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Phone: 905-531-9692
Years together: 6
we live in: Dundas, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Rural
Other Children:
Pets: 2 pups

Our names are Kevin and Angie and we are honoured that you have decided to take some time to get to know a little bit about us. As you read through our profile we hope to show you what a life filled with love, laughter, adventure, curiosity and a large, close-knit family looks like from our perspective.

We know it takes a special person to consider helping another couple create a family through adoption. It takes an incredible amount of courage and strength in taking this difficult step and we realize this is a decision that cannot be taken lightly. We are incredibly excited to expand our family through adoption and promise endless, unwavering love and support to your child.

About Us

Kevin and I met in high school, but because he was 2 years older and much cooler than I was we didn’t cross paths too often. After bumping into each other randomly 5 years ago we were excited to share stories from our past. We came to realize that we had a lot of unique incidences in our past where we were in each other lives but didn’t realize it. He even reunited me with my childhood best friend who ended up marrying his childhood best friend. Funny enough, he was their best man and they were ours.

Kevin and I immediately knew that we were compatible with similar family values and experiences. We have dinner together as a family every night while taking turns cleaning and cooking. The only serious thing we ever argue about is what we’re having for dinner. We have even begun Taco Tuesday’s so we knew what we were having every Tuesday and knew there would be no arguments. Taco Tuesday’s have been going strong for 4 years, which we always extend an invite to others.

Many of our best times together have been on vacations, often camping, taking road trips, and visiting all the nature trails that we have in our area with our 2 pups. We live in the water fall capital of the world that offers loads of nature trails and can’t wait to share that with your child!

Me with my high-energy personality and Kevin with being the easy-going one, a wonderful balance is created in everything that we do. With this, and our devotion to become new parents, we have always felt we can provide a strong loving environment for a child.

About Angie

I truly hit the jackpot when I found Angie. She has everything I wanted in a wife, but more importantly, everything I wanted in a best friend. She brings such an amazing love for life that I knew once I got her, I was in for an adventure.

Our parents held similar values when it came to growing up with extracurricular activities and she was enrolled in everything from sports to dance to music. Music was always a big part of her upbringing and she carries it with her to this day.

She loves to travel, experience new foods, cook up a new recipe, work on a craft or cuddle up with a good book in our backyard. Every day you can find her on our couch cuddling our dogs after work, with a cup of tea/coffee and a good book. She loves the life we have made and I’m so happy I get to be in it.

But don’t let her kind, sweet personality fool you; she’s also very playful and silly. The greatest thing Angie has taught me in life is how to be comfortable in my own skin. She is confident but knows how to laugh at herself. For example, if Angie feels like doing an interpretative dance, good luck trying to stop her! This playfulness has allowed Angie to form deep bonds with our nieces, friends/cousin’s children. She has a natural ability to connect with children. I can see her as a mother imparting the love of learning new things and the openness to new ideas, people and of course, music to your child.

About Kevin

Kevin, there are a million things I could tell you about him. He is hands down the most selfless man I know, he does so much for others and never asks for anything in return. The bond that he has built with our nieces and all our cousins children amazes me each and every time I see them interact. Kevin is quiet and a bit shy at times but he’s also very gentle, calm, patient, and a bit of a goof ball. One thing that I admire most about Kevin is his work life balance. Kevin is serious about his job, and loves what he does, however, he makes it a priority to be home every day on time and for dinner. I admire his devotion to our family. Kevin puts us first ahead of everything, we are always his number one. When life gets too busy he is always the first one to stop everything and surprise me with a date night or he’ll bring me home some pie and ice cream (I have a legit ice cream addiction).

When Kevin isn’t working, or hanging out with our family he enjoys playing rep football, hockey and hiking with our pups. Kevin loves sports, many nights you can find him watching Sports Center or going to several live sporting events.

Kevin has a presence about him that can’t be ignored. Everyone that meets him, even if only for a few mins, always say “what a great guy!”. You can just instantly feel how big of a heart he has. He is always the first one to stop if a dog is loose on the road and somehow they all sense that he’s safe. His nurturing attitude demonstrates to me and to those who know him, what a terrific father he will.

Our Family

We truly believe that it takes a village to raise a child, and that having a loving, stable and tight-knit extended family creates a solid foundation for a baby.

