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we live in: London, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children:

Hello, we are Vikas and Anita. 

We are a fun-loving and active couple who have been blessed with many wonderful things in our lives – a loving and committed marriage, a dedicated family, successful careers, and kind and supportive friends. However, our biggest dream is yet to be fulfilled, the dream of being parents. We look forward with excitement to fulfilling that dream through the blessing of adoption.

We cannot imagine what you are going through as you plan adoption for your child. We have thought deeply about this journey you are on and we admire your courage and strength in taking this difficult step.  As you make this important decision, we hope that the following information will give you an idea of who we are as a couple and as prospective parents. We hope that you will feel a connection with us and find comfort as you choose the family that will become part of your life, and parents to your child

Finding True Love

Our paths had crossed multiple time over the years. We had been at the same parties and events however never formally met. It was not until 2007 that fate finally connected us. It was a chance encounter with a mutual friend who set us up on a blind date. After 2 years of dating, Vik finally proposed with a floor full of rose petals, candles everywhere and an elaborate dinner table set for two. Our wedding took place 1 year later in true Bollywood style.  There are very few times in your life that you have all those that you love and care for in one room. What we remember from that day was all the love that surrounded us. It was a truly magical day.

Relationships may begin with magical courtships and weddings but, are sustained by hard work and commitment.  Over the past eight years, our dedication to one another and to our shared values of commitment to work, family, friendships and community have only strengthened our bond.  We look forward to extending that circle of love to include children.

Meet Anita

I am a very easy-going person who loves to laugh. I am open to trying new things. I love to read-mainly nonfiction and current events. I am fascinated by human nature and the world around us. This has fueled my passion for travel and immersing myself in other cultures. I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to see some of the many beautiful wonders of our world. Some highlights include hiking in the Amazon, sailing down the Nile in Egypt, zip lining in the rain forest in Costa Rica, walking on the great wall of China, snorkeling in Mexico, and just relaxing and sipping a coffee in a café in France. I am very excited to show a child this big, beautiful, fascinating world.

I am a doctor and work in the local hospital. It is truly an honour to be trusted with another human being’s health and wellbeing. I love taking care of my patients and do my best to make a difference in their lives. My job challenges my intellect daily and by hearing my patients’ stories and helping them in their most vulnerable time, I have a unique window into the human experience. I am very lucky as my job is very flexible. I can adjust my work schedule easily making it easy to take time off for field trips, sniffly days and after school activities.

Anita Through Vikas’s Eyes:

Anita is the most loving, compassionate and kind-hearted person I know. I fell in love with her beautiful smile and warm sense of humour. She is incredibly smart and has an insatiable desire to learn. She is the go-to person for our friends’ children when it comes to school projects. She has a gentle, patient, playful way with children, who attach to her quickly. I know that her patience, understanding, and the amount of love and support that she gives, will be one of many things that your child will benefit from.

Meet Vikas

People often describe me as respectful, shy and quiet, however I am a social creature who cannot sit still. I love to be surrounded by my family and friends. I enjoy casual experiences like having dinner with friends or going out to see a movie. I’m always up to getting together to watch my favorite sports on TV.  I love sports…not only watching my favorite team in action, but also participating in a game of pickup basketball, hitting the tennis court or my passion of playing golf.

I work as a physiotherapist in a hospital setting. I have always loved the study of biology and human mechanics and knew I wanted to work in the medical field. My love for sports drew me to physiotherapy. Helping people to attain or regain their functional mobility and carry out daily life is truly rewarding.  I am fortunate to have a flexible job that would allow me to be available to do school pick- ups and drop offs and be ready for music lessons, soccer, hockey, dance or whatever our child is passionate about.

