How Do I Get Chosen By A Birthmother?

If you’re looking to find a match through open adoption, chances are you’ve asked yourself one of these questions: What are birthmothers looking for? What do I need to do to get chosen? Is there something I need to say that will increase my chances of being picked?

If only it were that easy. The reality is that when it comes to getting chosen, there’s no magic formula.

Every situation, just like every birthmother or — more accurately — expectant parent considering adoption, is different.

But that’s also the good news: It means that anything is possible. In many ways, adoption matching is a level playing field. You have the same shot at getting chosen as the next person.   

At least on the surface. In some cases, an expectant mother (or parents) may have a very specific list of criteria about what they’re looking for in their baby’s adoptive parents which will narrow down their choices. 

For instance, if they live in the country, they may want a couple whose lifestyle mirrors their own. On the other hand, if they grew up with a single mother, they may want a two-parent family.

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