7 Photos Every Adoption Profile Needs

Choosing photos for your adoption profile is a daunting task. If you’re like most hopeful adoptive parents, you probably have a ton to choose from—from vacation selfies to Aunt Sophie’s 50th birthday bash.

So where do you begin, and how do you decide which ones to include and which ones to leave out?

A good place to start is to put yourself in the shoes of an expectant mother. If you were looking for an adoptive family for your baby, what would you be looking for?

Too many times hopeful adoptive parent approach this issue the opposite way — by choosing photos that appeal to them, either because the pictures make them look good or have sentimental value.

But expectant parents don’t care what you look like or how much fun your wedding was.

They want to know what you’re really like and whether you’ll make good parents for their child. Continue reading

How To Create An Authentic Adoption Profile

Read any blog post about creating an adoption profile and sooner or later you’ll come across the word “authentic” or a variation of it.

“To make a connection with an expectant mother, your profile needs to be authentic.”

“Make sure to show your ‘authentic’ self when speaking to a prospective birthmother.”

“Their profile wasn’t just gorgeous, it was authentic.”

But what exactly does that mean and, more importantly, how do you you convey it to someone who knows nothing about you apart from what they see in your profile? 

“Authenticity” is defined as “reliability, dependability, trustworthiness, credibility.”

The irony is that it’s not easy to sound authentic. It takes work. But it can be done. Here are four ways to do it in your adoption profile. Continue reading

Getting The Call: 3 Adoptive Families Recall The Moment When They Were Chosen

In the open adoption community, it’s known as “getting the Call”—the magical moment when everything suddenly changes.

It’s the event that every waiting parent waits and prays for—when an expectant mother (or your agency or social worker) contacts you to tell you she’s chosen you to adopt her baby.

Sometimes the match falls through. The expectant mother may change her mind and decide not to go ahead with her adoption plan.

But for those adoptive parents who do go on to adopt, getting “the Call” is an event that is forever seared into your memory and an important part of your and your child’s adoption story.

Over the years, we’ve heard countless families share the joy about the moment they got the call. We thought we would share a few recent ones here, in their own words.

We hope that it gives you hope and encouragement as you wait for yours. Continue reading

Adoption and Permanency: How To Help Families Become Successful

This guest post is by Marion Crook, an adoptive parent and author

Permanency is the new word in the air around adoption.

Recently I had the pleasure to attend the North American Council on Adoptable Children Conference where I learned more about this concept from the guru of permanency himself, Adam Pertman.

Pertman is the author of Adoption Nation and the president and founder of the National Center for Adoption and Permanency.

In his session, entitled “Reshaping Adoption for the 21st Century: Progressing from Child Placement to Family Success,” Pertman challenged us to consider what is a permanent family and what can we do to help families become successful.

When I adopted my sons I thought that placement in my home meant they would be comfortable in the family.

It was soon clear that it takes more than placement to make a family. It takes planning, work, and some sacrifice. Continue reading

To The Waiting Adoptive Parent Who’s Having One of Those Days

I know today is hard.

Yesterday might have been hard, too. And maybe the day before, and the week, and the entire month.

There’s so much you have to think about. So much you have to do. And so little control over the process.

Your profile has been out there, at your agency and online, for months and the only people who have contacted you about it are scammers and SEO services promising you placement at the top of Google.

Your home study is up for renewal, which means that you’ll need to meet with your social worker again, which means dipping into your vacation fund, which means putting off that much-needed trip to Mexico that you promised your spouse for yet another year.

The holidays are nearly here, and with it the family get-togethers, along the inevitable question on every one’s lips: “Any news?”

And, to top it all off, one of the women at the office just announced she’s pregnant—with twins to boot!

Sometimes you just can’t catch a break.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there. We know what you’re going through.

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