Our Personal Profile Image
Ben Anna
Age 43 36
Education Masters Degree Bachelor Degree
Profession Endangered Species Advisor Artist, Shop Owner
Religion Agnostic Agnostic
Astrological Sign Gemini Virgo
Hobbies soccer, banjo, pickling, baking, camping piano, cooking, writing, rug hooking, thrifting
Our Favorites
Music Rock, folk, funk, etc.! Pop, r&b, electronic, etc.!
Singer Bruce Springsteen Janelle Monae
Song The ones I make up The ones Ben makes up
TV Show Star Trek Brooklyn 99
Movie Any cheesy sci-fi Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet
Actor/Actress Levar Burton Catherine O'Hara
Animal Badgers, bats, and our cats Insects, dinosaurs, and our cats
Book The Grapes of Wrath Anything by Octavia Butler
Sport Soccer, football, basketball Um... double dutch & running
Food Montreal smoked meat My mom's curried potato salad
The child We'd like to adopt
Age Newborn – 0-6 months
Sex No preference
Ethnicity Caucasian
Special Needs Open to discussion
Type of Adoption Open


Phone: 647-709-7738
We live in: Peterborough, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: 0
Pets: two (perfect) cats