Adoption Is…Love, Loss, And So Much More

No matter what the question is, we can always count on our online community to find the answer.

Looking for a local support group? Want help with your home study? Need a hand creating your parent profile?

Our fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are always ready to step up to the plate and do their part to help.

Last month, during Adoption Awareness Month, was no different. Except this time we were the ones asking the questions.

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“Adoption = Love” And 18 Other Things You Told Us During Adoption Awareness Month

Adoption Awareness Month has come and gone, but many of the issues and concerns it raises haven’t gone away.

As we do every year, we explored them in our series, “30 Questions, 30 Days” in which we asked our Facebook followers a different question every day.

Here are some of the responses we received from waiting adoptive parents, adoptive parents, birthparents, and adoptees based on their experiences.

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Will Sandra Bullock’s New Adoption Inspire Others To Adopt From Foster Care?

For months, Sandra Bullock was sitting on a secret.

But today, she finally revealed it to the rest of the world: She’s a mom again. By adoption.

Seven months after being named Woman of the Year by People magazine (and, at 50 years old, she was the oldest woman ever to earn that honour),  Bullock tells the magazine that she has a new daughter, Laila.

For months, the Oscar-winning actress denied reports that she had expanded her famous family. That’s because Laila, 3 1/2, was in the Louisiana foster care system and Bullock feared that going public could jeopardize her adoption plans.

“You feel it’s very much like witness protection,” Bullock told the magazine, which hits the newsstands Friday and includes photos by her boyfriend, photographer Bryan Randall. Continue reading