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Phone: 905-528-6665
Years together: 7
we live in: Guelph, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: No
Pets: Yellow Lab Mix - Donny

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. Our family is our strength and fills our life with love, understanding and support. We are blessed with many nieces and nephews whom we share our life with but we would love to start a family of our own. We will be loving and understanding parents to a child and make sure that they have every opportunity to succeed. Everyday will have music, laughter and learning about life.

Our Story

We went to the same university at the same time but never really met until years later when friends set us up on a blind date. We lived in different cities so dated on weekends and called each other during the week. With patience and caring, our love grew; we decided to spend our lives together and were married.

Our relationship has been built on love and support for each other. We are partners who share joys, sorrows, failures and adventures. After moving cities, jobs and buying a house, we created a home for our family. We had tried to have a child but after several years of trying and fertility treatments, we had a miscarriage. This was heartbreaking for us but we still wanted a family so we have put our hope in adoption to grow our family.

We like to travel, try new things and enjoy life together. Our home is always open to friends and our families. Whether having meals at the table, sharing popcorn during a movie or hiking in the woods we love to do things together as a family.

About Arend

I grew up in Ottawa, the oldest of 3 brothers. My parents taught at Carleton University. My family was loving, close and supportive, and very involved in the community. My family are still in Ottawa and we visit a few times a year and contact them regularly through Facetime, phone calls and playing xbox online with my brothers. I became an elementary school teacher because I enjoy working with young people, helping to guide them in their learning and growth. I believe music is an important part of life. I sing and play guitar, plus I lead a “school of rock” at my school.

Arend in Pam’s Words

When I met Arend, I found a truly wonderful person. We talked and laughed for hours on our first date. He is a kind and giving person with a huge heart. He enjoys spending time with family and work around the house. Arend is endlessly patient and understanding with family, children and pets. He loves cartoons, superheros, model trains and is a combination of “big kid” and sweet guy. I know he will make a great father for many reasons, including the fact his students love having him as a teacher.

About Pam

I grew up in St.Thomas, ON, the youngest of 4 kids, with 2 sisters & a brother. My mom was a homemaker and my dad was a supervisor at a local factory. We ate meals as a family, spent evenings together and camped each summer, leading to my love of nature and current career as a biologist. I learned to play piano, figure skate and worked as a lifeguard through high school. I am still close with my family and we visit monthly and talk to them weekly. My nieces often visit and go on vacation with us.

Pam in Arend’s Words

From the moment I met Pamela, she has been a bright light in my life. Pam’s kind, caring nature will make her a wonderful mother. She has always made sure that our house a welcoming place for family and friends. She is a person who is always there for you with support and love. She keeps in touch regularly with former summer students from the farm she managed. Her nieces visit us regularly and Pam helps them with homework and takes them shopping or on day trips. Her loving nature has built strong family ties and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Our Pet…Donny

Donny was a rescue puppy from northern Ontario and after interviews and a home check, we were able to bring him home. Donny was 4 months old and had digestive issues. After 8 months of different foods, medications & vet visits, we now have a healthy dog.
Donny is a mellow and goofy lab cross, who likes to nap a lot. He is gentle with people and animals of all sizes and loves to play with kids. On days when we are both at work, Donny goes to dog daycare where he runs around with other dogs all day. Donny is a very important part of our family and we both completely adore him.

Our Families

Family is at the core of our life. Our siblings are caring and always there for us. Most of Pam’s family is within an hour and half drive or less of our home and we visit them every few weeks. We travel to Ottawa to see Arend’s family on major holidays, during the summer and sometimes they come down to see us. Arend’s brothers and parents keep in contact regularly over the phone, by email and via chat. We keep in contact with extended family in England, Australia and Seattle over Facebook and see these families every few years.


For us, friends are like extended family. We keep in contact with friends from high school and university. Whether our friends are just down our street or in surrounding towns, we connect regularly share meals and do many activities together. We believe strongly that friends are a part of parenting. Children need to have connections to a larger community, our friends and their kids can provide that. It exposes them to a larger world and different ideas and helps children learn to recognize people they can trust beyond their immediate family.

Our Interests

Music – Rock, Country, Pop, Folk




Hiking, Camping




– Singing, Guitar

– Model Trains

– Hot sauce, spicy food

– Jogging

– Woodworking

– Video Games


– Animals & Insects

– Gardening, Nature

– Sewing, crafts

– Baking

– Bicycling

– Swimming

Our Home & Community

Our home is in a quiet neighbourhood with a large park three minutes walk from our house and nature trails to a conservation area nearby. We have a community centre with a pool 5 minutes away. We are friendly and acquainted with many of our neighbours and are friends with a few families that have kids of all ages. Any child would have many experiences with a variety of people to help build their sense of community and circle of friends and positive influences.

Things we look forward to sharing with our child:

– Family walks with Donny

– Playing, enjoying music

– Camping in tents, s’mores by the fire

– Reading books together

– Visiting with family & friends and their kids

– Swimming at the cottage and at beaches

– Playing cards and board games

Values & Beliefs

We cook and eat meals together as a family as much as possible. For our child, we would support extra-curricular activities, whether sports, arts or other interests, and will work to balance those with school work and family time for games, hikes and trips. We believe in parenting through positive re-enforcement of good behaviour. We expect to work together as a family to solve our problems. Our household will be based on kindness and caring for one another. We want to instill those values in a child and help them experience the world with loved ones and a sense of discovery.

Our Relationship with You

We believe in open adoption and can be flexible about how we keep in contact with you. If you simply wish an annual update with a letter and photos or would like to maintain a more frequent form of contact, we will respect your wishes. We will make sure that the child has a good understanding of all the people that are a part of their life. We believe it is important for a child to know where they came from and have a connection to their life story. Making a lifebook for the child that contains memories of important events and milestones is a way we can give them a more complete picture of who they are.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and we welcome the opportunity for you learn more. We are happy to have a chance to expand our little family and have the opportunity to teach and give of ourselves to a child. Life can be a difficult and wonderful journey and we hope to love, guide and celebrate your child throughout their life. Kids can be messy, creative, loud, silly, difficult, remarkable and endlessly curious. We cannot wait to be a part of that!