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Phone: 416-838-4287
we live in: Toronto, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: None


Thank you for learning about us as a couple, and as prospective parents.

We are a family-oriented, fun-loving, and artistic couple. We are both college teachers and professional theatre performers. We’ve been together for 13 years, and were married six years ago. Ever since we first met and fell in love, we’ve planned on being parents. We know we will provide a safe, loving, and supportive home for a child, and look forward to growing as a family. We are excited to create a family together.

We make a great team, and are always helping each other learn and grow. Though our daily roles often shift as we undertake new projects, Adam tends to be on the go, while Robert is often working from home, planning meals for the week, and making fresh bread.

When we first learned about open adoption we were excited by the possibility, and feel it is the best option for us when creating a family. We are especially drawn to open adoption so that our child will know you as he or she grows. We imagine our relationship will develop based on our shared feelings and desires, and want to create that relationship with you as we learn about each other. Many of our close friends are truly part of our extended family, and we hope to include you in that circle.

Our Life Together

We met at college in January 2003, began dating in the third week of the semester, and have been together ever since. We got our first apartment together in the summer of 2004, and survived a number of moves around Toronto in our twenties. In April 2010 we were married in an intimate ceremony, surrounded by our family and closest friends. The wedding was held in the Stratford church where Adam’s grandparents were married 64 years earlier, and it was a blessing to have them serve as our witnesses. For the past five years we have been living near Bloor West Village, and have been building our home with nearby parks and schools, and easy access to our favourite neighborhoods throughout Toronto.

We are both avid readers, and have lost many hours wandering through used bookstores or browsing in Chapters. We enjoy old movies or foreign films, and usually watch them on the couch with popcorn, rather than at the Cineplex. We are more likely to go out to live theatre together, and try to also take in the opera and ballet when we can.

When the weather is good we are both runners, though usually at slightly different paces and rarely on the same schedule, and so we avoid racing each other. We live a short distance from the Humber River, and enjoy a variety of nearby routes from the Spring to Fall.

Vacation for us is usually a trip to New York City. We visited for the first time together when we were in college, and have seen over twenty Broadway shows together since then. In fact, Robert proposed during a romantic carriage ride in Central Park. In 2013, after a few years’ delay, we took our Honeymoon, visiting several cities in Italy and France. It was a fantastic vacation, and wonderful to be able to enjoy art, history, and culture together.

Robert’s extended family share a cottage near Ottawa, and he and Adam love being able to retreat there to see family, or relax alone on the side of the lake. We like to enjoy books, barbecue and the quiet.

We’ve been lucky enough to work together in a variety of settings. We created a small holiday touring show, celebrating the music of 1954 for a theatre company that tours to seniors’ residences. We taught a Glee Choir, setting vocal arrangements and choreography on fifteen energetic adolescents. Most recently we have collaborated to create and deliver a successful new college course, and look forward to repeating it as part of the curriculum.

About Adam

Adam works primarily as a teacher. For almost ten years he has taught music and theatre at several post-secondary performing arts colleges, and continues to work with children in the arts. One of his favourite classes is a singing, dancing, and acting class for five and six year olds. Adam has also worked professionally as a performer in plays and musicals, and as a musical director across the country.

Adam is particularly passionate about Canadian literature, especially the novels of Margaret Atwood, Michael Crummey, and Michael Ondaatje. He enjoys amateur photography, and spends afternoons with his mom and their cameras around Toronto, or enrolled together in a photography course. Adam also enjoys yoga, and is looking forward to attending “baby and me” classes with his girlfriends.

Adam is also committed to ongoing learning, and has enrolled in several online courses. In recent years he has completed a Creative Writing certificate, studying to write poetry and short stories.

About Robert

Robert is a passionate teacher, and is a sought-after dance faculty member at several performing arts colleges and universities. He is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in dance, and is enjoying the rigors of graduate studies. Robert has worked as a performer, dancing in musicals he has performed all over Canada, from Vancouver, BC to Charlottetown, PEI, and is developing the next stage of his career as a choreographer.

Robert reads just about anything, but especially loves Agatha Christie novels and mystery stories. Robert loves card games and video games, and has been encouraging Adam to “find the love” for board games; getting Adam to learn the basic rules of Settlers of Catan was a recent triumph.

Robert is an avid cook and baker. Since Adam is a vegetarian, Robert enjoys the challenge of finding delicious recipes, and spends a great deal of time exploring cookbooks and websites for new ideas.

About Our Family

Family is very important to us, and we spend as much quality time together as we can. Robert grew up near Vancouver, BC, and his family lives out West. We usually spend at least two weeks a year in BC, and have specifically enjoyed Christmas with our family on the West Coast for the past several years. Robert’s brother and his wife have a busy, imaginative seven-year-old boy who adores his baby sister. They plan on continuing to grow their family through adoption, and have also completed their home-study.

Adam’s family lives within an hour of Toronto. His sister is a nurse and his brother a cop; juggling these complicated schedules usually means we celebrate with Christmas dinner in January, but almost always when there is still snow on the ground. Adam’s mom is a retired school teacher, who now breeds and shows Norfolk Terriers. His sister, her husband, and two-year old son live quite near Adam’s mom, in a small town an hour north of Toronto. Adam is looking forward to being the MC at his brother’s wedding this summer, having been a hit doing the same at his sister’s wedding in 2013.

We thank you for getting to know us a little, and have our fingers crossed tightly that together we may be a good match. We look forward to meeting you.

In any event, as we look for our perfect match, we wish the same for you in your journey.

Adam and Robert