Adoption Is…Love, Loss, And So Much More

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Last month, during Adoption Awareness Month, was no different. Except this time we were the ones asking the questions.

And that included this one: Complete the phrase “Adoption is…”

While most of the 50+ responses to that question focused on the more positive, heart-warming aspects of adoption (“Adoption is proof that love conquers all”), others zeroed in on some of the less commonly discussed parts (“Adoption is loss’).

Take a look for yourself. As you go through them we think you’ll agree that no matter what your connection to adoption is, these answers are powerful and provocative.


  1. “Adoption is why I’m alive. It’s the greatest gift I was ever given.” Marcie Ellisonaa182


2. “Adoption is knowing my daughter has everything she needs by the best loving family.” Khambia Clarkson ca19


3. Adoption is proof that love conquers all.” Matthew Eli Lindsay Peyton



4. “Adoption is what completed our family.” Honor Fiorini adoption-quotations


5. “Adoption provides choices, chances, and a large dose of hope. ”  Reiner MacPhail ca221


6. “Adoption is a dream fulfilled, a child loved, a family made.” Alicia Castillo ca601


7. “Adoption is creating a beautiful bond of love that cannot be broken.” Steve Glenn Stebbins adopting-family-quotes


8. “Adoption means all of our dreams coming true in one precious moment.” Tara Wells adoptive-family-quotation


9. “Adoption is what fills my heart with love, my house with laughter and my future with joy!” Sara Neale MacGregor



10. “Adoption is God’s love through someone else.” Natalie Barron Floyd 



11. “Adoption is the bravest thing anyone can do.” Meg Richfield adoption-quote


12. “Adoption is prayers being answered for both parties.” Kelly Richmond adoption-quotes


13. “Adoption is a lifelong journey!” Debra Lynn Copeland adopting-sayings


14. “Adoption is the greatest gift we could have ever asked for.” Stephanie Plomp



15. “Adoption is having the chance to say to a precious child what my heavenly father said to me when I was adopted: ‘I will not leave you as orphans. I will come to you.’ Kaila MacDuff



16. “Adoption is hope.” Chris Chrisco.



17. “Adoption is what blessed me with two people who love me like I am their own, shown me what real love is, and has time and time again shown me I made the right decision for my son.” Natasha Albert



18. “Adoption is. not always easy but despite the odds strong, loving relationships can be forged.” Erin McClure adoption-sayings


19. Adoption is simply magical. Tonya Moores ca471


20. “Adoption is a gift from God for two families to be together in a child’s life.” Lynn Mike Kreiner



21. “Adoption is about giving a child roots and wings.” Kris Honsberger



22. “Adoption means I’ll finally get to be a mom.” Ruth Wilson



23. “Adoption is two kinds of love.” Gladys Hummelt 



24. “Adoption is the best present I ever gave my husband – we finalized in court on his birthday.” Meagan Whitehorn



25. “Adoption is a new family, a new hope for a child, and a miracle for someone who can’t have their own child.” Keshia Rose Jones



26. Adoption is expanding your family through love.” Sandi Erzinger



27. “Adoption is love.” Bif Nakedca73


28. “Adoption is sacrifice. On both sides.” Shannon QLca101


29. “Adoption is our miracle.” Meagan Elizabeth 



30. “Adoption is finally getting what you never knew you always wanted.” Helen Normanca168


31. “Adoption is giving your heart to a child who is seeking a mum who sees their inner journey.” @Joriestoryca188


32. “Adoption is an opportunity for children to have a forever family and the opportunity for couples or individuals to create a family that would not be otherwise possible.” Shay Smeets ca501


33. “Adoption is completing a circle that was broken by  infertility.” Melissa Barker-Spindler



34. “Adoption is the best of two worlds.” Lyn Throndson



35. “Adoption is proof that family is more than blood.” Lindsey Smeding-teBrake ca2711



36. “Adoption is having someone to hug and kiss in the morning.” Debbie Sigstadca169


37. “Adoption is a rollercoaster but worth the ride to the finish line.” Melissa Parsons ca502


38. “Adoption is the ability to express the gift of love to an individual by choice.” @Mirandainenca1


39. “Adoption is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but also the most rewarding.” Samantha Brackenridge Boros 



40. “Adoption is a second chances.” @Katyemjnca3


41. “Adoption means living out faith  and caring for orphans and those in need.” Karen Nicol nca4


42. “Adoption made me a mother and gave me a family.” Samantha Crimmnca5


43. “Adoption is a long wait that’s definitely worthwhile because it brings happiness to the two parts involved.” Alessia Comisnca6


44. “Adoption is loss.” Kelly Stewart nca7


45. “Adoption is about family, completion, hope, happiness, and acceptance for all involved.” Tammy Wrice Paetkau



46. “Adoption is knowing that you’ve chosen to give your child the best childhood that you’re able to.” Stephanie Burton



47. “Adoption is what first made me a sister and now a mother.” Audrey Maloneynca10


48. “Adoption is unconditional love.” Tammy Bozzardnca11


49. “Adoption is the best of two worlds.” Kristen Maxwellnca13


50. “Adoption is being lucky parents who have a wonderful daughter and two amazing new friends.” Jerry Seitz nca14


51. Adoption is a great way to help two people in need.” Jeannie Krueger Lachman nca16


52. “Adoption is my extended family.” Natasha Albert nca17


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