We spend most of our free weekends with our family. They are the ultimate support structure and couldn’t be more excited about us becoming parents through adoption! Our parents can’t wait to be grandparents, our siblings are excited to become aunts and uncles and our nieces look forward to babysitting someday!

Angie is the daughter of immigrant parents; her parents were born in Greece. Angie has an older brother (by 12 years) and they have an incredible bond and are the closest of friends.

Angie has a HUGE extended family stretching from here to Greece and all over the U.S. She makes sure that we are always in contact and go visit as often as we can. Growing up, Angie spent almost every weekend surrounded by aunts, uncles and cousins. To Angie, her cousins aren’t just cousins, but rather brothers and sisters. Every year, there are many family get togethers and holidays spent together, including Christmas, Birthdays and Easter. Every Sunday is spent at her parents’ house for a large traditional brunch.

Kevin, like Angie is the youngest siblings (by 6 years). His parents and older sister along with brother-in- law and 2 nieces live close by. Though Kevin has a smaller extended family, he also considers his two cousins to be little brothers. There are countless traditions in Kevin’s family, one of which is the Good Friday Hike. It was started by his grandmother and over the years has now gathered nearly 100 people that join us in the tradition (extended family, new family and friends). Every Friday we gather at Kevin’s parents for dinner with his sister and her family. We have dinner, play games with our nieces and catch up on the week. These weekly traditions keep us close to our family and we always look forward to them.

About our Home & Community

There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation in the area, from several large city parks to nearby hiking trails to cross-country and downhill ski areas to canoeing on nearby lakes or fishing in the pond in our backyard.

We love living here – it’s a great place to raise a family, one of the main reasons we put down roots here. It has a lively small-town feel, with a mix of people who are from the area originally and those who moved here from away.

Our favorite local events and attractions include a year-round farmers’ market, a summer concert series at a nearby park, and a huge summer festival with a parade, music, food, arts and crafts. Our community offers several great parks, including a fantastic outdoor pool and waterfront paths to walk and enjoy our lovely area. We are situated in a quiet and peaceful secluded area with lots of room to ride bikes, nature hike or sit by the pond and fish.

About Gabriel and Bruin

A dog is the only thing on the earth that loves you more than he loves himself and that quote holds even truer for Gabriel. He is a rescue from The Doberman Rescue and spends every second he can snuggling with us or playing with our nieces. Gabriel is a 6-7 year old Doberman and we have had him since he was 1-2 yrs old. Gabe loves children, especially our nieces.

Whenever they sleep over Gabe gets so excited because he knows he gets to sleep on the bed with them and gets endless rubs. We think Gabriel was a lap dog in his past life because he doesn’t realize how large and intimidating he can be. We understand that Gabriel is a large breed but he has always been around babies and children and his instinct with them is such an amazing thing to witness. He loves hikes in our local trails but his favorite thing is just to be sitting at your feet and getting rubbed. We truly got lucky with him.

Bruin is a 3-year- old Boston Terrier and is very happy, incredibly sweet, and never shy about giving his friends and family licks. He loves to play fetch, and when he’s tired, loves to curl up on your lap for a cuddle. Bruin is a very goofy dog that matches our personality. He’s very energetic but if he finds a cozy spot on your lap, he will be snoring in seconds. He loves our nieces but babies especially, we think its because they are messy with food and he always makes sure he’s under them on clean up duty. Bruin absolutely loves Gabriel, and will always try to squeeze in his bed with him or chew on the same bone. Its pretty adorable how Bruin looks up to him like a big brother.

Both pups are pretty low maintenance happy pups. They are local celebrities in our neighbourhood. They enjoy strolling around and saying hello to neighbours and shop owners (everyone knows them by name). They especially love going to local businesses, where they get treats and extra scratches.

Our Conclusion

We would like to thank you for considering us during this time. We understand the important decision you have to make and we hope that our profile has given you some insight into our lives and the love that we so eagerly cannot wait to give to your child. We look forward to getting to know you better and answering any questions you may have. We respect the selfless and brave decision that you would be making and regardless of your decision, we only wish you love and peace on your path.

With all our love,

Kevin & Angie