very proud of, and our jobs allow us plenty of space to enjoy the life we’ve built together.  But becoming fathers has always been our dream, and adoption has always been our path, knowing that one day we will be a forever family for a lucky child.

Family is so important to us, and both of ours are excited to welcome a child into our lives! Kyle’s family lives nearby in Vancouver, while Brian’s family lives in a small mountain town a few hours away. Our parents can’t wait to be grandparents and our siblings are thrilled to become aunts and uncles. There are also plenty of cousins and a very excited great-grandmother ready to meet them and to share all of the things our family loves, like travel, fishing, skiing, football, theatre, good books, and lots of laughing together.

Friendships are a big part of our lives, and we have a number of close friends here in Victoria that we consider extended family. These relationships also stretch around the world, with good friends nearby in Vancouver and Rossland, and further abroad in Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, and Australia. To us, these friends are critical to the well-being of our family – they are there to support us when the going gets tough, and to celebrate with us when life needs celebrating, and we know that they will love and support our child like one of their own.

We love to travel and can’t wait to share experiences and cultures from around the world with our son or daughter. You should know that we are huge Disneyland fans! We both have great memories of going there as children, and have continued to travel there as a couple. We even got engaged on the Dumbo Ride and spent a day at Disneyland Paris on our honeymoon. But our love of travel doesn’t end with Mickey Mouse. We’ve been all over Canada, the United States, France, and Costa Rica. The world is an incredible place full of new experiences waiting for us and our child. We also know how lucky we are to live on Vancouver Island, and we take the opportunity to explore more of it each year by visiting different communities, camping, hiking, and skiing.

What Brian says about Kyle

I knew from the moment I met Kyle that he was the one. He’s a kind, loving person with a personality that lights up a room. Kyle is a creative person, with a love of theatre, poetry and visual arts. He’s also a strong, level-headed and thoughtful person who always looks at the bigger picture, helping to make sure that everyone’s needs are considered. He makes me laugh and smile every single day with gestures both big and small.

I know that Kyle will make an excellent dad, using his creative and analytical mind to show our child the amazing joy that life can bring. He’ll be playful and attentive, while ensuring that our child has the opportunity to explore and expand their understanding of life’s lessons and opportunities.

What Kyle says about Brian

I fell in love with Brian’s sense of humour. He may be a quiet guy, but he is always quick to joke and his laugh is loud and infectious. Brian loves to stay active, whether it’s at the gym, out for a run, or skiing during the winter, and he brings a sense of action and adventure to everything that he does. Brian is most passionate about the people in his life. His family means the world to him, and he is a loyal and loving friend.

Early in our relationship, we went to a friend’s house for dinner one evening. When we walked in the door, her eight year old daughter’s face lit up, and she shouted, “BRIAN!”, then ran and jumped into his arms. I knew at that moment that I wanted to have a family with him. Brian will be an incredible father – affectionate, loving, and always supportive, with a good sense of adventure and responsibility.

Our Vision

We have worked hard to build a life that we love, and we are ready for the next step of becoming dads! But we know what a difficult decision this is for you, and we believe that knowing your child (and them knowing their mother) is important for all of us. If you choose us to parent your child, we want to keep you and your family updated on their growth and progress, including visits as you feel comfortable. Openness is a big concept, and something we all need to work on together, but we are committed to figuring out what that means.  However it works, know that you will always be spoken of with great love and admiration in our home.