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Phone: 416.535.4111
Years together: 13
we live in: Toronto, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: Reggie
Pets: Nico the cat
Thank you for taking the time to review our profile and for considering us as possible parents and brother for your child. In the following paragraphs, hopefully you will learn things about us that stand out and connect with you in a meaningful way.
Our names are Frank, Avril, and Reggie. We are a fun, positive, loving family living in downtown Toronto. We believe in playing together, being creative, trying new things, and going on adventures together as a family.
 Our family came together through adoption with Reggie’s arrival in the fall of 2014. We feel so fortunate everyday to have chosen this path to grow our family. Our open adoption with Reggie’s birth family has meant that we also have a new extended family to share all the fun and memories that we make as Reggie grows up.
With open hearts, we are ready to bring your child into our family for a life full of happiness, love, creativity, and adventure.

It all began with a smile. 

We first met online when Avril spotted Frank’s profile and messaged him a smiley face. Frank’s profile stood out from the rest. He looked artsy and handsome and she loved that his name was Frank, just like one of her all time favourite singers Frank Sinatra. Frank’s interest was peaked when he saw Avril’s profile too. She was cute and her profile was full of her cracking jokes. For our first date we went to a little bar in Little Italy called Sneaky Dees for nachos and drinks. The conversation rolled on and on for hours and it felt like we had known each other for years.
We’ve now been together for 13 years and time sure flies when you’re having fun. We love packing up the car and heading out on road trips, visiting the beach and going on hikes, rummaging through antique markets, and shopping at our local comic book shop to read fun new adventures.

Then there were 3!

 We had always talked about growing our family biologically and through adoption ever since we started talking about one day having kids. Over the years following our wedding we faced some struggles with infertility, which strengthened our relationship and deepened our commitment to becoming parents through adoption.
It has now been over 2 years since adopting Reggie and embracing his open adoption into our lives. We are so grateful everyday that his Birth Mother and Birth Father chose us to be his parents.
When Reggie entered our lives and hearts in 2014 we found out how much we really love being parents! We love reading stories together at bedtime, splashing around in the bathtub, singing silly songs and nursery rhymes, and our absolute favourite is cuddling our son and just spending quality time together.

About Avril

 I was born in Oakville, Ontario and was raised with my younger brother, Marcus, by my Quebecois mother and Italian-Canadian father. My parents taught me to always follow my dreams of being an artist and learn how to turn my dreams into a reality.
As a child I loved making new friends and was always the artsy one in the group. I loved filling my time with after school activities like piano lessons, Girl Guides, synchronized swimming, and any art class I could find. I also loved to sew! I started sewing clothes for my dolls at a young age, and then as a teenager I sewed my own dresses and handbags.
I graduated from University with a degree in Art and Art History. After school I worked at various art and design companies before embarking on my dream job of starting my own business as a textile designer and artist. Today, I work from my home studio creating artwork for textiles and overseeing the operations of my biz. I love that my job allows me to make art every day and share it with others!
I always dreamed about one day being a mom and showing my children all the beauty in the world.
I am so grateful everyday that I am a mother through adoption.
From the first time I held Reggie in my arms I heard a little voice in my head say“I’m starting to fall in love with you!” The love and devotion that I felt from the day he was born continues to grow today as Reggie grows from a baby into a wonderful little boy.
I would love so much to share this all with a second child to welcome into our family. I look forward to one day being the mother of siblings and showing them how they are stronger together as a team and that growing up with a brother or sister means growing up with a teammate for life. I want to encourage them to always have each other’s backs in the tough times as well as to celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

About Frank

 I was born in Kitchener, Ontario and was raised with my older brother, George, by my Dutch-Canadian parents. My parents always encouraged me to be myself, taught me to respect others, and always do my best at whatever I did.
As a child I loved to fill notebooks with drawings of superheroes and robots. After school you could find me reading books at the library, visiting the local comic book store, taking swimming lessons, and playing hide and seek with the kids in our neighbourhood.
After graduating from University with a degree in Fine Arts, I left home to follow my dream of living in Toronto and working as a Graphic Designer. My favourite part about my job is that I get to work with other creative people and come up with design ideas for clients. Seeing your ideas come to life is so exciting to me!
When we first talked about growing a family I looked forward to being a dad and doing all kinds of stuff with my kids. But I never knew just how much I would love being a parent until I became a dad to Reggie.
It’s important to me as a father to take an active role in our family’s child rearing responsibilities. I loved bottle feeding Reggie when he was a baby and by now I’m an expert at the quick diaper change in any situation!
I look forward to welcoming a second child into our family through adoption. I imagine packing up the car and going on family road trips. I look forward to having another pair of dancing feet at our Family Dance Parties and another set of crafty hands at our Family Art Afternoons!
I grew up with an older brother myself and think back fondly to growing up with an older sibling to play with and show me how to get away with stuff with my mom and dad. I see in Reggie all the things that go into making a really great big brother. He loves sharing his experiences with other little kids and is a lot of fun to be around!

