The 3 Simple Words I Tell Waiting Adoptive Parents Who Feel Like Quitting

This guest post is by Tami, an adoptive mother. 

A few years ago I was just like you. I was waiting to adopt.

More than anything else in the world I wanted to become a mother. But every day a new problem would come up, and I started to doubt it would ever happen.

Eventually it got so bad that I was ready to quit.

And while I don’t know your particular circumstances or the challenges you’re facing, I’m happy to say that I made it through.

And I know you can too.

Adoption WILL work if you DON’T give up. Those three simple words—Don’t Give Up—have been my motto. Continue reading

A Pregnant Woman Has Just Picked You To Adopt Her Baby: 3 Things You Need To Know


It’s the moment that every prospective adoptive parent lives for: Getting the call that a pregnant woman has chosen you to adopt her baby.

But what happens next? What should you do? How should you feel?

For most hopeful parents, it’s a tricky situation.

Naturally, you’re excited. Who wouldn’t be?

But at the same time, you know there’s a very real possibility that the woman could change her mind and the whole thing could suddenly fall through. Or that it could be a scam.

No wonder people describe it as “an emotional roller coaster.”

I was thinking about this yesterday after a hopeful parent on our sister site announced that she had been chosen by an expectant mother.

She described her mood as “cautiously optimistic,” which I think is the perfect response and strikes just the right balance, given the circumstances. Continue reading

How Adoption Taught Me The True Meaning Of Sisterhood


This guest post is by Carole Sanguedolce, an author.

One day, when I was 31 years old, I got a phone call from my mother. It must have been the most difficult call of her life.

She was calling to tell me that I had a sister I never knew existed.

Her voice was shaky and she was very emotional. She kept saying “You are going to think I am a terrible person. Everyone will think I am a terrible person.”

I had to keep assuring her that nothing she could tell me would make me think that.

Then she finally told me the news, my heart broke for her.

For what must have seemed like an eternity I was silent. My hand rested on my stomach, I was pregnant at the time with my first child.

I was already in love with this being I had never met so I could not even imagine what it would have been like for my mom to give up a child.

Then my mother told me her story. Continue reading

Changing Your Mind About Adoption: How To Tell The Prospective Parents

No one likes bad news, and no one likes to be the one to deliver it.

But sometimes you just don’t have a choice. Sometimes you decide it’s time to change course and go down a different path.

If you’re pregnant and were considering adoption but are now having second thoughts about your plan, you may find yourself in this position.

Until recently you might have fully intended to go through with your plan. But then something happened, things changed, and now you’re not sure you want to go ahead with it any more.

Maybe you thought that you weren’t ready to care for a child on your own but now you realize you are.

Maybe the baby’s father has come back into the picture and offered to help you raise her.

Or maybe your parents have promised to help you out even though earlier they said they wouldn’t.

Whatever the reason, changing your mind is not only an option. It’s your legal right as an expectant mother. Continue reading