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Phone: Beginnings Family Services 905-528-6665
we live in: Ottawa, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children:
Pets: One adorable Dachshund

It must feel a bit strange to be reading these profiles from people you don’t know, but we appreciate the opportunity to share a bit of ourselves with you. We thank you so much for reading about us.  We hope that you will give us serious consideration as adoptive parents for your baby.  Our lives would truly be complete if we had a child to love and cherish.  You can rest assured that if you were to choose us as adoptive parents, your child would receive an abundance of love and attention.


Andrea has unruly curly brown hair, blue eyes, and an excited smile.  Her mother was born in the Netherlands (so she is above average height), and her dad was born in England to a Scottish father (so she is funny). She is comforting, intelligent, caring, and thoughtful.  She has a way of catching and creating humour in every day scenarios.  She makes people laugh in a way that keeps them coming back for more. 

Andrea was born in Ottawa and then moved to Germany when she was 2 because her Dad was in the military. After that posting, the family returned to Canada and she grew up in a small town in Ontario. Her mother was a nurse and father worked in army intelligence.

She and her sister Erika took tap dance lessons for 13 years and played a lot of board games. Andrea loved science growing up and got an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and a PhD in Genetics.  She now works as a research administrator at a university.

When she’s not administrating, she loves dragonboat racing, gardening, spreadsheets, and trying new recipes (especially Thai and Indian cuisines). She takes care of most of the cooking in the household and loves making dirty dishes for Carl to clean.


Carl is just above 6 feet tall with hazel eyes (that Andrea insists are blue). He is thoughtful, helpful, and generous.  His background is Irish and Acadian. He is funny and hard working.  Carl likes to laugh, even at himself. He is well-known for using puns.

Carl was born and raised in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. He moved to Halifax to do his Bachelor of Commerce at Saint Mary’s University.  From there, he had a couple of odd jobs including working on an oil rig.  Then, he got a job with the federal government and moved to Ottawa to fall in love with Andrea. He has been incredibly fortunate to work for the government as a manager in purchasing. It gives him the opportunity to work for the Canadian taxpayer. In effect, you are already his boss. Carl has been diligent in learning French since he started his career with the government and has become bilingual.

He likes to go to concerts, dragonboating, puzzles, and playing real time strategy games.  He likes nature and enjoys participating in orienteering meets.  He likes his routine and would be a stable and dependable dad to any little character.  Carl likes to putter around the house on weekends, do the dishes, and visit the local Home Hardware with his little red pick-up truck. He often gets called upon to move things for friends such as topsoil, furniture, and even ping pong tables. He loves to find a bargain and uses the local library to find anything he can.


We met online in 2012 and immediately connected.  We consider our sense of humour as one of our best attributes.  Andrea’s laugh is contagious and Carl’s grin makes his eyes smile.  We have built a life together as a team and have an ability to work well together on anything we put our mind to.

We participated in City Chase as the team “We’ve made a huge mistake” (see: Arrested Development) and run races together. We attend local sporting events, live music, museums, and public lectures whenever we can. We like experiencing other cultures; for example, we spent several days at the Ukranian festival last year eating too many varenyky.

We like to take long walks in the dog park, and binge watch shows on Netflix.  We like to do social activities with friends and family, often partaking in Cabane à Sucre (sugar shacks), annual Christmas brunches, and apple picking.  We love geocaching, gardening, helping out friends, and cooking. We have a rowing machine that keeps us active during the winter months when we’re not snowshoeing.

We like dragonboating and both of us captain our own teams.  Even though Carl has dragonboated longer, Andrea is better.  And she’s more competitive.  She wrote this section.

Carl loves to go orienteering in the nature around Ottawa.  Andrea has tried it but Carl is better at this.  He wrote this section.

We like to travel across the province, across the country, and around the world.  Together, we’ve seen Spain, UK, California, Utah, Las Vegas, Alaska, Seattle, London, Vancouver, Barbados, and Croatia. We’re looking forward to visiting friends in Africa soon. We love road trips and hiking, and falling asleep on planes. We love immersing ourselves in other cultures and experiencing what this wonderful world has to offer. We would love to share those experiences with a child.


Andrea’s sister Erika lives on the West Coast with her husband Allen.  Regardless of the distance between Erika and Andrea, they remain very close.  They try to spend special occasions together and infinitely support one another in everything they do.  Allen is a scientist and likes Doctor Who and cats. Erika works with children as a speech language pathologist and is looking forward to being an aunt (or Tante, in Dutch).

Just like a cow patty, Carl’s family is spread out everywhere! Many are in Cape Breton, but he has some relatives in Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Alberta and BC. Carl has the opportunity to see his immediate family once or twice per year and is in constant contact with them by phone, email, and text. Just like Andrea, Carl has about 20 first cousins – family reunions are always filled with lots of love and laughter.


We have the funniest dog named Max.  He’s an eleven pound wiener dog rescue full of personality. He sings to the harmonica and barks at the squirrels. He knows a few tricks and loves to burrow in the blankets.  We take him to the dog parks on weekends where he sniffs other dogs’ rear ends and thinks he’s a German shepherd.


We live in a quiet suburb of Ottawa. There are a lot of plants inside and a vegetable garden in the back yard. We are close to everything a kid could want – schools, skate parks, playgrounds, extracurricular activities, ice cream.

We have a lot of friends nearby who are as close and supportive as family – we are very lucky. We are also both fortunate to work for employers that have lots of flexibility to raise a young family. We have both worked hard on our careers and are ready to put that energy into a family.

Ottawa is a world-class city with a small town feel. With the historic Rideau Canal, Parliament buildings, close proximity to Montreal, and lots of museums, there is always a lot to do and see.


We feel we have a loving and nurturing home in which to raise your child.  Children need to feel valued, special and above all, loved unconditionally.  Children need guidelines set and we find that patience and repetition are the best ways to reinforce things.

We will teach your child values and foster a sense of respect for themselves, others and the environment.  Children learn from observation and discovery, so we will strive to set a good example for them.  We will encourage your child to develop any interests he or she may have.  We do not have any idea what career path your child will follow.  We promise to offer them all of the guidance and support they will need to obtain their desired education.

We were both raised as Roman Catholics and attend church on special occasions. Values of tolerance and acceptance are very important to us. We feel it is important to treat people with respect and without judgement.


We believe in open adoption and would be flexible with your preferences for contact.  We envision visits, letters, pictures and emails.  We would be very open with your child in order for them to know how much you love them.  We look forward to adding to our extended family if you feel up to it.

We would be pleased to share in the naming of your child and keep you as up to date as you would like on your child’s growth into a young adult. We understand that adoption can be tough to comprehend for a little one, so we would share information with them at a pace that matches their development.  Your child will know how much they’re loved by us and by you.