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Phone: 613-282-8795
Years together: 6
we live in: Ottawa, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: No

Our names are Alaina and Chris. Thank you for taking the time to read our profile, and for considering us to be the people to parent your child. We would very much like to be those people.

In the following overview, you will get a glimpse of what kind of people we are, in the hopes that you will see that we would be a perfect fit for your child. 

Our Story

We met 6 years ago, and have been inseparable ever since. When we were introduced through our mutual group of friends, we knew almost instantly, that we had met our match. Three and half years ago, we made the decision to get married, which we did, surrounded by our family and friends in a surprise wedding. We are truly partners in life, who love spending time together, appreciate each day that we have, and who place great value on time spent with our family and friends. We do everything we can to support each other, make each other laugh, and encourage each other to pursue every opportunity life has to offer.  We feel extremely fortunate to have met one another, and knew that someday, we would want to share our love with a family, and become parents ourselves.  To have the opportunity to share our lives with your child, would be the the greatest gift we could ever receive.

Growing up- Alaina

Originally from Sudbury, where all of my family lives, I moved to Ottawa, to pursue my dreams, and wound up finding my home. I was born in Sudbury to fantastic parents and an older sibling. I was raised in the Catholic Church, but am no longer practicing.

From a young age, I always knew I wanted to be a lawyer and so I set out pursuing my dream. That pursuit saw me move to Ottawa to get my undergraduate degree, and then to Kingston to complete law school. As soon as I was done my law degree, I moved back to Ottawa to start my career as a lawyer, and began to build my life here. I joined a wonderfully supportive Ottawa based law firm where I still work today. I was fortunate enough a few years after joining the firm to be made a partner. I felt extremely lucky, and didn’t think I could get any luckier until I was introduced to Chris.

My favourite memories of childhood were at the family summer cottage (called camp in Northern Ontario), where I could often be found waterskiing, playing hide and seek, swimming, spending time with my parents, reading and basically doing everything with my brother, whom I idolized growing up. My family provided me with a strong sense of self, community and dedication, which allowed me to pursue my dreams.

Growing Up- Chris

I was born in Toronto, to wonderful parents, and was the second of two siblings, and was raised in the United Faith, but am no longer practicing. Our family moved between Toronto and London, and we were fortunate to finally settle in Ottawa. While growing up, and still today, I have many passions in life, and I loved nothing more as a child than to spend time pursuing these passions. My family always supported and encouraged me to ask questions and explore my interests. Some of my fondest memories growing up are of spending time with my father and brother on fishing trips, either out of town with my dad and his friends, or within the Ottawa area. When I met, and later married Alaina, my family grew to include her family, who are equally as important to me. I too love spending time up in Sudbury, which I have found is a great place to get outdoors. Having lost my father who I was very close to just recently due to illness, as well as my brother 9 years earlier, I now value the time spent pursuing my hunting and fishing interests with Alaina’s brother, who shares these interests. I have also been interested in beekeeping for years, and currently, I have two bee hives on a local farm and will be making my own honey again next year. During my teen years I was involved in air cadets, and later went on to spend some time in the reserves for the Army. I went to college in Peterborough, and finally took some University courses. For employment l currently I have a solid career that I thoroughly enjoy with a very reputable Ottawa founded construction company.

Our Interests

We place an extremely high value on our many friends and family and we make every effort to try and spend as much time as possible with them. This means on any given day we can be found doing a different activity with any one of them, or a large group of them. In the summer, it is often time spent at a cottage, playing softball, or going to parks, kayaking, boating, going on walks, hikes or camping. In the fall, we often go apple picking, to pumpkin patches, football games, or for walks at the trail near our house. In the winter, we like to get outside, snowboarding, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, walking through the woods, or going ice fishing. Throughout any time of the year we can often be found out for brunch or dinners, playing board games, cooking a meal together, or with friends, going to concerts and festivals, sporting events, or catching up at a pub or coffee shop. Chris particularly is very interested in coffee and spends a lot of time perfecting the perfect latte. Fortunately for us, time spent with family and friends has also been a great way for us to spend time with their children, and we look forward to weekends when we Face Time our niece and nephew and our friends children who we are extremely close to. We would love to expose your child to all of our interests, travel, hobbies, and to explore their interest and hobbies with them. We would love to take your child to Disney World, as it was a very fond memory for us both growing up! One of the things we have enjoyed doing most together in the last few years is gardening. We finished our back yard ourselves, and then each year since, planted huge vegetable gardens. But like anyone else we also enjoy a good movie, or Netflix marathon.


