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we live in: Mississauga, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: son who is 6 years old
Pets: n/a

Dear (Potential) Birthparent…

Thank you for looking over our profile and considering us to be the future adoptive parents of your child. The decision you are making is the most selfless decision anyone can make and we admire you for it. Joey and I cannot begin to understand the emotions you are experiencing, but can make you a promise that if you choose us to be your child’s adoptive parents we will treasure your precious miracle always. As you will see in our story Joey and I adore children and have been blessed with our precious son Giacomo. After having Giacomo we tried to have another child for years always knowing we wanted to have multiple children in our home. We have struggled with infertility and have always thought about adoption and are very excited at the possibility of growing our family.  We believe families are created and come together in many ways. So here we are, asking you to take the time to carefully consider us to be the adoptive family of your child and welcome us into your life.

Joey…written by Antonietta

Joey was born in Toronto, Ontario in January 1976. He has an old brother and younger sister. He is currently 42 years of age. He is a very generous, kind, and loving person. He could fix just about anything, both Giacomo and I love knowing that if something is broken, daddy can fix it.  Joey is a wonderful father, he is patient and children gravitate to him. He can tell the best stories, especially his famous pirate story that all our nieces and nephews ask for every time they see uncle Joey.   He is our rock!

Joey works as a steam fitter at for a School board. He is a hard worker and takes pride in doing a good job. He loves the outdoors, camping, fishing, bicycling, and animals. His favourite pass time is spending time with his family which is most important to him. He loves playing with our son who looks up to him. Joey is also very involved with Scouts Canada and is a scout leader for the beavertails.  He enjoys being a good role model for children, teaching them moral values, including sharing and respecting others.

Antonietta…written by Joey

Antonietta was born in Hamilton, Ontario in June 1977. She is 41 years of age and values her family more than anything else in this world.  She is supportive and nurturing always taking care of our family. Antonietta is an amazing cook, she loves making homemade dishes for us and loves to host dinner for family and friends. She takes pride in being a mother and sees this as her number one responsibility. Antonietta is extremely attentive to the needs of children especially our son; this has made her an exceptional mother.

Antonietta works as a Human Resources Manager at a Hospital in Mississauga. Her ability to work with people and help them resolve issues is something she is very skilled at.  She truly cares about people and strives to make a difference in creating a positive environment for staff.   In her spare time she loves taking family adventures to walking trails, going swimming, biking and of course Friday movie nights with our son, popcorn and all.

When we met…

Joey and I met online, so yes you can meet a great person and have a happily ever after…just look at us! Both of us were hesitant to set up a profile online but through some encouragement we decided to try it. We had our first date at the Pickel Barrel at Yorkdale and really enjoyed eachother’s company. After a year of dating Joey proposed and we were married on May 20, 2012.

Our Life Together…

We have been married for six and a half years; we got married, bought a home, and had a baby. On Friday November 9, 2012 our precious son Giacomo was born. He is currently 6 years old and in Grade 1. He loves spending time with his many cousins and friends. He especially loves babies and is so tender and gentle with them. He is a compassionate boy, if someone is hurt or unhappy he will stop and see if they are ok and offer a hug. Giacomo is ready to be a big brother to any child we are fortunate to adopt.

Our life was perfect, until we started to try to grow our family. We were met with unexplained infertility. It was a difficult time for both of us, yet it strengthened our relationship. Infertility taught us how to communicate about how we were feeling. We loves kids and want to grow our family and decided adoption was for us.  We have the support of our family and close friends. In fact my best friend has two adopted children, one of which is Giacomo’s age and they are best buddies.

Baruzzo Fun

We enjoy traveling, swimming, visiting attractions, movies and most of all spending time with family.  We truly love spending our weekends visiting with family and we also enjoy a quiet family weekend at home.  We both have a big family and Giacomo has lots of cousins he loves to play with.

Our Travels

We love to travel, on our honeymoon we took a Mediterranean cruise and got to see many beautiful places in Europe such as Greece, Spain, Italy and the South of France. Once we had Giacomo we continued to travel but mostly down south since the beaches are great for children. In 2017 we went on a family trip to Italy. It was amazing and we all had such a memorable vacation, we travelled with Joey’s parents, sister and her family.

Our Home

We live in Mississauga, ON in a beautiful home and community with many amenities close by. We live on a green space so there is beautiful lush plants in the back of our home. We have a great backyard with a gazebo to ensure we get some shade from the sun, we have a seating area and a vegetable garden. Joey takes pride in his garden and I love the fact that we are eating so much natural vegetation during the summer months.

Antonietta’s Family

My parents moved to Canada from Molise, Italy and although they were from the same part of Italy they met and were married in Canada. My mother had my brother at twenty and was a stay at home mom, while my father worked as a Heavy Equipment mechanic and worked hard to provide for his family as he was the sole bread-winner. My parents taught me to work hard, be independent, always be respectful, stay true to your word, treat others as you want to be treated and ensure you save for your future. I hope to pass on these values to my children.

Joey’s Family

My mom immigrated from Italy when she was very young however, my father came at an older age on his own. My father is a welder and my mother is a school secretary. They had three children, I have an older brother and a  younger sister.  My parents raised us with traditional family values and morals. I learned the value of hard work and determination through their example. I will always work hard to provide and support my children the same way my parents did for me.

Our Childcare Plans

Antonietta plans to take the first fourteen months off on parental leave to be home with our second child. Giacomo is in grade 1 so he will be in school most of the day allowing time for Antonietta to focus solely on the baby.  While the baby sleeps Antonietta will be able to make the baby homemade food and ensure any preparations required get completed.

Our Parenting/Adoption Views

Our parenting beliefs come from what we have learned from our parents and what we believe is important based on our values. The first thing is that we will accept and love our children for who they are and plan to guide them as best as we can to develop their gifts. We will introduce our children to all opportunities and will support and encourage their interests. We believe all children need boundaries and we will gently guide them to make the right decisions. We will create an environment where they feel comfortable to ask questions and talk to us about anything. We will show them mistakes are ok, they are what allows us to learn and grow.

Education is also very important to us, and we will support our children both financially, emotionally, and academically. We also realize that a well-rounded person can succeed in today’s world so we will develop all aspects of their character such as spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. We want our children to grow with a strong self-identity and confidence. For this reason we believe in openly talking to our child about adoption and always promoting and teaching them about their culture and heritage. If you choose us there are no words or gestures that can thank you for giving us this blessing, but please know we will be forever grateful and you will forever be part of our hearts.