What’s It Like To Be A Waiting Adoptive Parent In A Province That Doesn’t Allow Online Profiles

This guest post is by “P and R,” waiting adoptive parents in Alberta.

With the recent news about the regulations regarding online adoption profiles changing in Alberta, I thought I’d give you a perspective on what a typical wait is like for prospective parents in that province.

I’m writing this for couples, singles, and parents-to-be in general—those who are beginning their adoption journey, those who are en route, and hopefully those who will soon become a family.

Alberta’s adoption laws are outdated. In Alberta and a few other provinces, hopeful parent cannot advertise their desire to adopt a baby online or anywhere.

You must go through an accredited agency, often with long waiting lists.

From what I understand this had lead to some birthparents choosing families from other provinces, because the profiles are readily viewable online.

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