About Reggie!

 Reggie was born in November 2014 in Toronto and joined our family through adoption on the day he was born. He was born at 1:04 am and the first few hours of his life were spent with his birth family and adoptive family all together holding him, cuddling him, and taking lots and lots of photos all together.
Reggie is a fun loving, positive, and energetic little boy. As parents we encourage our son to pursue his curious mind and his wild imagination. Reggie is a kid who always wants to figure out how something works and then share his discoveries with the people around him. Whenever we go to a carnival or even just the little rides at the shopping mall Reggie spends just as much time looking at how the rides work as he does riding the rides (and we’re a family who LOVES riding rides!!)
Reggie’s favourite family activity is Family Dance Party! On the weekends after we get into our PJs and the sun goes down we turn off the lights, crank up the music, and go crazy dancing together! We run and spin and jump and flip! As parents it’s definitely our favourite family activity too!

Welcoming Open Adoption Into Our Lives

 We have an open adoption with Reggie’s birth family and he has known them his whole life. When we first decided to go down the journey of adoption and learned more about open adoption we knew it felt like the right path for us. When we met Reggie’s Birth Mother and Birth Father, and other members of his Birth Family, it became so very clear to us just how significant it was to keep these relationships open with lots of room for nurturing and growth.
We all started off as strangers when we first got in touch three weeks before Reggie was born and now over 2 years later we consider each other extended family. Before Reggie was born we all sat down together and figured out an openness agreement that worked for everyone. It started with sending updates with cards and photos of Reggie’s growth and news about the fun things we get up to as family. Now over 2 years later that original openness agreement has evolved into so much more including visits and regular emails with his Birth Parents and Birth Extended Family. We feel so fortunate to have met these wonderful people and that they are a part of our son’s life as well as our own.

Our Home 

We own a house on a lively street in Toronto’s west end. Our backyard is green and lush with lots of grass, plants, and room to run around. Our neighbourhood is diverse and our neighbours range in all ages from young families to retired folks who have lived on the street and cared for their homes for decades. On a typical evening after work, you’ll see all the neighbours out on their front porches chatting with each other while the kids play outside. We feel really fortunate to live among great neighbours.
In our home we are committed to raising our children with unconditional love, laughter, encouragement, security and respect. They’ll also grow up with a family that believes in the importance of making family traditions. We decorate the Christmas tree on the first Sunday of December, on stormy nights we blow up the air mattress and camp out overnight in our living room, when the extended family come over we play cards and board games, and birthdays are celebrated with lots and lots of colourful balloons covering the hallway walls. Our family traditions and the times we get to share our home with the people that we love are what turn our house into a home.

Family means everything to us. 

Having both been raised with siblings in loving and supportive families, we look forward to the day when our family can welcome a second child home.
When we welcome a new child into our family they will gain one amazing big brother along with a great extended family of grandparents, aunt and uncles, dear family friends, and some pretty fantastic cousins around their age. You can rest assured that your child will be showered with lots of love and plenty of attention. Everyone eagerly awaits the arrival of this little one!

Parenting Beliefs and Adoption

 We believe to raise children you need to be patient, show unconditional love and support, and give gentle guidance. We believe in raising children who are happy, curious, and confident by building strength and resilience; Children who will grow into independent people and life-long learners. People who show empathy and kindness towards everyone and who find the things that they are passionate about in life.
Adoption will be a life-long journey and a child’s connection to his or her birth family will be very significant. We see the real importance in sharing from the beginning. We are very supportive of an open adoption and look forward to exploring a level of openness and sharing that feels comfortable for everyone.
Embracing cultural diversity is extremely important to us. Both of us grew up in families that celebrated our cultural traditions and spoke more than one language at home. We welcome a child into our family from a different ethnic background than our own and are committed to helping that child understand and embrace their cultural heritage.

A Few Closing Thoughts

We are a loving, curious and creative family who look forward welcoming another child into our hearts and home. We may not know you personally today, but we can honestly say that you’ve been in our thoughts and our hearts through this whole journey of being parents through adoption. Your child will always be reminded of the love you have for them.
We are very interested in maintaining open adoptions. We are fully committed to keeping you updated on your child’s growth and progress. We look forward to building a really special and unique relationship with your child, as well as with you should you choose an open adoption.
Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We are so honoured for your consideration as you make this very important decision. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.
With love and gratitude,
Frank & Avril & Reggie