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Phone: 1-867-668-7484
Years together: 9
we live in: Whitehorse, Yukon
Our neighbourhood: Rural
Other Children: No
Pets: 2 dogs - Inca & Onyx and 3 cats - Llahma, Soya & Phat Cat

Thanks for considering us and I hope the information below answers any questions you may have. We are confident in our ability to provide a happy and healthy home for any child and very excited to get started.

Our Relationship

In 2007, we met in Prince George, British Columbia, where we both lived at the time. Living together since 2008 with our family of “fur babies,” our relationship has been loving and fun. In 2014, we got married amongst our friends, and large, loving families. We are very excited about our future together, including parenting.


Justin describes Alissa as a kind, empathetic, compassionate, smart, funny and beautiful person. It is very common to have people comment on the motherly ways of Alissa and how well she interacts with children. Her nieces, nephews, friend’s children and god-daughter adore her. During our Adoption Family Assessment, references described Alissa as a very kind, considerate, hard-working, funny and determined person who is devoted to Justin and friends.


Alissa describes Justin as a strong, caring, smart, adventurous, funny, hard-working and dedicated person who would be a great father. During our Adoption Family Assessment, references described Justin as a very kind, laid-back, considerate, hard-working, reliable, determined, and funny person who is devoted to Alissa, family and his friends.

Our Families

We are both blessed with large and loving families. Our parents, siblings, and many wonderful aunts, uncles, and cousins contributed greatly to our happy childhood and continue to support us today. This supporting and loving family will also help provide a happy, loving and supportive upbringing for our adopted child.

Our Home

We live in Whitehorse, Yukon, the capitol and most northwesterly territory. We moved to Yukon from northern British Columbia in 2009 and truly enjoy this wonderful landscape and community. Whitehorse is by far the largest community in Yukon and provides an amazing combination of modern services while maintaining that small-town feel and abundant outdoor recreation, hence its alias the “Wilderness City.” The World Health Organization has ranked Whitehorse as the city with the best air quality in the world and it is a very healthy, active town. We are impressed with the excellent cultural, educational, sport, social and outdoor recreational programs for children and teenagers in this town.

Our home is approximately 30 km from Whitehorse, on the shore of a large lake. We have fishing, boating, canoeing, skiing, wildlife viewing, skating, kite skiing, and much more right at our doorstep. Watching the ice-break in spring, eagles fish on the lake, and northern lights flicker from our kitchen window is a real treat. We think this country-residential setting, in a friendly neighborhood, located on a school bus route and only a short drive to Whitehorse will provide an excellent setting to raise children.

Why We’re Adopting

We have always wanted children but are infertile. We decided to begin the adoption process a few years ago. In 2014, we both completed the Parent Resources for Information, Development and Education program. In summer 2015, we completed the Adoption Family Assessment and received government approval to adopt children. Our infertility was unexpected and challenging, but we are very excited to adopt children and raise a wonderful family together.

If You Need More Information

We are not sure if this answers all the questions you may have and please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or if you need something clarified. We appreciate how challenging this process must be for you as well, and wish you the best. Should you feel that our family is the right one for your child, we promise to do our very best to give your child a life full of love, stability, and adventure.


Alissa and Justin