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Jon and Fab
Jon and Fab, Ontario
Our commitment to each other, to you and to our future child is to be the most caring, thoughtful and loving parents we can possibly be.
Natalia and Mark
Natalia and Mark, Ontario
We are an unconventional couple that lives big and loves ferociously.
Lindsay and Robert
Lindsay and Robert, Ontario
We’re a dancing in the kitchen, singing in the car kind of couple who can’t wait to share our love with a child.
Theresa and David
Theresa and David, Ontario
We have a place in our family and our home for your baby, where s/he will be deeply loved, develop in that love, and, have the best big brother the world might ever have seen.
Jaroslava and Miro
Jaroslava and Miro, British Columbia
We see ourselves as guardians and supporters of your child’s hopes and dreams becoming reality. 

Diane and Tony
Diane and Tony, Ontario
We are excited to be parents again and add to our family. Allow us to give our love to your child, for there is not limit.
Thomas and Alex
Thomas and Alex, Ontario
We're a young, family-oriented couple excited to welcome a child into our lives!
Kevin and Ken
Kevin and Ken, Ontario
Family is everything to us. We are a compassionate couple, together for 13 years, looking to share our loving home with a child.
Lindsey and Jeff
Lindsey and Jeff, Ontario
Adopting our son has been a blessing beyond words.  Our lives are full of love and laughter as we wait to adopt our second happily ever after.
Jordan and Eric
Jordan and Eric, Ontario
We are a light-hearted, family-oriented couple who is ready to open our hearts and our home as we grow our family.
Stella and Colin
Stella and Colin, Ontario
We have both always dreamed about being parents and are very excited to start our family through adoption
Michelle and Anthony
Michelle and Anthony, Ontario
A well-established, fun and loving couple offering your child the boundless opportunity to become whomever they want to be.
Kim and David
Kim and David, Ontario
We are a fun and faith filled family and we are excited and hopeful to grow our family through adoption.
Luiz & Alejandro
Luiz & Alejandro, Ontario
A loving and adventurous same-sex couple ready to raise a confident child in a secure, diverse, and nurturing environment.
Dallas, Ontario
Wanting to be a mother is something is that is very deep in my soul.
Danielle and Kirby
Danielle and Kirby, Ontario
We have been dreaming of becoming parents for many years. We will cherish your little one.
Sara and Eric
Sara and Eric, Ontario
By choice, we will become a family. We will treasure you and love you with all our hearts.
Adam and Robert
Adam and Robert, Ontario
Becoming parents has been an absolute joy, and we would love to grow our hearts and family with another child.
Tai and Mani
Tai and Mani, Ontario
We are a loving, creative, and adventurous couple who have always dreamed about being fathers. We are excited to meet you and begin this journey together!
Eliza and Kenneth
Eliza and Kenneth, Ontario
We are a couple ready to offer a loving home to your child, where they will be part of a compassionate, nerdy, and laughter-filled family.
Angela and Andrew
Angela and Andrew, Ontario
Adopting our daughter has added love, happiness and special silliness to our lives; we are excited to add another little bundle of joy to our family.
Tom and Angela
Tom and Angela, Ontario
We’re Tom and Angela, a somewhat goofy, compassionate, fun-loving couple looking to grow our family and making our house a home!
Reeshma and Riaz
Reeshma and Riaz, Ontario
Our home is filled with love and laughter. We are professionals who cannot wait to become parents to a child from any cultural background.
Nazanin and Maurey
Nazanin and Maurey, Ontario
We’d love to add another precious child to our fun, loving, compassionate, adventurous family through adoption.
Amy and Dave
Amy and Dave, Ontario
We’re a very close, animal-loving, adventurous couple, and we’re hoping to add a child to our warm and loving family.
Hilary and Josh
Hilary and Josh, Ontario
We can't wait to welcome a little one into our hearts and our home!
Hilda and Carl
Hilda and Carl, Ontario
We are Hilda and Carl a loving, and caring couple. We are looking forward to welcoming you and your child in our lives and make our dreams come true.
Vanessa and Frank
Vanessa and Frank, Ontario
We are Frank and Vanessa and we are so excited to grow our family through adoption!
Jessica and Steve
Jessica and Steve, Ontario
Our hearts and home are open to an exciting future for your child full of love and opportunities.
Christie and Graeme
Christie and Graeme, Ontario
We are a compassionate, book- and travel-loving, faith-based couple eager to start a family through adoption!
Paule and Jeff
Paule and Jeff, Ontario
We’re Paule and Jeff, a nature-loving, animal-loving, bilingual, husband and wife duo.
Caitlin and Jeff
Caitlin and Jeff, Ontario
We are a young caring couple overflowing with love. We are excited and committed to being the best possible parents to your child.
Leah and Jesse
Leah and Jesse, Ontario
A silly, loving couple who go on hikes, cook crazy food, and spend time with our family. We can’t wait to grow our family through adoption!
Amy and Nigel
Amy and Nigel, Ontario
We are Amy and Nigel, and we are overjoyed to add your child to our loving family.
Ayesha and Hussein
Ayesha and Hussein, Ontario
Hello! We are Ayesha and Hussein. We are a loving, fun and committed family who are excited to grow our family through adoption. We would be honoured to connect with you.
Chris and Nicole
Chris and Nicole, Ontario
We’re Chris and Nicole. Welcome to our home: fun, bilingual, adventurous and family-oriented with Newfoundland roots and lots of dog fur!
Anna and Ben
Anna and Ben, Ontario
“Ben & Anna care for me, cook delicious food, and take me on fun trips. They will be amazing parents.” -Anna & Ben’s Nephew
Devin and Kefir
Devin and Kefir, Ontario
Our home: with foundations of love and a roof of inspiration and hope. Loving guys seek to build a family, with your faith in us.
Jacqueline and Brent
Jacqueline and Brent, British Columbia
“Family is not defined by our genes, it is built and maintained through love.”—Amalia G., Independent Adoption Center.
Vlad and Marcus
Vlad and Marcus, Ontario
A fun-loving, adventurous, and goofy couple that is always smiling and enjoying life! We’re looking forward to growing our family with an amazing little one!