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Phone: 226-970-1682
we live in: Tillsonburg, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Rural
Other Children:
Pets: A miniature poodle named Murphy and a cat named Perry

Hi There!

We are Amber and Jonathan! Thanks for taking the time to check out our profile! We are a young, carefree, fun, active, and outgoing couple. We cannot wait to become parents. It has always been a dream of ours! We have so much love to share! And we would be so honoured if you chose us to be adoptive parents!

Our Story

We started dating when we were in grade 12. Early on in our relationship we started dreaming of when we could live together and have a family. For four years we went to different universities, but we were able to keep our relationship going strong. It felt like forever, but finally we were done school and able to move in together! Everything was going according to the plan. We got married in August 2016 and soon after started trying to grow our family. However, after trying to conceive for 3 years we learned that our plan was going to be different than a lot of peoples. But, now we have learned that that’s okay because sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan. We are now firm believers that adoption is how we were meant to have a family!

We understand that this is a difficult time for you, but we hope we can help you during this time. We have been through hard times too. Our lives haven’t been perfect. We have lost close loved ones, endured a long distance relationship, and struggled with infertility. But overcoming these challenges has made us better and stronger people. We hope that we can help you cope during this challenging time. Ultimately we have learned that life is hard, but it’s about being able to get back up when you fall!

We have now been together for 11 years and we are best friends! We really have so much love to give to a child and cannot wait to be parents!

Lastly, we both grew up in the country and we are so excited to raise a child in the country where they have so much room to explore and play, learning life’s lessons.

Meet Amber

I am an elementary teacher and I absolutely love working with children! I have a very caring approach to teaching and I believe that all children are capable of great things! I’ve learned that the key to being a good teacher is building strong relationships with my students. I encourage my students to be their true selves. I’m so excited to one day nurture my own child because this is the aspect I find most rewarding about teaching!

I love running with our dog Murphy, rollerblading, spending time with friends and family, going on day trips to explore new places, walking on trails in the area, and going on bike rides. But my most favourite thing to do is go to the beach! I have always dreamed of spending summer days with my child at a local beach (we have many close to Tillsonburg). I can’t wait to build sandcastles with them and play with them in the water!

Meet Jonathan

Jonathan has a very likeable personality. People like him right away. I think it’s because he has such a kind, calm and caring demeanor.  But it also might be because he is the most modest person I have ever met and is so intelligent (though he would never admit to this because of his modesty). Or maybe it’s because he is so easy going. He is also a very hard worker and will instill this value in his own child.

Jonathan is a cash crop farmer. He grows a variety of crops including corn, wheat, beans, peas etc. He absolutely loves farming, it is his passion. He grew up on a farm and learned the value of working hard to reach your goals. He cannot wait to take his child on tractor rides and teach them about farming!

Who We Are As a Couple

We are very easy going and believe that life is about the journey, not the destination. As well, we believe in gaining memories and not material things. We love to embrace the simple things in life. We really hope to instill these values in our own child as our parents did in us.

We love to travel! Whether it’s going on a road trip to Canada’s East Coast or even if it is just a day trip to a beach. We cannot wait to take our children on trips with us, including lots of trips to cottages in Muskoka in the summer and warm destinations in the winter!

We just love our little miniature poodle Murphy. We would do anything for that little guy. He is our fur baby. He loves to play and is always playing with the neighbour kids, so we know he will love having a new friend to play with!

Our Parenting Beliefs

Our most important goal as parents is to spend quality time with our child. When we take our child to the park we won’t be sitting on the bench watching them play, we will be on that playground playing with them! When we are at the beach we won’t be watching them from the sand, we will be in that water splashing around with them.

We are going to be silly with our child! We are going to sing and dance with them in the kitchen, we are going to run through the sprinkler with them, we are going to dress up in silly outfits with them! We can’t wait to be fun parents!

We are going to teach our child to live in the present and we will live in the present with them. We will teach them to focus on the now, not on the past or the future. This mindset has helped us become the people we are today and we can’t wait to teach this to our child.

We are going to love our child for who they are! We are going to always support their interests!

Our child will know they are loved, because we will tell them every single day!!

Our Home

We live on a peaceful dirt road just a few minutes outside of the small town of Tillsonburg. The farm we live on is 40 acres with a 1.5 acre yard. The house is set back far from the road with a long laneway. We always talk about how it is a perfect location to raise a child with so much open space to run around and play. This is actually the farm Jonathan grew up on :).  

Our Family and Friends

We are very close with both of our families. All of our immediate family live in the Tillsonburg area. Jonathan’s parents are very excited to be grandparents and mine are very excited to have another grandchild! All grandparents will spend lots of time with our child :). We have one nephew who was born in May 2019. And we know he will be very excited to have a cousin. I also have two other siblings who are planning on having children soon, so there will be no shortage of cousins to play with!

We celebrate all holidays and birthdays with both our families and we always go on trips together too! Every summer we go on a trip to Muskoka with Jonathan’s family and every other summer we rent a cottage with my family. Our child will definitely be up north a lot! As well, my parents are big boaters and can’t wait to bring their grandchildren on boat rides in Lake Erie, like they did with me and my siblings when we were kids.

We also have a very close group of friends who are the same age as us, many of which who have young children. We can’t wait to bring our little one over to bbqs and campfires with them. We also plan to take trips together with our children!

Our Adoption Views

We have no preference on if the adoption should be open or closed. We would like you to do what is best for you. We know the decision is not an easy one, but we will be supportive either way!

Whether you choose an open or closed adoption, we will only speak highly of you to our child, as you are an important part of their life story. Please know that making this choice is such a brave and selfless act. You are very strong. And we will help you through this in anyway we can <3.

Thanks for taking the time to read our profile!

Thank You!!

Amber and Jonathan 🙂