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Phone: 1-866-582-3678
we live in: Vancouver Lower Mainland, British Columbia
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: daughter
Pets: Currently none.


We are Georgia and Radek and our daughter Stella. We have adopted Stella six years ago and all of our lives have been changed forever in an amazing way. You have one of the hardest decisions of your life to make and we are thrilled about the idea that you might consider us as your baby’s adoptive family. You’re looking for a wonderful home and future for your child and we’re looking to share our love and lives with another child in our family.

About us

We are high school sweethearts, both originally from Europe. First we met when we were 10 years old. Thanks to that we got to know each other really well before we started dating in grade 12 and throughout our university years. We got married after our graduations and moved to Canada in 1998. We have built our lives here and never looked back. Radek currently works as a managing director in a small local manufacturing company that supplies various international markets. After being stay-at-home mom for first four and half years of Stella’s life, Georgia now works again as an office manager, this time on part-time basis.

For over fifteen years we live in a good size four-bedroom single detached home in a quiet cul-de-sac in Vancouver suburbs. The home that was built in 1994 is located in very family oriented neighborhood and has west facing backyard, fully fenced with a lovely and very private patio off the family room.  There is a great play area in the backyard. It is in walking distance to elementary schools and multiple playgrounds.

Since our daughter was born, our individual hobbies changed and somewhat merged into the stuff we can all do together. Our free time is usually spent as a family time, travelling locally to the cabin in BC interior, or abroad. We love to take afternoon biking trips along the river dikes in our neighborhood together. Georgia used to spend plenty mornings in the local pool teaching Stella how to swim. She is now more advanced, so she is swimming as a part of local recreation center program. Radek on the other hand takes advantages of his years of playing competitive ice hockey, while attending specialized sport school program, teaching Stella skating and overall love of team sports. Our winter breaks are usually spent in local mountains, where the family skis together. When at home, we spend our free time by reading books or just simply playing around.

Radek enjoys greatly teaching Stella how ordinary things work. Stella is naturally curious child, so she loves taking stuff apart, exploring how parts work in sync and then they put stuff back together again. Georgia is a great cook and baker, so our friends love to visit for homemade meals that often turn into playdates for Stella. Each of us has also some hobbies that we enjoy on our own; Radek plays volleyball competitively and Georgia enjoys yoga classes to name a few.

About Stella

Stella is now in the kindergarten and teachers praise her for being very empathetic and wonderful around children and fairly protective of smaller ones. She is happy and healthy child with a great sense of humor. They pick on each other with Radek all the time. Stella is becoming a joker in the family, kidding around with Radek is definitely helping her to sharpen up her wittiness.

She likes to sing, play, read and draw. Her love to exercise is transparent to anyone who knows her. We try to introduce many different sports to her to keep her options open so she can make her own decisions whether or not to take upon any of them on more competitive level.

Stella is very excited with the prospect of having little sister or brother.

Our journey to becoming parents

We have tried to become parents for more than a decade. After multiple miscarriages, fertility testing, and failed IVF attempts, we have turned to adoption to form our much-desired family. Our actual adoption journey started in late November of 2011, when we met Stella’s birth mom. We have got incredibly blessed to be chosen as adoptive parents by her and 10 days later our daughter Stella was born. We experienced wide-range mixture of feelings, from pure joy for being chosen to adopt our child, to some level of anxiety to make sure we adjust successfully and quickly to be the best parents possible. Now, when looking back, we have to admit that this was the most joyful and fulfilling period of our lives, that we hope to experience again.

Now we are looking forward and hoping to have our family grow further. We are so excited to be given the opportunity to seek second adoption to allow both of our children to grow up with a sibling. We believe that siblings play a powerful role in child’s development (we both have siblings and are very close with them) and that siblings’ relationship is likely to be the most enduring in their lives. We think that child can learn a great deal from interaction with their sibling social play, cooperation to empathy.

Us as parents

Same as with Stella we hope to raise our second child with healthy boundaries, in tolerance and respect to others, while providing her or him with the joyful and stress-free childhood. We trust that the time spent with a child at any age, but most importantly at their early years, is invaluable and helps tremendously to form the person’s character. Radek has a teaching degree. It provided him with practice to be patient with all the challenges we experienced when raising Stella so far; something that Georgia felt likely naturally, learning that from her mother while growing up.

We like to think that we are completing each other as parents and we would love one more chance to raise another child as unbreakable part of our family.


Should you decide to choose us as a part of your child’s adoption plans, we can promise you to make strong effort to accommodate all your requests in regards to the openness agreement, as little or as large as they might be. The needs of your baby should be the most important guidance in the whole process.


Georgia and Radek