We have been very fortunate to both have solid careers along with excellent full medical and dental benefits as well as disability and life insurance, both through work as well as through our own private plans. We have both worked extremely hard to be in the position that we are in. We believe that our jobs will allow us to provide a comfortable life for your child and we are fortunate that both of our jobs recognize the importance of work life balance and that family always comes first. We also feel strongly that time at home with your child is extremely important, and since we feel it is so important, we would like to both have the opportunity to share in this time off together, and later, to work from home. Chris would also welcome the opportunity to be a stay at home dad. We don’t want to miss the first anything!

Our Home & Neighbourhood

We currently live in a two story three bedroom house in a very cozy, warm, welcoming, kid friendly and diverse neighbourhood. We live in wonderful community, that has an active community association, with lots of family events. We have a fenced in backyard, with some grass for children to run around on, as well as for our cats to play on. There is a huge park close to our home, which has a waterpark/ splash-pad, and an ice rink in the winter, with lots of trails and amenities close by. There are many baseball diamonds, soccer fields, and community centres as well. We love our home and take pride in maintaining a clean, cozy, warm home with lots of personality and laughter. The bedrooms in our house are on the second floor, and your baby’s room would be very close to the master bedroom, and when your child is older she or he would have their own bathroom as well.

Our Adoption Beliefs and Parenting Beliefs

We have a loving and nurturing home in which to raise your child. Children need to feel valued, special and above all, loved unconditionally. We are fortunate in that this was the example we were raised with ourselves. We both have the same styles when it comes to the disciplining of children. We feel that guidelines and rules, with patience and repetition are the key to success and we have been fortunate to see this example with our niece and nephew as well as in our friends children. We both strongly opposed to physical punishment of any child. We both grew up in environments where we pursued all of our interests, and we feel it is extremely important for us to encourage your child to do the same. Whether it is academic, or hobbies, or something that is different and new, we will encourage them to follow their dreams and interests. We will teach your child values and try to foster a sense of respect for herself or himself. We will also ensure that your child will be supported in obtaining as much education as she or he is capable of and interested in. We will offer guidance and support to achieve whatever your child will be happy doing. We feel that the challenges we have faced in life, have only strengthened us as people, and as a couple, and have made us appreciate life to the fullest. Know that we will always be there for your child, in good times and bad, as our parents have and continue to be for us.

We are really excited about the possibility of meeting you, to find out your hopes and dreams for your child, and to see how we can work together to achieve these. We very much believe in open adoption where we have the opportunity to meet with you and learn as much as we can about you, your background and interests, so that as your child grows we can speak honestly and openly about you, and the wonderful gift you have given your child through adoption. We will of course respect your wishes in terms of whatever form of contact you wish to have. We plan on telling your child early about her or his adoption, and providing information as their curiosity grows, along with making a Life Book for your child. We want to foster good communication and understanding about adoption and will encourage this openly. We would welcome letters, gifts and or pictures from you and your family to share with your child. We look forward to phone calls, texts, emails and visits so that you can learn how well your child is doing and for us to get to know you better. We are aware of the adoption services provided by Service Ontario, but hope that we would never lose contact with you. Should we somehow lose contact over the years, we will support your child to access this service.

Thank you!

We thank you so much for reading our profile. We hope you feel that after reading it, you know us a little better than you did when you started reading, and can get a sense of who we are as people and who we might be, as parents to your child. Our lives would truly be complete if we had a child to love and cherish, and your decision to choose us will have made that possible and we will never forget it.