Vikas Through Anita’s Eyes:

Vikas is a generous, big-hearted, loyal and kind man with strong family values.  He loves to spend time with those people who are near and dear to him. He will go out of his way to care for friends in their time of need, no matter what is required.  I love watching him when he’s around children, whether he is playing a game, reading a story, or making up a silly song, Vikas is always bringing a smile to their faces. He will be a fun-loving and caring father who will be dedicated to your child and their happiness.

Our Life Together

We both work hard, but work life balance is very important to us. We both have flexible work schedules and we ensure we have time for ourselves, family, and friends. On the weekends, we may take a short day trip to a local hiking or biking trail. You may see us at the driving range or playing 9 holes of golf together.  We both love to shop and get excited by any bargain. We love to entertain. Whether it’s a 3 course meal or hot chocolate around our fire pit, we love having our friends drop in. For down time we may just curl up in a blanket and watch our favorite TV show, surf the net or go for a walk in our neighborhood.

Our home is situated on a court surrounded by young families and kids. There is a park and elementary school within walking distance from our home as well as multiple walking and biking trails. Our court is lively with kids playing basketball, road hockey or biking.   We also have close friends that live a short walk or drive from our home. It is not uncommon for friends to pop by just to say hi or stop for a cup of tea. We love these informal drop-ins.  Our house has a large kitchen and family room in which we love to entertain friends and family. The kitchen is the heart of our home.  Vikas’s mom lives with us and spoils us with her cooking.  Even with our busy lives, we always make it a point for the 3 of us to eat together every night. This is our time to connect and exchange stories of our day. We look forward to having our child hanging out at the kitchen table and sharing this tradition with us.  

From the many weekend visits from our friends and family, to entertaining local friends and neighbours in our back yard, to our niece popping in for a home cooked meal, our home always feels warm, loving and lively. We look forward to creating family memories in this home with our child.

The People We Love

Our community has played an important role in our lives.  We were both brought up in homes which valued both eastern and western cultures. We feel this has allowed us to cherish and appreciate a melting pot of traditions. We celebrate both our East-Indian traditions and culture, but also embrace those of our Canadian upbringing. We feel it is important for our children to learn about their own and other cultures. We want them be proud of who they are and where they came from.

Our family and friends play a very important part in our lives. We both come from very close-knit families. Anita has one brother. Her parents and brother’s family live on the east coast. Vikas is an only child but is very close to all his cousins who are more like brothers and sisters. Vikas’s Mom lives with us. She is a shy, quiet, nurturing and loving person. She is very independent and active. She is also a great cook which is a bonus. She is often seen volunteering for the local seniors group or cooking up a storm for a community party.  She is looking forward to being a grandmother and will be a great support to us in raising our child.

Even though our extended family is far away, it is amazing how Facetime keeps us so connected. We connect with our family in Canada, USA and India on a regular basis and visit with them as often as we can.

We both have a strong circle of friends that have been with us since childhood. We have had the joy of watching our friends’ families grow over the years. We are a very active aunty and uncle to the children in our lives. From going to their volleyball games, to helping them with their science projects or taking them shopping for prom dresses, we have found joy in watching and participating in the various stages of their lives.

Our family and friends have shown us the true meaning of Love and Family. They will be wonderful grandparent’s aunts, uncles and cousins. They can’t wait to shower our children with love and affection. We feel fortunate that our children will have so many warm and wonderful people to love and learn from.

Our Promise to You

The connection between an adopted child and their birth family plays an important part in the child’s life. We are committed to creating a relationship with you that works for everyone and ensures that your child knows you and your love for them.  We will make sure that your child always views you and their adoption in the most positive way. If we are given the privilege to adopt your child, always know that they will forever know the sacrifices you have made for them out of love courage and selflessness.

We have so much love to share and we are excited to have the opportunity to expand our family through adoption. We hope that by looking at our photos and reading about our lives you will be reassured that your child will be provided with a safe stable and secure home. We hope we can honour your dreams and wishes for your child.  If we are blessed to become parents, we promise to provide your child with a lifetime of unconditional love, happiness, guidance, and support.