Waiting For The Adoption Call: What Hopeful Parents Need To Know

“We got the call!” one of the couples on our profiles page announced the other day. They didn’t have to say anything more. We knew exactly what they meant.

It’s been nearly 20 years since we got our “call.” It came late one night when we were least expecting it.

On the other end of the line was a sweet woman from another part of the country asking us if we were interested in adopting her baby.  

Even though it happened nearly two decades ago, just describing the moment gives us goosebumps. It was one of the best moments of our life—the moment when we realized our dream of parenthood might actually become a reality.

And yet even though phones and everything you can do with them have evolved over the years—remember the days when all you could do was make a call?—this recent piece by Emily Westbrooks shows that the anxiety and hysteria surrounding “the Call” is still as strong as ever. 

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Read This Adoptive Mother’s Withering Response After Being Told She’s Not A “Real Mom”

“However motherhood comes to you, it’s a miracle,” the saying goes.

And it’s also worth defending, regardless of whether the title comes to you through adoption or another means.

Just ask Vietnamazinggg, an adoptive mother.

When a woman on Facebook told her she wasn’t a “real mom” because she didn’t give birth to her son, she didn’t turn away in shame or embarrassment.

In a stinging response on Reddit, she put the woman in her place by explaining what being an adoptive parent means to her.

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